One of the things I love most about human design is the depth, the nuance & the capacity it has for us to discover something new about ourselves. It validates our experience, confirms what we knew intuitively, but the world told us no, and gives us a path to get back to the nature of who we are. Which is incredible.

At the same time, I am simultaneously always reminding my students in my programs of the importance of strategy and authority. Having all the information and depth is incredible, but if we fail to honor our strategy and authority, we end up living out the not-self of the mind instead of trusting our own inner knowing,

While we may “know” our strategy, we must actually live it, integrate it, and experience it in our bodies. It is not enough to have the information.

We must know it AND live it. If we know it and don’t integrate it, experiment with it, implement it, and embody it, why even bother learning it in the first place it’s simply more of the same not-self mind running the show with a sprinkle of awareness.

Here is the Nuance of Strategy with the 5 Types:


Strategy – Wait for the Invitation

In the Real World – Show up, be seen recognition follows

Signature Theme – Success & Prosperity

Waiting for the invitation is a form of training wheels for projectors who are new to living their design. Projectors must allow themselves to be seen & share what system(s) they have mastered so that they can receive an invitation. More importantly though is the recognition – it is a felt sense in the body. Projector must learn to feel what true recognition feels like so that they don’t settle for “invitations” that aren’t real. Projectors need recognition in order to provide specific guidance & advice to an individual. Projectors do not need an invitation or recognition in order to be seen & address the collective or share their passions & what they have mastered.

Trust the felt sense & buzz of true recognition.

Success comes for projectors and won’t stop coming when you allow yourself to be seen & recognized for your gifts.


Strategy – Respond & Know Thyself

In the Real World – Trust the Body & the gut in the now

Signature Theme – Satisfaction & Contentment

Generators are here to respond to the world around them based upon what lights them up within their body via their sacral response. It may come in the form of uh-huh & ut-huh but it also may emerge as getting up & immediately taking action. The sacral response happens in the now when one knows oneself, gets recognized & trusts their body’s knowing instead of surrendering to the noise of the mind. This knowing can often be seen when generators watch back videos of themselves – it subtle but present. Generators are here to know themselves on a very deep level via recognition from others. This knowing supports them in honoring & trusting their body’s response in the now.

Trust your body’s knowing in the now.

Satisfaction comes for generators and will be ever present when you learn to trust your body’s response to the things that bring them joy & feel like play.


Strategy – Initiate & Inform

In the Real World – Honor the inner urge, give the 411 & go

Signature Theme – Peace & Groundedness

Manifestors must honor the inner urge that they feel in order to create transformation in the world around them. Manifestors must let go of their conditioning of shrinking, settling, people pleasing & playing small & own the bigness of their aura in order to fulfill & live out their true selves. Manifesors must understand that informing is for orders to avoid turbulence but it is not here to control a manifestor or to change the manifestor mind. Manifestors must honor that inner fire& urge that they feel, give the 411 to as few people as possible & then go. Do not try to stop the urge or surge – ride it, create transformation, be a catalyst for change & then be at peace.

Trust your inner urge to go….and to rest…

Peace arrives for manifestors when you honor the inner urge you feel, give yourself permission to rest, stop people pleasing & own the bigness of your aura.

Manifesting Generator:

Strategy – Respond, Initiate & Inform

In the Real World – The Power of Pause & Timing

Signature Theme – Peace & Contentment

MG’s are told they are super human, go fast & multi-task. They are told their strategy is to respond, inform & initiate but the reality is this often causes more drama for the MG because they dive into the deep end of the pool when they first need to dip their toe in. MG’s must honor the power of pause between their body / sacral response & the initiating power they have within. This pause allows them to get a taste if something is correct for them, to dip their toes in before they fully commit. MG’s aura literally go from generating (in response) to initiating like a manifestor but this only happen when they first pause & wait for the correct timing in life. Timing is everything for an MG.

Trust that the time will come then dive in.

Peace & contentment arrives for MG’s when you honor & trust your body’s pull. Slow down, get clear & honor that innate sense of timing that bubbles up from within.


Strategy – Wait a lunar cycle

In the Real World – Find delightful people & places

Signature Theme – Excitement & Delight

Reflectors are here to wait a 28 day cycle but do they really need to wait 28 days? Reflectors are a reflection of their environment. They sample & mirror back the world around them to display the highest potential in humanity. They must find a place where they feel excited, safe to be themselves & they use delight, joy, wonder, awe as a compass to move throughout the world. This knowing arrives when they are immeresed in people & places that accept them & their ever changing selves. The people in a reflectors life provide a sense of stability so the can find knowing. Reflectors must choose wisely who they are around (& where)in order to live their highest expression.

Trust that the right people & places evoke excitement.

Excitement abounds for reflectors when you surround yourself with people & places that surprise & delight you. Wonder, awe, & joy exudes & are present daily.

Our Strategy is a felt sense in the body…

Our strategy and signature themes are not just words but a felt sense in the body. Something that you can trust and rely on. Something you can recognize, feel, and leverage as tools in every single aspect of your life. Want to dive deeper into your strategy & authority? I invite you to join me for the decision-making design with human design workshop.

Please hit reply and share your strategy and if it resonates with you!

With your design in mind,