A Deep Dive into Taylor Swift’s Human Design Chart

Lyrics By Line Taylor Swift Edition & Delving into Taylor’s Chart

Taylor Swift is a 5/1 Splenic Projector. Here, she guides the energy of the collective by modeling individualistic, authentic behavior by stepping into her role as the Creative Role Model – reflecting on the past and projecting into the future what’s to come. She is seduced by the allure of her swifties recognizing her, which is energy-giving. This fifth-line bonding strategy of being seduced and the seducer plays out in all she does. An excellent example of this is all the easter eggs ever present in her marketing – which adds to the air of mystery of what will Taylor do next. This builds up the power of the projection field. This doubles as a form of recognition by her community and a way to see if her audience can poke holes in her marketing – a first line theme. Her first line needs a sense of safety in order to feel secure so that she can step out into the projection field to be seen and recognized. 

Diving Deeper into Taylor Swift’s Human Design Chart

It’s interesting to note that Taylor has 7 – six-line placements within her chart. The Sixth line is in search of the perfect partner and soul mate.  Looking back over her career, you can see how these 6th-line activations have played into her 5/1 experience bumping into things. Looking at the line distribution gives texture to the profile. In Taylor’s case, you can see she has been bumping into things, plus having a third-line experience for her first 30 years….now she is moving into foundation building.


I am not surprised to see so many Logic Collective gates – which gains mastery through repetition when it identifies with the work. Next is individual circuitry, which is here to express and embody what it means to an individual. It is deaf, so the individual survives. It only ever hears according to its wave. Then, the Sensing Circuitry is here to collect experiences and learn lessons to start a new cycle from an elevated state. But the cycle repeats if the lesson isn’t learned.

The Role Gates in Taylor Swift’s Human Design Chart

What is also interesting to me is the number of Roles Gates Taylor has in her chart

      • Gate 1 – The Creative Role Model – Individual Expression – Place in the Now
      • Gate 13 – The Listener – Recorder of the Past – Direction Looking Back
      • Gate 7 – The Strategic Adviser – Looks ahead – Direction Looking Forward
      • Gate 10 – The Behavior of Self – Love of Oneself & behaving accordingly

Reaching Gate 14 – Power Skills – Here to gather the resources to succeed in an unorthodox, individual way. Reaching toward Role Gate 2 of Direction

Gate 6 Friction – Here to break down the walls of others to create intimacy. It ensures its genes literally are left behind. The compression stream & source of all emotional waves that pour into the solar plexus.

Gate 30 Intensity – Is the most intense gate in the entirety of the whole chart, coupled with gate 36 the energy of the dark night of the soul, chaos, hopelessness, and despair. 

Channel of Struggle 38-28 – who must discern what is worth fighting for so that life has meaningFear of getting to the end of your life and find that it was not worth living. This energy does best when the odds are against it.

Gate 29 – The energy of saying yes to life and often failing where others succeed and succeeding where others fail.

The 5/1 Splenic Projector Experience of Taylor Swift Through the Lens of Human Design

All  this impacts, textures, and flavors Taylor’s experience as a 5/1 Splenic projector. It is also worth mentioning that her splenic process is flavored by what is actually bringing meaning (38-28) and joy (58-18) AND what she actually desires to do (44-16). Is her heart actually in it? Her decision-making process is influenced by the connection of the spleen to the root and the spleen to the heart. Does this decision, even though it will bring stress, help me thrive and bring me closer to that which I desire?

Looking at her 5/1 experience and the more 5/1s I encounter, I see that these are people who have a flare for establishing a creative foundation. While the Gate 1 in Taylor’s chart amplifies this. I have encountered many 5/1’s who desire and aspire to be creative, which, is also the aspired to role of a Line 1.

Taylor Swift Song Lyrics by Human Design Profile & Line

The 5th Line Projection Field in Human Design

For a 5/1, it’s crucial to be mindful of not staying out in the projection field for too long. The first projection, which involves establishing a practical and pragmatic solution for everyone, is usually positive. However, the second projection tends to be negative. This often occurs because their first-line empathy gets the best of them, and they fail to honor their own authority. They end up surrendering to the projection of others, which can have detrimental effects.

We collectively got to witness this second negative projection of Taylor when she retreated for an entire year  in 2017. I would contend we are likely going to experience another wave of this in the near future.


Listening to Taylor speak on why she retreated, and the fact that she has to deconstruct an entire belief system is attractive to reflect on, particularly with Gate 10 and the fact that she lives in the projection field. Gate 10 inherently knows how it needs to behave and can be subject to being controlled by others (especially in an undefined identity center) when it doesn’t behave in the way that it knows it should. Taylor has openly spoken about how label executives projected on her “good girl” -ness and how she should behave.


When you look at that through the lens of her being a projector and a 5th line, it is easy to see how she received Self-Aggrandizing recognition centered around how the record label could profit from her. If she changes who she was publicly then it risks their profits. At the time, it was unheard of to change genres. I presume that she settled for that record deal, which forced her to compromise a bit about herself and how she behaved, which is common for both 5th lines and projectors paired with gate 10 especially since projectors are waiting to be seen and recognized for their depth.


It fills my projector heart to see Taylor having success on her own terms, taking back control of her art, and owning the eras of her life as someone who is a projector, living in the projection field, and has a ton of projected gates in her chart. The time she spent alone supported her in finding and owning the Taylor we see today. Enjoy the art of the Creative Role Model that is Taylor Swift.


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