Let’s talk about marketing and human design.

When it comes to marketing yourself based on your human design it is important to understand the voices of the throat center. In this article, I’m going to share with you the voices of the throat center so that you can better understand the energy that you have in your human design chart so that you can better market yourself. In the next few articles I will share marketing suggestions by type (projector, generator, manifesting generator, manifestor, and reflector) and by profile.

The human design system has a great deal of depth to it (far more than type and profile) so I share this with you knowing that this is just one aspect of understanding your human design and  HD’ing Your Biz.  The process of living your experiement and getting into alignement with you human design strategy and authority is a process that takes time so you may read some of this and it may not resonate with you. This may be because you have taken on conditioning and are in the not-self in your chart. The not-self of your mind may be convincing you that you “should” be doing x or should be doing y. I truly believe that once we can better get to know ourselves and our human design we can find more joy, abundance and freedom in our lives. This work is deep by nature, it takes time to integrate and resonate.

That said, understanding the “voices” of the energy we have within ourselves can bring clarity to the medium with which we can market ourselves with more ease, we can bring understanding to our consistency of frequency and voice in our marketing. When we understand what voice we bring to the table in our marketing we can better understand when we are using our own voices (or not). This allows us to build a business we love based on our strengths.

human design & marketing

What does Marketing have to do with human design and my business?

I believe that if we can better understand our human design and our energy we can build and marketing our business that is in more alignement. Marketing is often a BIG sticking point for many of the clients I work with. They are experts in their field. They have put in their 10,000 but they often don’t consider themselves to be good marketers. These people KNOW this stuff and have often codified or synstehsiszed something new in their field. Their work is disruptive and moves the industry forward. It breaks the norm of the way things have always been done yet their less qualified peers who are better marketers often have more success than they do. When I talk about this in my programs, I always talk about this as the expert vs marketer.

This is where understanding your human design and the voices of the throat center can support an expert in differentiating themselves. I firmly believe while marketing yourself may feel a little bit uncomfortable, stretching your comfort zone, marketing should never leave you feel gross or icky. I actively encourage myself and my client to only take action on things aligned. For example, some clients talk about how they do not like the false sense of urgency of a cart close in marketing. While others will mention not knowing what to share or the medium, podcast, youtube, or blog. While other are  against tik toks and reels.

My goal in weaving marketing with human design and the voices of the throat is to support you in peeling back the “shoulds” and lean into what authentic market is for you. What it feels like to embody authentic marketing and how when you authentically market yourself you magnetize clients to you.

 The reality is if you want to build a business you have to actually market and sell yourself to get clients. There are tons of people out there who want to convince you their one process is the way to go and not to say it doesn’t work. It may work for some people and it may not.

For example, I am a huge fan of repurposing content and having a system to do that. If I record a podcast, I want to distribute that thing everywhere, get it transcribed and use it on social media…why? Because its efficient and it makes my life easier – which is my channel 17-62 at play. However, if you are someone who loathes recording an audio or creating a video you are going to struggle with creating content in order to repurpose. The content is the catalyst to get people into your business ecosystem and the conversion tool you use to get them to go from prospect to client…I don’t ever want to tell you what to do or pretend to know what is best for you. I want to hold space, provide options and allow you to lean into your strategy and authority to discern what is most aligned for you, what feels best for you. At the end of the day you are the one who must execute and implement your marketing, not me. Just because I can do a youtube video, doesn’t mean that is correct for you. This is where understanding your human design comes in with marketing your business.

But before you can step into a repurposing system or any sales or marketing system for that matter you have actually discern HOW you are going to create that content in the first place and which medium you will use….because ultimately being a expert who can market themselves comes down to how you are connecting with your prospective clients, which boils down to content, community nourishment and communicating your message.

The Voices of the Throat Center In Human Design Which Give Live To Your Marketing

Which brings me to the throat center…the throat center is where all of the energy wants to come out of our bodies and into the world to make material or make manifest. I don’t necessarily mean manifest in the law of attraction sense of the word but in the sense of how we communicate our unique voice, indivuality, experession and bring that into the material world.

The throat is where we give words and ultimately voice to the energy within. This is how we communicate with others and interact with the world around us. This is where we can discern how we can best communicate our gifts with the world as entrepreneurs. This is the voice that gives life force and power to who we are.

Each gate coming off of the throat center will discern how best you communicate with the world when you are in alignment with your strategy and authority. There are 11 gates coming off of the throat center which will give life to our communication style. The throat center is the most complex center in the bodygraph. The throat creates. It is creation of our relationships, creativity, survival, well-being, sense of self and power. The throat gives voice to our thoughts, words to our feelings, and shares our intuitions. We use our voice to lead and influence, to share, to create and connect to others. It is where we put our energy into words, then our words into action as we create. This center is filled with possibility and creativity.

Your capacity to show up, be heard, create and manifests rests with your relationship with the throat center. It has a huge impact on the human experience.

In the body the throat center is associated with the thyroid and parathyroid gland. The thyroid oversees the metabolic processes in the body. Both of these glands have to do with our endocrine system in the body which is responsible for our transformations.

The throat is primarily focused on communication, expressing who we are, what we are feeling, creating, learning, what we know, want to contribute, what we have seen or hear and can contribute to empower others. These are sometimes referred to as the voices of the throat center. These will set the stage depending upon what is activated in your chart the style with which you will communicate.

The healthy throat is a reliable source of communication. The throat can express or act from 6 different centers.

The heart (Gate 45) speaks from the “I” or “I want that, I have that, I will do that” – take leadership

The ajna (Gate 62, Gate 23, Gate 56) speaks what the mind is thinking and conceptualizing – speak your mind

The solar plexus (Gate 12, Gate 35) speaks or act on the emotions or feelings – express your feelings

The spleen (Gate 16) speaks spontaneously and intuitively knowingly in the moment – speaking your intuition

The sacral (gate 20) speaks through the responsive sounds of the sacral in the moment – manifest your action through words

The identity speaks from personal identity, self-expression, and direction from the higher self – making a unique creative contribution

The Voices of the Throat Center in Human Design –

Understand the Voice Of Your Marketing in Human Design

Understanding the energy you have in your throat will help you discern how to community. Once you understand that energy you can then leverage your type, profile, and strategy and authority to discern how best to market yourself.

A channel will always have more potent, consistent energy than a gate. First, start by looking at the channels coming off of your throat then you look at the gates.

I’ll use myself as an example here. I have the full channel of the 62 which is I think also known as the sense maker, I have gate 16 (which is also my incarnation cross) which is I experiment and master and I have gate 12 which is I try which is the wordsmith. If you take a look at the content I post across my social media you will see these themes sprinkled throughout.

In the chart next to me you can see how each one of these gates will make manifest in your communication.

Once you have a clear understanding of your channels and gates you can then discern how best you can integrate your voice into your marketing.

If you have an undefined throat know that you can oscillate between all of the gates but the reliable energy will be in the gates you have defined.

With an open throat you will be able to float between all of the different voices of the throat so learning to rely on your strategy and authority will be key.

It is through this energy within the throat center that you can learn to reliably and consistently give voice to your marketing efforts.

Now the medium with which you do that will vary greatly depending upon your type and profile which I will share tips on later in this section. However, I recommend experimenting and part of the reason I recommend this is because I believe the different energies of the throat manifest in different ways. For example, I believe my Gate 12 manifests itself in my writing, where my gate 62 and 16 tend to make themselves via video and audio. You might find this to be true for you.

I also find that depending on where they gate is coming from for example the gate 16 flows from the spleen operates intuitively in the now while channel 62-17 flow from the ajna and make sense of the world in the now, since they are both part of the knowing circuit….where as my gate 12 comes from the solar plexus and 12 is rooted in the collective circuit and must be in the mood. I find this to be very true for me to be able to write. I must be in the mood to do so.

Before I get into the voices of the gates, I firmly believe that marketing in general should be based in story and we can use the voices of the gates to bring that story to life via the medium of our choosing. But the story becomes the vehicle with which we share in order to understand what stories and knowing you should be sharing let’s look to the voices of the gates.

The voices of the gates of the Throat Center in Human Design…

Gate 62 The Gate of Details: the left brain voice of reason – details are your superpower

Gate 23: ability to articulate things in new ways – individual insights that shine a new light & your voice will have a deep knowing

Gate 56 The Gate of Stimulation: the right brain power of telling stimulating stories at the right time

Gate 16: enthusiasm & zest for life – an inclination to leap into new experiences & uncanny capacity to wing it – passion drives mastery through repetition over time .

Gate 35: ability to have many talents & share those experiences – value adventure & being alive

Gate 20: speaking in the present with an innate knowing of when to manifest power/action/clarity by inspiring others & connecting people & resources

Gate 12 The Gate of Caution: speaking to the depth of humanity’s highs & lows when in the mood – this has a oscillating bold/shy/in the mood nature

Gate 31: being called into leadership by others at the right time, place and call

Gate 8: transformation to support others in their creative contributions – unique self expression

Gate 33: the right brain ability to look back on the past & reflect on what has gone in order to improve the future

Gate 45: the teacher/leader speaking to guide the tribe with an individualistic flare for their own path – lead through teaching

Using the voice of the gates above can help you discern how best to actually give life to the energy inside of you and communicate that to the world via your marketing then you discern the medium which is in alignment based on your unique human design blueprint.

As you begin to think about the voices of the throat center in human design for your marketing efforts, I encourage you to experiement with the medium that might work best for you. Marketing to your human design will support you in magnetizing clients to you because you are in alignement with your strategy and authority. In the coming blog posts I will share marketing suggests by type and by the lines of the profiles as well.

Do you have questions about the voices of the throat? Let me know in the comments. Which gates and/or channels do you have activated?

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