Human Design Energy Type – Projector 

The Art of Being a Projector Guide

If enneagram and strengths finder had a baby…that’s Human Design! There are five types in Human Design – Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator and Reflector and twelve profiles. Each unique type and profile combination gives live to your personality, decision-making style, and how you are meant to interact with the world.  In this article, I will share my experience as a projector, the projector strategy of waiting for the invitation and recognition, as well as the not-self of the projector of bitterness and resentment. I will share tips for the entrepreneurial projector in business as well as affirmation for success.

What does it mean to be a Projector:

Strategy – Wait for the invitation or recognition

Not- Self Theme – Bitterness & Resentment

Signature Goal – Success

Non-Energy Type – 20% of the population

How to Identify – Undefined Sacral & no connection with the throat

The Human Design Projector Experience: 

Projectors are not here to work in the traditional sense of the world. In fact, projectors are here to guide, not do, literally. Projectors should not be doing. Crazy, but it’s true. 

Projectors are the leaders of our future. When following their strategy and authority are here to guide the other types in order to help them live in alignment and fulfill their purpose. If you are reading this and wondering what a projector or human design is – you can grab your chart here.

The Human Design Projector is often conditioned from a very early age to believe that they are a generator, and they should be doing, responding, and taking action.
When in fact a healthy projector should be resting and pursuing their passions while they wait for the invitation or the recognition for guiding people. 

Everything in our modern society is built for generators so it is no surprise that most projectors are conditioned to believe they are generators. Often this leads to the not-self theme for the projector of bitterness and resentment. 

A great example of this is when a projector gives advice without first being invited or recognized. The projector offers up great advice they know will support the other however, the other person wasn’t ready or open to hearing the advice, so they went and did what they wanted to do anyway. This guidance fell on deaf ears leaving the projector bitter that the person didn’t listen to what they have to say. 

Most human design projectors can think of one or two or maybe ten examples of this in their lives. For me, when I’ve given advice without the invitation, especially in business, it often appears as this nagging feeling of, everything on paper looks right but something is off. It is often hard to put a finger on what exactly it is, but you can feel it’s not right. 

Alternatively, projectors can think of a time when they had a great experience with a client or a person in their life. Energetically they felt seen and heard. They watched someone else thrive and they knew that it was as a result of your guidance and wisdom. That is an example of a projector being in congruence with your strategy. 

The challenge of being a projector is learning the signals that their bodies send to stop. Since projectors have a undefined sacral they can often struggle to know when it is time to switch gears or stop. Think of it like a broken light switch stuck in the on position. Projectors struggle to know when enough is enough (since we are living in a generator world) and will push themselves past their bodies breaking point. 

Most projectors have or will struggle with burnout at some point since they are conditioned from childhood to behave like generators. Going, going, going. Honoring and listening to your body’s cues as to when it is time to stop is important to living your strategy. This may mean setting clear boundaries around work, stopping before they are exhausted, going to bed before they are tired and working less. Remember, projectors are here to guide not do. 

When a projector is in their signature goal, success will flow to them with ease. Invitations will be abundant and the projector will use their guiding energy for others creating success in their lives. It is this success after success that will fuel them and keep them out of their not-self of bitterness and resentment. It is in this success that projectors learn to use their limited energy wisely and invitations and recognition flow. 

The not–self theme of the projector is bitterness and resentment. The projector can find themselves in this place when they aren’t waiting for the invitation or they have accepted a wrong invitation. They may also feel this way when they aren’t seen or when they are doing work – remember the projector is here to guide. 

Projectors are the newest of the types and are here to be the leaders of the next generation. They tap into their wisdom and ability to guide people. Healthy projectors honor their bodies and realize that rest is part of their process. Finding time alone to dispel the sacral energies of others is necessary for the projector. Projectors might find traditional workouts to be too much for the bodies to handle and should exercise in a gentle way. 

Famous projectors include Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, and Nelson Mandela.

Human Design Projector – Wait for the Invitation and Recognition 

I’m often asked what waiting for the invitation and recognition looks like. Before I dive into that, I want to add that just because you are invited or recognized as a projector does not mean that the invitation is correct for the projector. Not every recognition or invitation will be in alignment for them. The key is to discern which ones are and which ones are not. 

I share this because oftentimes projectors get so bored, desperate, and resentful while waiting that they accept every and any invitation and/or recognition that comes along. Therefore they settle for any invitation or recognition that comes along. Usually, due to their very strong intellect, they have been conditioned by their mind. There is this feeling of “I won’t get what I want, so I will settle for this (work, money, relationships). This is not the correct strategy for a projector, and settling will often lead them to resistance. Projectors should follow their strategy and authority to discern. 

Now that the projector is aware not every invitation or recognition is for them, let’s get into what an invitation or recognition looks like. An invitation may be as straightforward as someone asking a projector or as veiled as someone saying they love your work. There are lots of shades of grey here when it comes to invitation and recognition with the projector. Once the invitation or recognition is accepted, the projector will have the energy to follow through. 

As a projector myself, I like to think about the invitation and recognition as two-fold, I want to hear someone ask or recognize me and I want to feel the authenticity from the other person. Their recognition should be genuine, and I can feel that. If you are curious about what this feels like, think about your favorite client. What is that experience like to work with them? That is what true recognition and invitations feel like. The projector energy is fueled by the interaction with them. 

There is an energy and excitement to this invitation or recognition that over time will dissipate if no decision is reached about moving forward. Therefore, it is important to leverage the projector strategy and authority when it comes to your decision-making. 

This same principle of energy and excitement also applies to relationships over time. A projector may discern if that recognition energy is no longer being reciprocated within a relationship, and they may determine this is no longer correct for them.

While projectors are waiting for this invitation and recognition, it is important to note that they should be pursuing their passions, resting, and being seen. For example, while I am waiting for invitations and recognition, I am often studying human design or heading out into the woods to reset and recharge. I will often share my findings, discoveries, and thoughts on social media or in my email list as a way of allowing myself to be seen. 

Many projectors grapple with being seen, they need to allow themselves to show up in order to get the recognition and invitations they deserve but they also struggle with the energy to actually show up. This is tricky because a projector who is TYRING to be seen can come across as abrasive. Their showing up must be from a place of ease or flow. Otherwise, even if the advice they provide is incredible, people will not be willing to hear it. The act of showing up for a projector cannot be desperate. 

If a human design projector type is out of congruence with what they are meant to be guiding about, they will also struggle with being seen as well. This might look like they are showing up, but no one recognizes them, almost as if they are invisible, or they don’t show up at all for fear that no one will recognize them. They can also struggle with being aware of when enough is enough and get stuck in the on position. 


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The Not-Self of the Human Design Projector – Bitterness & Resentment

When human design projectors are in their “not-self” they will often experience bitterness and resentment. The “not-self” happens when a projector didn’t wait for the invitation and is resentful because the person didn’t take their advice or when a projector accepted the wrong invitation. These are just two examples. 

When a projector finds themselves feeling bitter and resentful, it is important to shine awareness on it because it is a clear signal they are out of alignment with their human design blueprint. 

Noticing where and when the bitterness & resentment comes up for the projector is key to getting to the root of the problem. Perhaps, they find it comes up over and over in the same relationship. 

This could be a working relationship where they know it isn’t working out, but they have yet to pull the trigger to put an end to it. (This is an example of a 3/5 projector with emotional authority). 

This could be a project that they have agreed to do, but it isn’t in alignment with their goals, so they feel bitter about having to get it done and do the work. (This is an example of an energy projector with a defined heart) 

The reality is when a human design projector is experiencing bitterness or resentment, they are in the not-self. Learning to recognize is helpful for the projector to be healthy and live in congruence with their human design.

Action Tips & Affirmations for the Projector –

What Does Success Look Like For a Human Design Projector?

    • It is important for you to wait for the invitation and the recognition otherwise you will be left feeling bitter and resentful that your advice was not heeded.
    • Your energy is invaluable. Use it intentionally as it is limited.
    • You are wise beyond your years and are here to guide (manage, direct, advise) others on their journey in whatever form that takes in your life.
    • You are deeply attuned to the energy of others and enjoy connecting deeply with them.
    • You can massively impact the lives of others because you know (with great certainty) what others need to be doing in order to make the best use of their energy in their lives and in business. Be sure this advice is met with recognition or invited in otherwise it will fall on deaf ears.
    • You are not meant to work in the traditional sense of the word. You will find joy in work that balances your need to go deep with others and offers you times of rest and retreat to recharge.
    • If you attempt to work in the traditional sense of the world, you will often find yourself burnt out.
    • While you wait for your invitations, channel your energy into your passions, and the invitations and recognition will follow.
    • When you are operating within your strategy, you are magnetic. Invitations and recognition will flow into your life.
    • It is critical that you carefully select your inner circle wisely. Fill it with people who see you for who you truly are and appreciate your unique ability to see others.
    • You have a very strong intellect. You study information, people, and events. As a result of this, your mind can be conditioned to believe that you must compromise to get what you want in life. This can result in settling, which a huge problem for you. Never settle.

Human Design Projectors in Business: 

  • You need open-ended questions to gain clarity. 
  • Think of social media as a way for you to be invited and recognized. Consistently showing up online will allow you to receive more invitations and more recognition. Pick a platform where you can build community and go deep with your people.
  • Choose a business model that allows you to go deep with people over a period of time. 
  • Build a team that believes in your mission and values your wisdom (and rest). 
  • Find support with a generator or manifesting generator that is aligned with your core values, believes in your mission and helps you bridge your energy gaps.
  • Reinvent what it means to work. You are here to share your wisdom with the world. That doesn’t mean trading dollars for hours. How can you creatively share your gifts while honoring your energy?


Final thoughts on being a Human Design Projector Type

As one of non-energy beings in the human design system, it can be challenging to be a projector in a world that is surrounded by energy beings. Projectors are a gift to the world as they are here to guide and lead when invited and recognized. When projectors are in alignment with their strategy and authority, they thrive and make a massive impact. If you are a projector you will likely make a great coach, mentor or teacher.