Explore the Human Design Manifestor Type in Business

The strengths & challenges Human Design Manifestor Experience

Today I am going to explore the human design type Manifestor.  If you are new to Human Design, it is a great tool you can use to learn to get to know yourself better! If you don’t know your type you can grab your chart here along with a Human Design Made Simple Guide. There are five types in Human Design – Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator and Reflector and twelve profiles . Each unique type and profile combingation gives live to your personality, decision making style, and how you are meant to interact with the world.  In this article, I am going to share the manifestor type, the manifestor strategy of initiate and inform as well as the not self theme of the manifestor of anger. I will share tips for the entrepreneurial manifestor in business as well and affirmation for success.

What does it mean to be a Manifestor:

Strategy – Intiate & Inform

Not- Self Theme – Anger

Signature Goal – Peace

Energy Type – 8% of the population

How to Identify – A direct connection to the throat via one of the motors – solar plexus, heart, sacral, root

The Manifestor Experience: 

As a manifestor, you are a catalyst for starting things. This is your superpower. Your energy comes in bursts. You are effective, impactful, and impulsive. You get an idea and want to bring it to run with it.If you are reading this and wondering what is a manfiestor or human design – you can grab your chart here. 

Manifestor’s are non-energy beings. They don’t have a defined sacral however their energy to initiate comes in bursts and they can power through with their initiations when they are following their strategy and authority. They may however skip steps or forget things along the way.  Manifestors are the only type that can initiate without waiting (unless you are a manifestor with emotional authority – more on this later).

Manifestors have a powerful and piercing aura. You can feel the energy of a manifestor when they walk into a room. They command attention. This can put others on edge because at times the manfiestor can appear to be unpredictable to others. This unpredictability according to others can lend the manifestor to meet a lot of resistance (and unease) which is why informing becomes especially important.

Manifestors from an early age can become conditioned because they are always trying to initiate but parents, teachers and others in authority shut this down. This can lead to a lot of anger for the manifestor which ultimately leads them to feeling like a victim. This is because people are always trying to control them when all they want to do is initiate. They feel restricted, powerless, and angry. This is why, informing is so important for the manifestor to avoid resistance and take back their power because they are very powerful.

The manifestor however struggles to understand why others would even be concerned with what they are doing since by nature manifestors are very independent. They don’t concern themselves with others, which can appear selfish but it’s not. Manifestors are unique in their strategy in that they don’t need others in order to be in alignment with their strategy whereas the other types need people. For example, a generator, needs others to respond and projector needs invitations and recognition from others.

Manifestors are a lone wolf and are happy to go it alone and do it in their way. They are self-contained and have powerful starting energy. When a manifestor is living their design, they will find themselves in a state of peace. Settled, grounded, and at peace. It is in this place of peace where they will find no resistance or control of the not-self of the manifestor.  

Manifestors may struggle to communicate and need time alone to get clear. It is in this space of uninterrupted time that they can gain clarity. Manifestors can easily lose their train of thought when speaking with others, so it is important to not interrupt them.

The not-self of the manifestor is anger. Manifestors may find themselves in the not-self of anger when they have given their power away and are responding instead of initiating. They may also find themselves angry when they failed to inform key people in their lives and have created resistance for themselves. Anger can also erupt when others try to control the manifestor. Becoming aware of this anger is helpful in navigating the manifestor experience and getting back in congruence with the signature goal.

Remember, the manifestor is here to be a catalyst and make an impact. They yield a great power much different than the other types in the human design system. With this power comes great responsibility to use it wisely. Manifestors must learn to leverage their power and bigness in a way that has a positive impact.

There are many manifestors who have become dictators throughout history. They wielded their power and charm to get into a position of leadership and then took over control. The manifestor’s power to initiate stands alone in the human design system. Manifestors were the leaders of the old world, and they must learn to use their power to better humanity.

Famous manifestors include Adolf Hitler, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Anniston and Maya Angelou.

What does initiate & inform look like for the Human Design Manifestor Type…

The manifestor strategy is to initiate and inform. Informing does not come naturally to manifestors, and they are the only type that part of their strategy does not come naturally, the informing.

Manifestors are here to initiate the other types, especially generators and manifesting generators, into action, while the projectors are here to guide the process/action along the way. When a manifestor is initiating they get an idea, and they act on it. Their initiations when in alignment with their strategy and authority (more on manifestors with emotional and splenic authority later) will give them a burst of starting energy to get into the action. Finding someone to pair with is important to manifestors so they can finish what they start.

A great example of this is my 8-year-old son, a 1/3 manifestor, who was looking out his window and saw the tree dancing in the wind. He had the brilliant idea that he wanted to climb that tree. His body took over, his sneakers and coat were on and outside up the tree he went. Before anyone knew where he went. In this example, it is easy to see that his action without informing may lead to me, as the parent, worrying or even having a consequence for his action. This lack of informing would create even more resistance for him.

Thankfully, we have opted to parent him to his design, but this is the plight of the manifestor. If he were to inform of me of his actions, the reaction to his action would have been different. Therefore, many manifestors are conditioned to either not share their actions because they don’t want anyone to change the outcome of what they want to do or are no longer claiming their power of initiating and are behaving as generators.

This is why, informing for the manifestors is critical for them to live their design. My recommendation is always to have a list of people who are in the manifestor’s inner circle. This may be one for business and one for their personal life. The list is there so that when they have one of their initiations they don’t have to stop and think about who they need to inform. They have a list of who will be impacted by their actions, and they can simply inform them of their plans. This informing does not mean the manifestor will change what they are doing, nor should they if it is in congruence with their strategy and authority. It is simply to make aware and remove resistance in their key relationships.

Conversely, the manifestor also like to be informed by their key people in their lives. Manifestors should articulate this to their inner circle so that they can reciprocate the informing to the manifestor.

I’ve seen the example of a commuter train forgetting to stop at the station used with the manifestors initiations….the people left at the station are wondering why the train didn’t stop as they were waiting to be picked up and the train driver was wondering why you weren’t at the right station to begin with because their plan wasn’t to stop there and the train simply keeps on going to it’s destination.

When the manifestor can initiate and inform it helps them to realize that they do have people who care about them, and they aren’t alone. As manifestors who are out of strategy can feel alone because they, by accident, created resistance in their relationships.

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The Not – Self of the Human Design Manifestor

When the human design manifestor is in the not-self they are often met with lots of anger. It is often a result of failing to inform the key parties in their life of their actions and it is met with major resistance and turbulence. The manfiestor often feels alone, like no one gets them or even likes them.

From my experience, manifestors are often the most conditioned and in the not self version of themselves. They often don’t associate with being a manifestor simply because they have shut down their initiating ways for so long. This “make sense” because parenting, schools and society often try to anchor down the manfiestor and tell the manifestor what to do. Manifestors hate this, they like to do things on their terms and very naturally from an early age.

Manfiestors children will often see a tree swaying in the yard and run outside to climb it without thinking or worry about the consequences. This often puts their parents on high alert and try to control the manifestor even more which angers the manfiestor. If you are reading this and you are a manifestor but don’t feel like you are one it is often as a result of conditioning that you have been carrying.

Learning to get back in congruence with your strategy and authority is key. It is best to start by honoring those small urges within that you may feel but ignore from time to time to rebuild a relationship with your strategy. Write down a key list of people to inform once you have an initiation and share with them what you are doing, not for their opinion or input but simply so they know what you are planning to do. 

Action Tips & Affirmations for the Manifestor

    • You are energetic, powerful, effective, impulsive, and mysterious. You have a unique ability to start and initiate. This could be conversations, business ideas etc. You can embrace this ability to start without waiting.
    • You are fiercely independent and are at ease in the solitude of their environment.
    • You must pair your initiating with informing, especially in relationships. Learning to inform is a key part of your journey. While informing doesn’t need to change what you are planning on doing. This will ensure the key parties involved are aware so that they are blindsided by whatever new endeavor or idea you have decided to embark on.
    • You are very internally or self-focused and goal oriented. Understanding and embracing and becoming aware of this will serve you well since most other types are focused on collaboration.
    • When you embrace your strategy of informing and take note of the key relationships that will be affected by your actions you show love and respect for the others involved. This goes both ways for manifestors as they like to be informed by others as well.
    • Create breaks and down time in your work intentionally because you are here to initiate, and that initiating energy will run out.
    • You must discharge the energy of the day that you have collected before your head hits the pillow at night.
    • You have a deep desire for peace. A place of no resistance or control. You are here to dream and pursue your vision while doing it on your terms.
    • You are living your strategy when you find yourself in a state of peace. It is when you are living this strategy that you will manifest and make an impact in the world.
    • You do best when you can let your ideas flows. Inform the key people in your life that interruptions to your train of thought throw you off and if they can avoid interrupting you when you are in flow that is helpful.

What that means for the Manifestor’s business: 

  • You might find yourself the lone wolf and that’s ok. That works for you. 
  • You will be best suited in a business where you have a clear and definitive start and stop period when working with clients. It is best for you to get in, get the client a transformation and then get out. 
  • You have a lot of starting energy, however that energy can run out when it comes to finishing. Partner up with someone who can help you finish when you inevitably run out of energy. 
  • You may resist informing others but often that comes from childhood where you were told no. Realizing that in order to grow your business you need others and informing them of your plan is an important aspect of this otherwise you will burn bridges along the way. 
  • You can practice your informing through your marketing and social media by sharing what is going on in your business behind the scenes and informing them of your next action you plan to take. 
  • Your energy can be overwhelming to others. It is important to pair up with a projector who can help guide you on your journey as they can see deeply into others and help you find peace while avoiding anger.
  • You often rebel against being controlled and others worry they will be controlled by you…informing is your key to this resistance in business. 

Final thoughts on being a Human Design Manifestor

As one of non-energy beings in the human design system, manifestor’s are here to go to follow their initiations and inform key parties of their actions to avoid turbulence in relationships. Manifestors have powerful auroras and you can feel the energy of the manifestor when they walk into a room. As a manifestor you long for a feeling of peace after you have followed your initiations.

Your energy, as an manifestor will wax and wain, honor this otherwise you will face burnout. You are a gifted started but you may struggle to finish know this about your manifestor ways and set yourself up for success by getting a support system in place for when you run out of energy. You are a catalyst for great change in the world when you are in alignment with your strategy and authority. If you want to learn more about tuning up the definition in your life or business using your human design I invite you to discover my HD Your Biz Program.