Human Design Transits – Gate 62 – The Gate of Details – Preponderance of the Small

The sun moved into gate 62 – the gate of details this morning, Wednesday, July 14, 2022, and will be here until Monday, July 18, 2022 which is the gate of details – the preponderance of the small –  in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 62 energy or if you already have it you may recognize it.

Gate 62 – The Gate of Details – Preponderance of the Small 

People who are able to communicate the details and have the ability to verbally express mental patterns based on facts.

Explain the intangible/ obscure in complex situations– Gate of Naming

Patterns, Routines, Details, Facts

The Voice of I think…

I’Ching – Wood above/ Mountain Below

Element – Wood

In the Body – Throat/thyroid

Of Note – Potential to communicate with & train animals

The Gate of Naming, facts

Gate 62 – The gate of details – the preponderance of the small  – Are you allowing my detail orientation to get in the way of taking action?

Gate 62 is attached to the throat center of the body and is the voice of I think. The throat is where all of the energy in the body graph wants to come into the material world and express itself. In the body, Gate 62 is associated with the throat/thyroid.


The Gate 62 – gate of details is the ability to spot details, and patterns, and often obscure and precise details and name them. The energy of this gate as people who can make sense of mental patterns, break them down into small pieces (details), and give voice to them in service of others. Often times people with this gate will use the language, I think.


In the I’ching this gate is represented by the flying bird who flies above and can see all of the details. Success comes when we can oscillate between looking at the view from above (gate 17) and the details (gate 62). Hence the name preponderance of the small. Success comes when we take small steps. This is one of the gates within the stream of understanding.


The energy of this gate is nuanced and detailed in nature. It bridges both the masculine logic of intellect and the feminine intelligence of the heart. It uses facts to give voice to thoughts and is formulaic by nature. This is the gate that assists in logic becoming words. It balances intellect (facts) and intelligence (words).


This is one of three communication bridge gates to the animal kingdom (gate 19 and gate 12 are the others). People with this gate have the ability to communicate with and train animals.


In business, this gate emerges as the ability to make a plan and adapt that plan as new information comes to light and presents itself. This energy has an innate ability to name things and verbalize both details and processes as well as naming programs.


People with this energy can give words to patterns and are likely good at breaking things down into manageable steps for others. This energy is the person who can break down steps of what they are doing (or seeing/experiencing) in order to explain it to others. They name the details along the way to make sense of the logic/patterns they have seen. People with this gate like to have the facts. They are likely also very likely be able to come up with names for projects, offers, companies, etc.


This gate begs the question, do I have the fact that I need in order to use my voice? Am I overthinking the details before I get into action? Do I trust that have enough facts in order to move forward? Am I spending too much time prepping instead of being in the present moment? Am I sweating the details? 

Human Design Gate 62 – The Gate of Details – Preponderance of the Small – In the Wild

In the real world, gate 62 shows up as the person who CAN get caught up in all the details of the plan before moving forward and can often stay in in-actions because they don’t have all “the facts” they need in order to move forward. While this is a powerful gate at its healthiest expression it can get so bogged down in the details that it stays in indecision. This of course is not ideal. 

At its highest expression, I’ve witnessed clients who recognize patterns and logic faster than others. They have a unique ability to name things, put them in order, and articulate complex systems to others in simple terms. When you hear the language I think (especially repeatedly) that is often the language of this gate. This is the gate of the person who likes to have a plan and all the details in place in order to move forward. Facts are important for people with gate while also honoring the intellect and trusting that the correct details will present themselves along the way at the correct timing when we are present. People with this gate can have a tendency to get caught in future thinking planning out all the steps and ways their plan may play out. While this is important there is also time to articulate those details, name them and move into action. 

I’ve also noticed in marketing this gate presents itself in a breakdown of a system or process or way of doing things since the superpower of this gate is to break something larger into smaller details. If you see social media posts with lots of details along the way, this gate may be present. 

This gate also presents itself as someone who is great at naming and pointing out things. Naming in the sense of both coming up with names and naming how a process or pattern presents itself. 

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