Explore the Human Design Reflector Type in Business

The strengths & challenges Human Design Reflector Experience

Today I am going to explore the human design type reflector.  If you are new to Human Design, it is a great tool you can use to learn to get to know yourself better! If you don’t know your type you can grab your chart here along with a Human Design Made Simple Guide. There are five types in Human Design – Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator and Reflector and twelve profiles . Each unique type and profile combingation gives live to your personality, decision making style, and how you are meant to interact with the world.  In this article, I am going to share the reflector type, the reflector strategy of wait 28 days as well as the not self theme of the reflector of disappointment. I will share tips for the entrepreneurial reflector in business as well and affirmation for success.

What does it mean to be a Manifestor:

Strategy – wait 28 days or a lunar cycle

Not- Self Theme – Disappointment

Signature Goal – Excitement

Energy Type – Less than 1% of the population

How to Identify – No defined centers – all centers in the bodygraph will be white.

The Reflector Experience: 

Reflectors have no defined centers within their bodygraph chart. They are truly unique beings in that they are incredibly impacted by their environment. They are mirrors for the rest of us about our authenticity (mind, body, spirit) as they mirror the community, they surround themselves with. Their uniqueness comes from the gates that are activated within their bodygraph and this brings personality to their being.

Reflectors account for less than 1% of the population and can be deeply conditioned by others because of all of the openness in their chart. They are fluid human beings who can change from moment to moment, almost like a chameleon adapting and changing to the environment around them.

Reflectors are a gift for the other types as they are a mirror showing us where we are flawed or inauthentic. Reflectors see each of us for who we truly are which can cause them to feel a great sense of disappointment for humanity.

Since reflectors act as a mirror, they can tune up and magnify the energy of others and support others in living in more alignment with who they are truly meant to be. Reflectors have a unique gift to sense when others are truly meant and ready to be seen and can use their gifts to support them in becoming more of who they are by reflecting back to them.

For me, I like to think of reflectors as old souls. They are wise guides, here to show us who we are. They mirror back to us our strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. They see the high and lows of the human experience. They feel depths of the human experience. Their auras sample others energy discerning if they are ready to step into their own uniqueness.

The reflector environment is incredibly important for them to be healthy and live in alignment with their strategy and authority. Finding the “right” for them environment is a key part of their journey. This could mean a physical location like your home, nature, or a specific location in the world. This also includes building and/or being part of a community that feels good to them.

Time in nature if very helpful for the reflector to dispel the energy of others. The reflector should discern where this place is for themselves and make this as part of their regular practice. This will help them maintain their sense of self and stay congruent with their design.

When a reflector is in their signature goal, they feel a sense of excitement and wonder about humanity. They are surprised by the other types as they are living out their authentic selves and perhaps even invited in to participate if it feels correct for them. Their not-self theme of disappointment is diminished, and they are living in the moment filled with awe about the potential of humanity.

Famous reflectors include Sandra Bullock, Scott Hamilton, James Frey and Richard Burton. 

What does wait 28 days or a lunar cycle look like for the Human Design Reflector Type…

As the only lunar type, the reflector strategy is to wait a lunar cycle – 28 days – before making decisions. Reflectors must be invited into the decision-making process by others. They cannot invite themselves. Once they are invited in to make a decision, they must wait a full 28 days in order to gain clarity.

The reason behind this is they have no fixed decision-making process within their chart and they need the consistency of the 28 days as the moon cycles around the 64 gates with in the bodygraph for them to come to a decision. It is in this waiting for the cycle of the 64 gates that they gain clarity.

A reflector has no inner authority so it is in this waiting 28 days and talking about their intentions with others that they gain clarity. Reflectors gain clarity by talking out their decisions and having those decisions reflected back to them in others.

Reflectors are encouraged to have a consistent group of friends in order to mirror back to them. This consistency will help the reflector feel good, know they have a listening ear, and support the reflector in their decision making process.

Part of the reflector process is to discern when they are feeling good. It is in this feeling good that they can be assured that a decision is correct for them. When reflectors are in the right place with the right people that is right for them. If they are not feeling good then that is a clear sign that they need to make a change.

Once the reflector has waited 28 days to make big decisions, they can then do whatever they want. There is no more waiting required after the 28 days.

Reflectors thrive on healthy communities and being around people that help them feel really good. Reflectors, especially more than the other types need people. They also need time alone to discharge the energy of others but they thrive in healthy communities.

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The Not – Self of the Human Design Reflector

When reflectors are in the not-self they will experience disappointment. This sense of disappointment comes from their interaction with the people in the world. Since reflectors take in the energy of those around them and amplify it they feel both the highs and lows of the human experience. Reflectors may be in this not-self because they were not included.

Reflectors thrive on being part of healthy communities. A healthy community allows the reflector to experience excitment and delight (the highs of the human experience). Conversly, when a reflector is in the not-self that theme of disappointment will be present. Disappointment in the people around them (the lows of the human experience). Along with disappointment about not being included or asked to partake in the community.

For many reflectors, spending time outdoors is necessary. This time in nature allows them to dispell the energy of others and tap back into themselves.

Action Tips & Affirmations for the Reflector

    • You are a truly unique and special human being that is wise beyond your years. You often march to the beat of your own drum

    • You are designed to live in the moment and find joy in the newness that each day brings. Live in the wonder of this very moment. The wonder of “who am I today?” and “will I be surprised, included or invisible today?” which is life a reflector.

    • You are a beacon of joy and happiness and spread light wherever you go.

    • You are best served when you can find or create a community that supports you.

    • You are here to be a mirror to others and reflect back and/or amplify the energy of others.

    • You have a keen awareness of when others are not living within their strategy or up to their potential as humans.

    • Finding the right place, the right people, at the right time is key to unlocking happiness for you.

    • You are here to support others in finding their potential. While that might appear in different ways for others it is important to embrace this gift.

    • Getting to know who you are and becoming wise about your inner workings and the process that intertwines you with others is important to success…when you can remain wide open to what is passing through you. There will be blips or something unusual going on around you, which is a aspect of your gift. Learning to identify this is helpful in finding your joy.

    • You are here to sample life and experience all of it in its totality.

    • Place plays a critical role in your journey. Place can mean both your home or a place to burn off your energy as well as your business place. Finding a community to call home is one of the most important decisions you face and must be met with discernment while honoring your process of waiting 28 days before making a decision.

What that means for the Reflector’s business: 

  • Find a business BFF who will sit and listen so that you can find clarity. Talking things out is a great way for you to find clarity. 
  • Being consistent can be a challenge for you so having a support team and system will help you thrive 
  • Think of your social media as a way to create your own community where you can thrive. This can allow you to bring your incredible vision to life, surrounded by people who live and breathe the same values as you. Use your social media to share the depth of your being – your joy, your sorrow, and the depth of your being in a way that feels good to you. 
  • Audio is a great way for you to express yourself in the world since it brings you clarity. Keep this in mind with your marketing efforts. 
  • Building a business that has built in down time on a regular basis is an essential to your success as you need to mindfully discharge the energies of others.  
  • Place plays a critical role in your journey. Finding a community to call home is one of the most important decisions you face and must be met with discernment while honoring your process of waiting 28 days before making a decision. 

Final thoughts on being a Human Design Reflector

As one of non-energy beings in the human design system, reflector’s are here to be a mirror of the envirornement or community that they are a part of.  Reflectors must wait 28 days (or a luncar cycle) before making any big decisions in their life.

Place plays a critical role for reflectors. If their place or envirornement is incorrect any decision the reflector makes will be incorrect for them. Finding their correct place for reflectors is key to living their purpose.

Reflectors see the depth of humanity since they are taking in all the energy of those around them and amplifying it. Reflectors are a gift to the world as they show us who we are. Reflectors thrive in community and spending time in nature is key for them to dispell the energy of others.  If you want to live life (and business) in high definition using your unique human design blueprint I invite you to discover my HD Your Biz Program.