HD Nourish®

Human Design Your Parenting and Parent your Children to their Human Design Profile.


Is it time to learn how to parent your children based on their human design? Do you want to dive into how to parent best based on your own human design profile? If so HD Nourish is for you.


        • Get a better understanding of how your child naturally is design to operate
        • Gain insights into how you are naturally inclined to parent
        • Discover your child’s and yours superpowers
        • Understand how your child is designed to learn, the envirornement they thrive in, and the lens they view the world with
        • Explore how you and your child interact best and where conflict may arise.

In this program, the goal is to create more ease and connection in your parent child relationship. Help you and your child thrive, building a lasting connection and open up communication by leveraging human design.

This Program is dropping in 2023 => get on the waitlist.