Human Design Transits – Gate 56 – The Gate of Stimulation – The Wanderer

The sun moved into gate 56 – the gate of stimulation this morning, Tuesday, July 19, 2022, and will be here until Sunday,  July 24, 2022 which is the gate of stimulation – the wanderer-  in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 56 energy or if you already have it you may recognize it.

Gate 56 – The Gate of Stimulation – The Wanderer

People who use their past lived experiences in order to explain and stimulate others (get an emotional reaction)

Transforms visualizations into language – Gate of the Storyteller

Stimulation, Distraction, Belief, Experiences

The Voice of I believe…

I’Ching – Fire on Mountain – traveling

Element – Fire

In the Body – Thyroid/parathyroid

Of Note – Storytelling – Expression of belief

The Gate of Traveling

Gate 56 – The gate of stimulation – the wanderer  – Are you telling yourself stories that keep you small or limit your ability to grow?

Gate 56 is the gate of stimulation and is attached to the throat in the bodygraph. It is the voice of “I believe.” In the body gate, 56 is associated with the thyroid/parathyroid.

People with gate 56 – the gate of stimulation are storytellers of their experiences and beliefs. Their stories aren’t based on historical facts, but the past lived experiences and emotions of their human endeavor.

The stories that emerge from gate 56 are subjective and belief based. Gate 56 tells stories to stimulate those around them. Without gate 11 – the gate of ideas, people with gate 56 use other people’s ideas in order to get attention.

This is one of the many gates where gate 56 needs to be invited to be heard. If the energy of the gate 56 is invited and the timing is correct, then it will be heard and accepted. If this gate speaks before the invitation, the timing won’t be correct.

Unlike gate 62 – the gate of details that is concerned with details, facts, and proof, gate 62 does not need proof; it simply needs belief and/or experience. This gate’s energy weaves ideas together and gives them a voice, a story, an expression. This gate speaks in the language of “I believe.”

People with gate 56 are often hungry for new ideas to express. They transform visualizations into language. This gate stimulates and potentially distracts. This gate ponders which ideas are worth pursuing and which are a distraction?

People with gate 56 often like to wander, explore, and travel to experience something new to express and spark ideas to share within them.

In the I’ching gate, 56 is known as the wanderer or the traveler who goes from place to place, meeting people and having experiences. The wanderer is here to be balanced as this brings them good fortune on their travels.

This gate begs the question…Am I sharing the correct stories when invited that foster in belief, expansion, and possibility? What stories am I telling myself in order to support my own expansion? What stories am I speaking to inspire others?

Human Design Gate 56 – The Gate of Stimulation – The Wanderer – In the Wild

In the real world, gate 56 shows up as the person who often has the ability to tell great stories, often with a flair for exaggerating the details or using a bit of creative license based on their own beliefs. Without gate 11, gate 56 often “borrows others’ ideas” and articulates them. This is well-meaning as this gate is constantly on the lookout for ideas and expressing them to the world. 

At its highest expression, I’ve witnessed clients who are brilliant at expressing stories and ideas, especially stories of others when gate 11 is not present. This gate adds an artistic expression and flares to the stories it tells and tells stories in order to stimulate and spark the other. 

In marketing, this gate is the fiction writer, the person who elegantly and beautifully shares their story, keeping the reader or listener engaged and stimulated along the way. 

At its low expression gate 56 is the ability to get distracted often when we don’t mean to. Distraction isn’t inherently good or bad, it simply is but we must enter into distraction with good intent. Distraction can have us wandering far from where we intended to go especially in business. We must become aware of our distractions, allowing them but not entering into them for too long with good intent then stepping back onto our path. Since this gate articulates ideas it can appear in business as glittery object syndrome when it comes to the new idea after new idea. 

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