Human Design Transits – Gate 12 – The Gate of Caution Standstill

In human design transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience energy that we might not necessarily have activiated in our charts. On Tuesday, June 12 through Sunday June 19th the sun moved into Gate 12 – The Gate of Caution – Standstill.


Over the coming days and weeks…I am going to be sharing more about the gates on the blog

1 – because I want to deepen my knowledge of the gates, I’ching and where in the body these energies appear.

2 – As the earth spins round the sun we each get to experience the different energies of the gates. This is known as a transit. I will be sharing the sun transits and they move roughly once or so a week. The beauty of the transits is that we get to experience these energies whether we have them in our design or not. It is important to note that the each of the planets have transits. Some move with more frequency than others. For example, the moon moves through the 64 gates and i’ching in a lunar cycle of 28 days while pluto may take multiple years to move through the transits.

So I thought I would share with each of you some insights of each of the gates as they move through the sun…so this is the first of that series. I will do my best to keep up with this over the next year.

Gate 12 – The Gate of Caution – Standstill

People who are extremely articulate and must be in the mood to communicate.

Artistic in nature – art, language, dance, drama, expression and romance

Acoustic Channel

I’Ching – Heaven Over Earth

Element – Metal

In the Body – Vocal Chords / Throid 

Of Note – Silence, Stuttering, & Breathe

The Voice of – I Try or I act


Gate 12 – The gate of caution – standstill is associated with the thyroid and vocal chords in the body.  It is connected to the throat which is how we make material and express ourselves in the world. This is the voice of “I act or I try” It is an acoustic channel that discerns and discriminates the emotions of themselves and others through the tone of their voice. But it through their voice they gain clarity.


With gate 12 these people are often very articulate and can express themselves well when they are in the mood. They are storytellers and can articulate the emotions, experiences and stories of others. When “in the mood” their words (the tone, sounds and vibrations – not the actual words) have an extensive impact on the lives of those around them.


Conversely these people can use their silence to influence those around them.


This gate is discerning and knows whose energy is good or healthy for them. This energy is discerning of who is being authentic and who is not. It is in this discernment where there is a pause of cautiousness  that ask, “If I share this experience/emotion with someone will they understand me clearly?”


Often people with this gate will have a love for or passion of the arts and may incorporate that into their work in some way. The arts include music, with language, dance, drama, and love/passion/romanticism.


With this gate you may desire to have alone time and be in silence. This allows your to transform and transcend. This gate is associated with stuttering and breath. This gate is in the awareness stress and part of the stream of emoting.


This gate begs the question, Are you owning your creative power? Are you honoring the timing of your life and using your voice (and words) for the transformation of others?


Human Design Gate 12 – The Gate of Caution – Standstill – In the Real World

In the real world this gate is the gate of a story teller, it is often someone who uses words or song to express themsevlves and their emotions. I have Gate 12 and you can see an example of this gate in a recent post I did called Begin Again. I can tell you from my experience that I have to feel into the timing of when it is correct to share with others. If my timing is off my words often don’t land or resonate with the other. When I share from this gate, it is vulnerable and it gives voice to the depths of the human experience – it gives tone, texture, and nuance to their own experiences and can give words to the experiences and feelings of others.

During the lockdowns in 2020 I began writing these Captain’s log posts which I just talked about what I was experiencing and feeling. I received so much feedback and gratitude from those post. People saying I gave a voice to their experience that they couldn’t put words on. That is gate 12 in action.

People with this gate 12 – the gate of caution can evoke emotions in others through their stories and experiences. They are influential when their timing is correct. If their timing is off they will often be thought of as weird or an outcast because what they have to say does not land. Learning to honor the silence and to be socially cautious is prevelant with this gate.

Many of us with this gate 12 in human design have often mis-spoken as a child and as a result we cautious of the timing of the words we speak. When we failed to honor the timing – the time for silence and the time for speaking – we are often labeled and therefor as adults we may be hesitant to speak.

With gate 12 there is power in the silence that comes with the energy of this gate.

With gate 12 people will often comment that, “I gave words to what they were feeling or experiencing.”

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