A note of caution on the emerging field of human design…

I’ve had multiple (5 plus) people reach out to me this week about their human design and business….

Every single one of these people came to me with a question about their type and why they were still stuck even though their “coach” was allegedly coaching them to their design.

I got questions like, I’m a generator, and I can’t figure out why this responding isn’t working for me. – This person had emotional authority and eight defined centers, which means they needed to ride their emotional wave before jumping in.

Another generator asked why they can’t seem to get into action even when they are responding – This person had seven undefined centers, and many of them were in the not-self.

A manifestor couldn’t figure out why their informing was working, and we had to look into the depths of the charts and the gates of their chart.

A projector was struggling to allow themselves to be seen, and they were showing up. Still, no invitations were coming,….they were allowing themselves to be pressured into showing up due to their utterly open root instead of showing up from a place of inner knowing.

Human design is a rapidly growing field, which means people will be coming out of the woodwork “claiming” they are an expert. These people will often be “shoulding” you.   –  Claiming that there is a correct way to do things. This is the not-self talk of the mind being projected onto you. Of course, people can offer guidance but anyone claiming this is how a generator or a x should be doing this is missing the point.”

Human design work is very personal in nature. THIS WORK IS DEEP. This work is removing layers of conditioning put on us by society, culture, family, and everything around us.

For people to coach on human design…they first have to know themselves and their design REALLY REALLY well so they don’t insert themselves and condition someone further….the coach has to leave their baggage at the door and enter into the relationship thinking about the other person’s design. I’m not just talking type and profile. According to Ra Uru Hu the found of human design once we begin living our design it takes nearly 7 years to peel back all the layers of conditioning.

Second if you have hired someone to support you in learning your design or coaching you to your design…your human design is so much more than type and profile. Type and profile are only the tip of the iceberg.

I would even contend that if someone is only looking at those two things, they are, in fact missing the point of human design. Human design is the science of differentiation.

It is layered. It is deep. It is nuanced.

For example, with the examples above, both were generators, and both had 3/5 profiles; however one had eight defined centers, and the other had 2. I can’t coach those people in the same way; they are VERY different.

The reality is anyone who is an expert in this work must first do the work themselves, and that doesn’t happen in 4 or 6 weeks or by reading a book or two.

It happens over the course of time, putting down layer after layer of baggage.

Second, human design work is more than type and profile. It is authority; it is strategy; it is gates, channels, centers, not-self, environment, incarnation cross, variable, and so much more, especially when you consider the somatic and mindset work that goes into peeling back the layers. It is considering your past lived experiences, your upbringing and so much more.

Human Design provides insights into who you are as a person; this can be up a lot of emotions. Both validating and overwhelming, transformative and freeing, and it can also have you confronting past trauma, conditioning, fears, and limiting beliefs.

depths of human design
The point being take caution if someone is only coaching you to type and profile conversely if you are thinking, “oh I learned my design. Let me take this to my coach, who doesn’t know human design, and they can help”…please reconsider this notion as I have witnessed far too many people end up spinning their wheels with this approach as well. If you want to leverage human design as a lens to grow your business hire an expert someone who hold human design with all of its fluidity, dichotomy and duality and who understands that we as humans have to take action in order to live on this planet.

If you want to hire someone to help you with your design, seek out an expert, someone who has studied over a period of time. Someone who s not just type and profile but the depth that human design can support us in our becoming.

I have been studying human design for the better part of the last THREE years. Yes, I have an excellent baseline set of knowledge, AND I realize there is still more to learn and more experience to gain in working with clients and this VERY POWERFUL tool. I am constantly studying new material, working with clients on their design and living and breathing it for myself and with my children.

With power comes great responsibility.

I take this work very seriously because I know the impact it has. I am have become trauma-informed so that I can support clients if trauma comes up and make recommendations for who they should talk to. I know my limits, and I know the depth and space I can hold for a person.

Human Design is an emerging field, so you will see more and more people who are a “human design experts” or let me help you leverage your design and _______ (insert their true expertise). Please take the time to ask them questions about who they studied with and their formal education. Ask them for a reference. Ask them about their own journey with human design. Ask them how deep they will go with this content.

I have already witnessed people using their design to pressure clients into sales.

Be retraumatized when someone didn’t know what to do when trauma came up.

Provide lousy advice based on profile or type alone

The point being, be cautious and do your research. I offer several containers where people can leverage human design in their business, study the emerging field of human design or build a business and be coached to their design.