Explore the Human Design Generator Type in Business

The strengths & challenges Human Design Generator Experience

Today I am going to explore the human design type of Generator. The Generator’s human design strategy is to know thyself and respond. If you are new to Human Design it is a great tool you can use to learn to get to know yourself better! If you don’t know your type you can grab your chart here along with a Human Design Made Simple Guide. There are five types in Human Design – Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator and Reflector and twelve profiles . Each unique type and profile combination gives live to your personality, decision making style, and how you are meant to interact with the world.  In this article, I am going to share the generator type, the generator strategy of responding and then know thyself, as well as the not self theme of the generator of frustration. I will share tips for the entrepreneurial generator in business as well and affirmation for success.

What does it mean to be a Manifesting Generator:

Strategy – Respond & Know Thyself

Not- Self Theme – Frustration

Signature Goal – Satisfaction

Energy Type – 37% of the population

How to Identify – Defined Sacral

The Generator Experience: 

Generators are in a constant dance with the world. They are here to respond and get to know themselves on a very deep level. Generators when living in congruence with their strategy and authority find great joy by doing work they love and are passionate about. They are happy to show up to do this work and feel a deep sense of satisfaction after putting in a day of hard work.

The generator’s energy resets each and every day. This energy, from the sacral, is what moves humanity forward. The generator is here to go deep and become a master of their work. Much of their happiness is derived and directly connected to doing what they love (are passionate about).

Generators are here to respond to the world and can become frustrated when they have nothing to respond to. Many generators have spent most of their lives living as manifestors and initiating. This inevitably leads to more frustration for the generator. To get back into strategy the generator must find something to respond to, this could be a person, a place, a thing, or an event.

All generators will inevitably hit the “plateau of frustration” when it comes to the work they are doing. This plateau is an opportunity to pause and respond in one of two way. One, by digging deeper into the work they are already doing or to pivot. This “plateau of frustration” is a catalyst for the generator to become even more of an expert and live in pursuit of their purpose. While this plateau carries the not self-theme of the generator the energy is slightly different in that the generator is already doing work they love. Think of this plateau of frustration as a fine-tuning of the work a generator is here to do. If they are continuing to become more and more of a master, they may in fact hit this plateau more than once.

Generators once in motion can work long, focused hours. Transitions or switching gears is a challenge for the generator as they are not designed to operate like that. Once a generator has responded to something they can then be in the doing for quite some time.

Generators don’t do well with open ended questions and as a generator it is important to let the key people in their lives know this. Generators do best with yes and no questions that they can use their sacral response to tap into in the now. As the generator dance with the universe happens in now.

Generators have boundless amounts of energy when in their strategy and authority. This life force energy of the generator needs to burn off.

Generators are deeply relational people, and this is in part due to the defined sacral. Generators thrive in co-operation with others. When generators are doing work they love, they magnetize people to them. Generators need others in order to be heard since they lack the motor connection to the throat. Generators become empowered when they surround themselves with the right people.

When a generator is living their signature goal of satisfaction, they go to bed exhausted at the end of the day knowing they did work they loved and were seen for this amazing contribution they have given the world and their relationships.

A frustrated generator is one who is not doing work they love and feels like they are spinning their wheels. The work they are doing becomes more and more frustrating, their energy may no longer reset every day and they feel a sense of getting no-where. This is a sign or a goalpost for the generator to discern. Their sense of satisfaction comes from knowing they made an impact in the world.

Famous generators include Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Mozart, and Walt Disney.

What does responding and knowing thyself look like for the Human Design Generator Type…

The generator is unique in that they can trust in their body response of the uh-huh or ut-huh in the now (except for generators with emotional authority – more on this later). Their sacral is here to provide them with a pulling or a pushing, sound response. This response does not come from the throat, it comes from within the diaphragm.

Many adult generators struggle to connect with their sacral. Have a trusted advisor ask you yes/no questions to help you tap back into this. Don’t over think the answers to the questions. They can start off with simple questions like, Are you x number of years old? Or You name is ____? This will help you tap into that feeling of the sacral response.

I love using the example of my 4-year-old generator son or any generator children for that matter. Since they simply can’t help themselves with their full body response. I will never forget the time I asked my 4-year-old son if he wanted to go to the playground. It was a full-body “ut-huh”. It was loud, confident and a big head shaking no. He even pulled away from me when I asked him.

This is the sacral response. It’s visceral if it is allowed to be. It is the, my head is shaking yes even though my mind hasn’t caught up yet. It comes from within and has an answer for what is correct in the now. The sacral also might have no response which means ask me in a different way or ask again later.

Generators have a very good sense of what is right and true for them. They know themselves on a deep level even if they can’t discern why or how. Oprah is a generator. I like to think of it as a quiet confidence. It just sort of exudes. They have this inner knowing that comes from within that they can trust when it is in response to an outside stimulus.

When generators are met with cross-roads or a decision it is important for them to pause and then respond. It is in this space of the pause that they can wait for the response. The stimulus for the response may appear in many different ways…a song on the radio, a friend asking a question, a stranger on the street, a sign on the road or a post on social media. This is the dance with the universe that is part of the generator experience.

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The Not – Self of the Human Design Generator

When human design manifesting generators are in their “not-self” they will often frustration. The “not-self” happens when a generator didn’t follow their sacral response or they initiated something without first responding. 

When a generator finds themselves feeling frustration it is important to shine awareness on it because it is a clear signal they are out of alignment with their human design blueprint. 

Noticing where and when the frustration comes up for the generator is key to getting to the root of the problem. Perhaps, they find it comes up over and over in the same relationship or work situation. Get clear on where that frustrations erupts so that the generator can gain clarity and shift out of the not-self by making a different decision next time.

This could be a project they are working on and step after step they are met with more and more frustration – this is often a sign that they entered into this project without first listening to their sacaral response on whether or not this was correct for them or they didn’t follow their authority. This is especially tricky with emotional authority. Remember the sacral response is in the here and now – it is a full body yes “uh-huh” or no “ut-huh”.  

This not self could be resistance in a relationship because they went ahead and took action on something without first responding or that they commited to something they don’t love. 

The reality is when a human design generator is experiencing frustration they are in the not-self. Learning to recognize this and come back to home with themselves into their strategy and authority as a generator is critical to them living in congruence with their human design. 

Action Tips & Affirmations for the Generator

    • You are here to respond to the world not initiate. Your gut response of “uh-huh” or “ut-uh” can help guide you through life. Trust this response.
    • You are a force to be reckoned with because of the energy you carry with you that resets each and every day. This energy is meant to be used up…daily. Use it.
    • You have access to a deep inner knowing, you can trust this inner knowing to guide you. Learn to trust your gut.
    • You MUST find work that you love and are passionate about. This will be the driving force behind your happiness and joy in life. If you aren’t doing work you love you will become frustrated and your happiness will suffer.
    • Once you’ve found work that brings you joy, if you find yourself frustrated that can often be a place for growth and deeper exploration. For generators this can be known as the plateau of growth.
    • You are here to be a guru, expert or master. This can be a place for deeper exploration or a time when new opportunities appear. Do not quit when this frustration arrives. Pause and you will find opportunities to respond to.
    • You do well when you set an intention, visualize the outcome and then wait for signs to show up in your reality then take action will serve you well. This pause to respond before taking action is part of the dance generators must embrace with life. This pause allows you to take a moment and then respond. 
    • You are deliberate and enjoy a methodical process. Switching gears doesn’t come easily to you honor this.
    • You are a powerful finisher and can be relied upon to bring projects and activities to life. 

What that means for the Generator’s business: 

  • As a generator, responding is a way of life for you. Finding someone you trust who can ask you yes or no questions so that you can tap into your sacral response and get clarity on your path.
  • Frustration is often a sign of digging deeper and more exploration. Rather than giving up, pause. This is a place to dig deeper. You may find yourself frustrated when you are waiting for something to respond to, it can feel unnatural and awkward. Embrace this. You are here to be an expert.
  • Social media is your secret weapon as you can find things to respond to For example, posting an ask me anything thread in your community will give you something to respond to or saying what questions do you have about x will give you lots of content to respond to for you to then create.
  • Most business models will work well for you if you are passionate about the work
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in the work that you do and build a team around your responding.

Final thoughts on being a Human Design Generator

As one of energy beings in the human design system, you are here to go to bed exhausted from a day filled with doing work that you love as a generator. You dance with world and have a deep inner knowing of who you are and the gifts you bring to the world. You work should light you up. You should be thrilled to get up each day, with a renewed sense of energy to take on the day and at night you said rest your head on the pillow feeling satistisfied and exhausted for a day spent doing work you love. You are here to use up your renewal able energy each and every day. If you as a generator find yourself frustrated this is a point to dig deeper or pivot. You are here to ONLY do work you LOVE. Honor that pull. You have a deep relational quality about you and love to connect with others. You are here to work and make an impact with this work. You dance with responding and getting to know yourself more and more each and every day. If you want to learn more about tuning up the definition in your life or business using your human design I invite you to discover my HD Your Biz Program.