The Root Cause Vs. the Symptom.

The online world is changing, and it’s changing rapidly, in my opinion.

The days of the “expert” or the “guru’ are going extinct.

The stale and outdated one sized fits all approach to building a business is slowly fading away.

And it’s fading because it is shallow.

It lacks depth.

It lacks understanding.

It doesn’t take into account the human.

The nuanced, textured, deep, and unique human.

Who is filled with feelings, experiences, expertise, and their unique take on the world.

This vapid approach treats the symptom.

Make more money.

Push more humans through and sell them to the next thing.

Copy Paste – CLONE

Do as I do – it works for me, so it must work for you.

This feels inauthentic but do it anyway

There is something wrong with you because this should have worked.

FOMO, glittery object syndrome.

YOU’VE got to keep up….

Hurry, you’re behind…

None of this addresses what is really going on with the human.

We entrepreneurs; our businesses are a part of our identity.

Our businesses are often the culmination of our life’s work to date.

And they change, evolve, and grow with us.

Yet, most gurus want you to copy-paste their program into your life and then blame you when it fails.

Well, you didn’t do x…

You should have done this instead of that….

You need to jump on this trend because….

Entrepreneurs are exhausted.

And I get it….because this was me in 2019.

Burnt the F out because I was trying to be someone I wasn’t.

Burnt out because I was trying to keep up….

The reality is we have to get to the root of why we are stuck.

We have to get to the root of what holds us back.

We must reckon with our past to get present, build trust and cultivate a more aligned version of who we are becoming.

There is an evolution that is happening.

And this evolution treats the root.

It holds depth.

It considers the human, the nuance, the texture, the past lived experience, and the being, the human in front of them.

It is built upon the wholeness of who we are, who we were, and who we want to become.

It leaves the world a better place.

It makes an impact.

It holds the dichotomy of the human experience.

It gives space.

It allows.

It teaches instead of preaches.

It guides but never demands.

The evolution of business is here.

It is happening in front of our eyes.

I am here to hold the depth.

I am here to steward you in this evolution of your business.

I am here to hold space for your wholeness.

I am here to support you in deepening your trust within yourself.

I am here to invite you to throw out the way it’s always been done and embrace something new.

An evolution.

If you feel called, I invite you to join me in this evolution in the HD In the Wild program.

Integrate human design into your business.

Uncover, rediscover, and embrace who you are and who you are becoming.

Cultivate and nourish a business built on you.

Throw out everything you think you should do and allow yourself to evolve.

The HD Wild Beta program closes July 31, and at that time, the pricing will be going up $2500.

Regenerative success happens over time when we allow, when we become, when we believe and when we trust in our evolution.

It is time to step into the wild, dig into your depths and embrace your evolution.

hd in the