Explore the Human Design Manifesting Generator Type in Business

The strengths & challenges Human Design Manifesting Generator Experience

Today I am going to explore the human design type of Manifesting Generator. If you are new to Human Design it is a great tool you can use to learn to get to know yourself better! If you don’t know your type you can grab your chart here along with a Human Design Made Simple Guide. There are five types in Human Design – Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator and Reflector and twelve profiles . Each unique type and profile combingation gives live to your personality, decision making style, and how you are meant to interact with the world.  In this article, I am going to share the manifesting generator type, the manifesting generator strategy of visualize, respond and then inform, as well as the not self theme of the manifesting generator of anger and frustration. I will share tips for the entrepreneurial manifesting generator in business as well and affirmation for success.

What does it mean to be a Manifesting Generator:

Strategy – Visualize, Respond & Inform

Not- Self Theme – Frustration & Anger

Signature Goal – Satisfaction & Peace

Energy Type – 33% of the population

How to Identify – Defined Sacral & a direct connection to the throat via one of the motors – solar plexus, heart, sacral, root

The Manifesting Generator Experience: 

Manifesting-Generators can appear to be almost super-human when compared to the other types in human design. They are as the name suggests a hybrid of the manifestor and the generator. They are multi-passionate, multi-taskers who get more done then the rest of us. They have sustainable energy. If you are reading this and wondering what is a projector or human design – you can grab your chart here. 

To those who aren’t manifesting generators this multi-tasking, and bouncing from task to task and project to project can almost appear as if they are all over the place. However, this is how an MG is designed to get things done. They can see strategically what needs to get done and they go and do it. The bounce from thing to thing moving each forward along the way. They are often told by society that they should focus on one thing, and this is incorrect for them. The manifesting generators Multi-tasking is their superpower. This multi-tasking should be paired with periods of alone time. Manifesting generators need alone time in order to live in congruence with their design.

Manifesting generators are designed to do multiple things at once in order to avoid boredom. This is often because your manifestor (to inform and initiate) self has initiated a bunch of projects and your generator self is working hard to work through them even though they have not responded which is the generator’s theme (to respond). Manifesting generators when they don’t follow their strategy can find themselves working simply to work.

Manifesting generators weakness is that they often find themselves skipping steps which means they must go back and redo things. At times this can be frustrating, costly, and painful for the MG. Becoming aware that this is the Manifesting generators’s tendency is helpful and finding someone to support in the missed steps can be helpful to manifesting generators. This might also mean they start things and don’t always finish them.

Manifesting generators have the incredible gift of impacting those around them. Since they have a defined sacral there is a relational vibrance that radiates from them. Martin Luther King Jr. was an MG. His people stood beside him. He didn’t stand alone. This is the way of the manifesting generator.

Manifesting generators also give those around them the gift of empowerment. Because of their connect from their sacral to their throat their very presence empowers those who are in their presence. The MG simply existing gives others this sense of empowerment.

Manifesting generators can also act on their own. They don’t necessarily need others and it is often faster for them to do it on their own. Manifesting generators are both relational and willing to go it alone. They are both empowering in their energy and inspiring to others in all that they achieve.

Learning to balance their independence with their need for others is a big challenge for manifesting generators.

With the seemingly endless amount of energy the manifesting generators has, there is no limit to the amount they can create. If they have responded and received a yes – they can stay in creation mode almost endlessly.  

Manifesting generators signature goal is satisfaction and peace. They feel a deep sense of grounded when they are impacting people, doing work they love and can give life to their multiple passions. Like the other types there is a duality to the manifesting generators and their not – self theme is anger and frustration. A very powerful combo. This can happen to the manifesting generators when they are not doing work they love, doing work that makes them feel like they are spinning their wheels, or relationships that are too controlling or when they are stuck waiting. Use this frustration and anger as a place to learn and understand where they need to get back into alignment with their purpose and design.

The manifesting generators energy, like the generator is meant to be used up each and every day…think of it like trying to bottle up a lightning bolt. The energy is incredibly powerful and hard to keep contained. When MG’s don’t use up their energy every day their health can suffer particularly their thyroid.

Famous manifesting generators include Mother Teresa, Vincent Van Gogh, Elton John, and Gwyneth Paltrow

What does visualizing, responding and informing look like for the Human Design Manifesting Generator Type…

For the manifesting generator, their strategy is to first visualize, respond and then inform. First, they visualize their idea and the outcome that they are hoping to achieve. Once they have visualized the idea, next comes the pause or the waiting before taking action. This is where they are waiting for something to respond to which could be a person, a sign or something external.

This is like the generator in that it will be a “uh-huh” or ‘ut-huh” from within. They response will come from within, almost as a push (no) or a pull (yes) depending upon the response. I’m told that when it is a yes, the feeling is almost as if the body lights up. Lastly, the manifesting generator, like the manifestor needs to inform the key parties.

Like with all the types, if you have emotional authority there is a caveat here which we will get into later, just know that with emotional authority you need to ride your emotional wave before making your final decision then inform. While this adds a layer of complexity to the manifesting generator process it will help eliminate resistance, frustration, anger, and regret in their lives.

Many manifesting generators end up being busy doing nothing because they have been made to believe they are manifestors for most of their life and they go about life initiating instead of responding. Manifesting generators don’t like to pause or slow down, so waiting for something to responds to can be torture for many of them.

It is in this pause that the manifesting generator can get clarity around what is right for them by tapping into their sacral response (see generators for more on this). Yes/no questions are helpful for manifesting generators who are looking to gain clarity. Relying on a trusted friend or adviser to ask the manifesting generator these questions can prove to be helpful as this gives them something to respond to.

Once the manifesting generator has a clear response this is where informing begins. Like the manifestor, they need to inform the key parties in their lives of the action that they plan to take. This means creating a list of the people who will be impacted by their actions and then letting them know of their plans. The informing does not mean that their actions will change, it is simply notifying them of what they plan to do.

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The Not – Self of the Human Design Manifesting Generator

When human design manifesting generators are in their “not-self” they will often experience anger and frustration. The “not-self” happens when a manifesting generator didn’t follow their sacral response or they initiated without informing. 

When a manifesting generator finds themselves feeling anger and frustration l it is important to shine awareness on it because it is a clear signal they are out of alignment with their human design blueprint. 

Noticing where and when the anger and frustration comes up for the manifesting generator is key to getting to the root of the problem. Perhaps, they find it comes up over and over in the same relationship or work situation. 

This could be a project they are working on and step after step they are met with more and more frustration – this is often a sign that they entered into this project without first listening to their sacaral response on whether or not this was correct for them.

This could be anger and resistance in a relationship because they went ahead and took action on something without first informing the key parties involved in the project. 

The reality is when a human design manifesting generator is experiencing frustration and/or anger they are in the not-self. Learning to recognize this and come back to home to their strategy and authority as a manfiesting generator is critical to them living in congruence with their human design. 

Action Tips & Affirmations for the Manifesting Generator

    • You are uniquely capable of getting more done than most. You have an incredible ability to move fast and adapt. You are able to sustain your energy for long periods of time. 

    • You thrive when you multi-task and this multi-tasking is an essential part of your process.

    • You find yourself happiest when you have time to visualize your ideas. This allows you to try them on first before taking action. Once you have visualized, pause, and inform then take action. 

    • You are here to create, do and make an impact. 

    • You like momentum and going fast so informing can oftentimes feel like you are stepping out of that momentum however when you inform you decrease the resistance you might feel from others or worse damaging a key relationship. 

    • You are part manifestor and part generator finding the balance of visualizing an initiation, idea or action, pausing and then responding will be an important step in your journey. This will feel unnatural to you but embrace the discomfort of it. This will ultimately lead you to finding more joy and responding to the right things along the way. 

    • You are very well equipped to work in high paced environments which require you to switch gears from thing to thing or person to person. Find a business that allows you to do this. 

    • Own your process and don’t feel the need to explain it to others. They won’t understand your way of juggling lots of things and that is ok. 

    • You are highly capable of moving very fast while most of other people around you will not be able to move so quickly. Learning to be patience with the speed of others will be important along your journey especially in business. 

What that means for the Manifesting Generator’s business: 

  • You are meant to be multi-tasking this is a key part of your process. Embrace it and don’t feel like you have to explain yourself (or your process) to others.
  • As you are growing your business there is a pull to do lots of different things and try on lots of different business models…stay focused on one model. Channel your multi-tasking energy to creating strategic relationships and offering your services in different ways within the context of these relationships. For example, find a collaboration where you can teach to a different group of people. 
  • Workshops and masterclasses are a great way for you to channel your multi-tasking energy if you are feeling bored with your one business model. 
  • You may in fact want to offer your clients multiple ways in which you show up for them. Some days you may feel like teaching, other days you may feel like voxing, some days you may be inspired to write. 
  • Find ways in which you can pair tasks together for example, answering your voxers while going for a walk or doing a weekly walk and talk with a client. Dual purposed activities serve you well. 
  • Social media is a great tool that you can use to test out your new ideas. Have something you’ve been visualizing? Inform people on social media about and see what you receive for feedback. 
  • Find someone to support you with the details. You move fast and can miss details along the way and find a generator who will pick up the pieces along the way for you. 
  • You should always run your first course live so that you can get feedback as you thrive off of the feedback.
  • Putting up a waitlist, gauging interest and then creating the “thing” is a great strategy for you. 

Final thoughts on being a Human Design Manifesting Generator

As one of energy beings in the human design system, you are here to go to bed exhausted from a day filled with doing work that you love as a manifesting generator. The energy, vibrance, and brilliance you bring by emboding what it means to be an individual is a gift to the world. You show the other types how to themselves not by telling but by simply shining your light. If you are a manifesting generator you offer the world an amazing gift and lead by the example of praciticing what you preach. Some of my favorite people in the whole world are manifesting generators. They are incredibly special people who are amazing to have in your life. If you want to learn more about tuning up the definition in your life or business using your human design I invite you to discover my HD Your Biz Program.