Jamie Palmer is a human design business coach and strategist for driven entrepreneurs, experts, therapists, service providers, and coaches who want to build a strengths based business that feels effortless and aligned to their identity. She is the creator of the Business Ecosystem Builders program that helps entrepreneurs build their online business simply while creating more freedom, impact and income by coaching them to their human design. 

Jamie has been a featured speaker at the RI Bar Association, the Better Business Bureau of New England, the New England Association of Wedding Professionals, Boston Business Women, and the Environmental Business Council. She has also been featured in Huffington Post, Popsugar, and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

In 2014 her digital marketing efforts won the prestigious Google ECity of the year award for Effingham, IL. This award recognizes the city’s and their local businesses, who have the strongest online business community in the state. 

Jamie is committed to helping entrepreneurs create more freedom in their lives by simplifying. You can learn more of her content through her podcast or on youtube


Now that we got the professional stuff out of the way…

Jamie Palmer
Jamie Palmer

I’m Jamie! I started my business in my 20’s and never have a “real job”. I’ve spent my entire journey in entrepreneurship supporting entrepreneurs in one way or another to date I’ve supported upward of 1000’s of entrepreneurs to this point and I intend to impact 1000’s more.

My business began as a website design firm. I was coding wordpress website before wordpress became cool. When social media emerged, I quickly added it to my suite of services. Over the years, my little business morphed into a full blown agency offering done for you social media, copywriting, website design and funnel development. As much as loved my agency, I loved working with entreperneurs on strategy and consulting (and when I poled my clients they agreed it was their favorite part of working with me and my team).

I then began bottling up and packaging my unique way of doing social media in my Social Media Made Simple Program, packaging up my offers to sell with more ease with my Productize for Profit program and then eventually developing my signature program Business Ecosystem Builders which launched in Fall of 2017.

In 2019 I strated studying Human Design and simply couldn’t unsee the many truths woven within it. In 2020 I began leveraging Human Design with my private 1-1 cilents and they got incredible results.  In 2021 I launched my first HD Your Biz Program supporting entrepreneurs in leveraging their human design inside of their businesses and have not looked back in using this incredible tool to support my clients. I truly believe that if each one of us can become more of who we are and the best versions of ourselves the world would be a better place for all of us. I love to support entrepreneurs in peeling back the layers that have been placed on them and put down the baggage they have been carrying while becoming more of who they are and saying yes to their inner truth along the way. Becoming is a journey not a destination. There is nothing better in my world than to witness a client experience a aha moment and realizing they had the answers inside of them all along.

My super powers are helping people to simplify and breaking down the big picture into bit sized tasks, helping people identitfy their strengths and see the gifts within them, balancing my intutition and logic, and helping people strategize the many different ways one can accomplish a goal. I love to go deep and I will meet you where you are. My goal is to help you become the best verision or yourself, build a business you love that supports. you in creating the life you desire.  I am obsessed with making online business simple so that entrepernreurs can take actionable steps to bring their program or offer to life without the overhwelm while coaching them to their human design and strengths while keeping their goals in mind. My obsession with simplification comes across in all my trainings, courses and one on one work with client. I have been told I am relentlessly consistent and I’m not afraid to tell it like it is with a lot of love.

I live in beautiful Newport, RI with my husband and two sons E and Z. I love to learn, listen to music, cook with cast iron, be in nature and write. I am currently diving into learning about somatics, I’Ching, leadership, sustainable living and environmental conservation & regenerative farming. I am in the process of turning our backyard into an edible landscape. If I wasn’t an entrpreneur, I’d probably be a food and sustainable living blogger. My goal is to one day own 100 acres of land up in the mountains and create a glam homestead while enjoying my beach house by the ocean.

I am passionate about saving our planet, cleaning the ocean and consider myself a steward of the land. I truly believe that if we don’t care for our planet first and foremost nothing else matters.