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Social Media Snapshot

Most entrepreneurs realize just how important it is to post on social media so they do it. They post. They post just to post without little or no strategic intent. You’ve been doing “ALL THE THINGS” that the gurus said you need to do in order to get your social media to work for you. But you are still hearing crickets. Grab your snapshot for only $47.

Business Ecosystem Builders

Business Ecosystem Builders is a high-touch group coaching experience designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to focus on one signature program and create a wildly successful (and profitable) online business. Perfect for entrepreneurs who never want to buy and NOT finish another course or program again.

The Foundation

How to ensure your business has the right plan, priorities, promotions, and profit to scale online in the next 90 days. Create the foundation in your business that will ensure long term success for years to come with my 90 day step by step business accelerator for entrepreneurs who want to build a multi-six figure online business the simple way.

Mindset matters – mastering your mindset

How can you integrate your story with your strategy and your mindset, in a way that is really meaningful, so that you can show up and have fun? Strategy can become very complicated and overwhelming very quickly. According to Sarah Mac, there is a way to keep it super...

Mastering your mindset – Showing up for yourself

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before other’s choices make us.” Entrepreneurs often get swept away in to-do lists and get so busy delivering all the things in their business, that they don't actually do the work on their own business and...

10 Simple Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

As someone who's been an entrepreneur for the better part of her life, I've toyed around and played around with a lot of different productivity hacks and different things to be more productive. So today I am going to share with you 10 simple productivity tips that you...

How to be more productive as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and productivity don't always go together, so I decided to share with you my process for how I help my clients become more productive in their business. The first decade of my business I was burning the midnight oil. I would get up super early and...

How to create a podcast audiogram in Canva

So, you made a podcast. Now, you want to inform people about it, and you will do that by creating an audiogram. It is the biggest thing that you can do to share, grow, and scale your podcast. What are audiograms? Audiograms are short little audio clips that give a...

Setting Expectations, boundaries, and clients

Over the years, when it comes to expectations, I've learned some really valuable lessons the hard way when it comes to expectation setting and clients. Back in 2014, I had 18 clients and at the time I was doing done for you social media. You couldn’t schedule posts on...