Human Design Workshops

Business Design with Human Design

Price: $388

Design your business model, offerings, containers, and business role around your human design.

Decision Making Design with Human Design

Price: $67

Discover the depth and nuance of your authority and how you make decisions. Understand the hierarchy of decision making in human design, the channels that influences it and your secondary definition.

Ideal Client Design with Human Design

Price: $88

Discover your ideal client with human design in this two hour workshop. Designed to support you in using human design to gain clarity on your ICA or Ideal Client.

Human Design Marketing In Color Workshop

Price: $97

Discover how best to market yourself using your human design variables of determination, environment, perspective and motivation in this workshop. This workshop delves into how to interpret your human design color through the lens of marketing.

HD Nutrition

Price: $247

In this program I teach the format energies and how they relate to food, the determination variable which is how we are designed to digest food and information and environment.

HD Unstuck

Price: $167

Let go of the cycle of stuck and say goodbye to the should’s, trauma, triggers, emotional roller coaster and holding patterns. In HD Unstuck understand the not-self themes that you are contending with so that you can reclaim your life. End the waffling, emotional sloppiness, fear mongering and should’s by understanding the basics of the nervous system through the lens of human design. In this course you will understand how to work with your human design, become aware of your patterns, let go of the stories you are telling yourself and finally get back to the nature of who you are.

HD Circuitry

Price: $297

In human design circuitry determines the flow of the energy in the human design Bodygraph Chart. If you want to understand the flow of the energy in the human design bodygraph chart join me in this 4 Week HD Circuitry Experience.