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It’s time to make an impact, leave a legacy, and create freedom in your life.

Business Design with Human Design

Business Design with Human Design will help you quickly (and easily) select the perfect business model based off of your human design (type and profile), and help you create the framework to transform your business model…without the wasted time, money and energy (and overwhelm).

Business Ecosystem Builders

Business Ecosystem Builders is a high-touch group coaching experience designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to focus on one signature program and create a wildly successful (and profitable) online business. Perfect for entrepreneurs who want a customized approach to scaling their business.

Human Design + Business Shop

Creating an aligned business and life starts with understanding your unique Human Design Blueprint. Products, workshops and more to help you find more joy in your business (and life).

Come and Check out the shop where you can purchase a reading, order a snapshot and more. 

This show is for entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers who want to create more impact, make more money and grow their online business by focusing on one signature program. If you want simple strategies and actionable steps to building your business, growing your following and creating a profitable business that brings you closer to you dreams and a life of freedom without overwhelm then tune in! This is Integrated.

integrated podcast

How it all started

It all started way back when I was entering my teenage years. Every winter my family and I would trek back and forth to New Hampshire every weekend to go skiing. I loved to ski and still do but what I loved, even more, was the drive over the scenic...

Building a strong brand identity with Nikki Arensman

One thing I've seen over the years, and I continue to see, is the disconnect with the look and the feel of an online business. When you have an in-person business, like a retail shop, you pay attention to every detail inside that retail shop. But,...

Swimming against the current

Back in 2016, I had this idea for a group coaching program, it was called Integrated. Build your online business ecosystem. My coach at the time (who will remain nameless) shot my idea down. She told me it was too intellectual. No one would get it....

How to build a strong marketing team with Veronica Romney

I started my business when I was 20, and for the first decade, I was convinced that I could do it all by myself. After having my first kid, and a total burnout, I realized that I needed help. I think that many entrepreneurs struggle with asking for...

My journey with Human Design

Human Design is a cool framework that you can use to really get to know yourself better. It's almost as if Enneagram and StrengthsFinder had a baby; that baby would be Human Design. It can be a really amazing tool that you can use in your business....

Streamline your family eating habits

This blog post is different from any of my other posts, but I think is really important to talk about because it is something that in my house, in the past, has really caused a lot of contention. I can't even count how many fights have happened at...