Lessons From a 3rd Line in Human Design –

The Case for Building a Sustainable & Regenerative Business…

I haven’t talked much about my values or philosophy regarding business, hd, and life. I’ve kept quiet as I’ve moved away from my agency and into this new iteration of my business. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had more nudges prompting this share, so let’s dive in….

Traditional online business is broken, archaic, and homogenized. It prioritizes quick wins, hustle culture, and a one-sized fits all approach. It doesn’t consider the human in front of them, the impact the business has, and the sustainability of their approach.

Guru’s spouting advice publicly but privately in panic mode – take a new angle, add more bonuses, send more emails, do more ads, extend the cart open. All tell-tale signs that things are not as cheery as they seem on social. I know this because I’ve been behind the scenes of the 7-figure business owners who do this. I’ve witnessed the incongruence between what is posted and what is actually happening. I’ve seen the push and pressure to sell. And it is not something I am particularly proud of, and it is part of why I wanted to close my agency.

I can taste the desperation of it when I see it online today. These gurus are happy to dole out advice based on how they have had success, but if you skip a step or don’t do it as they did, they blame and shame you because it didn’t work for you. You are clearly the problem, so buy my next program. But the reality is their success is a house of cards. It’s a roller coaster ride, and it is wildly unpredictable. They are treading water, looking for the next thing so they can inject some cash to maintain their lifestyle.

These gurus barely know how to succeed in the model they have – nor do they understand the psychology of how adult learners learn, so they develop programs people never finish.

It’s a hamster wheel keeping you jumping from trend to trend, thing to thing, but not really having the success you desire. Let’s be honest, it just doesn’t feel good to pressure people to sell, to post just to post, and this business model isn’t actually what you signed up for. This approach is all about gratification in the now. It is NOT impact driven because the gurus care about the $$$$$ then they pass you off to their team. This get-rich-quick approach is about status, virality, and money – not the people.

This leads to burnout, bitterness, anger, disappointment, and frustration, leaving entrepreneurs like you stuck, settling, and giving up.

I truly believe you can build a business synonymous with who you are, the lifestyle you desire, and your design. This is NOT about fitting your human design into your business because that’s just more of the same guru stuff. It is about building a business around your Human Design.

A sustainable and regenerative business is one where you build a business ecosystem and foundational assets in your business that pay you dividends for years to come. This is not about throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

It is about giving yourself the time to experiment to discern what you love to do (if you don’t already know), how you actually want to show up and support clients, and the goals that you have for yourself.

This is not about putting offer after offer together that is half-developed to see what sticks. It is about intentionally cultivating a client journey built around your strengths. This is about creating an asset that is valuable that you ride the dividends for the next decade, AND your clients keep coming back to again and again and again. It regenerates because it is soooooo valuable to the people who go through it that they share it. It puts people, impact, and empathy first.

A sustainable and regenerative business focuses on creating macro content with a long life span; it is not about the quick-hit social media game. It is about building marketing assets that you can leverage, feels good, and you can be proud of.

It focuses on growing and maximizing sales over time because you prioritize relationships. It focuses on cultivating, nourishing, and harvesting a business ecosystem built around you that doesn’t require you to compromise who you are.

A regenerative business is one where you are in integrity; you prioritize impact, relationships, and people. The business is built with intention, integrity, and YOU in mind.

I know this because this is what I have done, and I’ve completely rebuilt the entirety of my business in less than two years. Since burning down my agency in 2020, I have vowed never to compromise in business. That I would put impact and people first, and I would align my lifestyle, desires, and business to my design. This is precisely what I have done.

Has it been easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

I have spent the last two years focused on developing assets and a framework. I have an offer suite I feel proud of and support clients on their journey. I have focused on long-term organic marketing efforts with a few boost posts sprinkled in.

I have focused on the people who have come into my ecosystem and giving them a valuable experience. I’ve focused on doing what I can to support them in their journey to reach their goals. I regularly get messages from students who say, “I went through HD Your Biz again and realized x.”

The launch people in my world are continually and regularly surprised that I sell high-ticket programs without talking to people. I defy launch stats based on my audience size all because I only show up doing what is in integrity for me. I wake up to sales almost daily because I show value. Because I’m fearless in putting people and impact first and money later.

This new iteration of my business is about investing in my future, living in the now, doing what brings me joy, and building a business that I can leave to my children. It is about making an impact that has a ripple effect. It is about creating generational wealth. It is about focusing on the work my future self will thank me for.

I have done this, and my entire world has radically changed in just two short years. I have coached and supported people to do this for the vast majority of my entrepreneurial journey, and this is what I do inside my programs. It works. You have to understand what to focus on.

I believe this is how we can build a better future. For all of us, particularly as entrepreneurs. The world is in the midst of change as we move out of the information age and into the Augmented era, the experience era, or, as some say, the Age of Reckoning.

We are consuming more resources than our planet can produce.

We want things faster, quicker, and easier….

We are outsourcing everything…..

But that’s not how your business is going to thrive as we move into this new age.

You need assets. You need a foundation. You need an ecosystem around who you are that supports your desires and goals. You need a business that prioritizes impact and actually is in integrity.

It is time to reckon with what is no longer serving you in life and especially in business. It is time to tend to what you truly desire. It is time to make an impact. It is time to stop putting off living. It is time to put down the trending hoping and focus.

This is not about pushing you into another program or offer… it’s about waking you up to what is happening in our world; it is about sharing what I’ve done and what is available to you if you throw out the shoulds, embrace the nature of who you are and build a business around that.

This is about investing in you, your business, and your future. It is about buying something once, something high quality, and knowing that it will be on your journey with you til the end of your days. It is about building assets that your future self will thank you for. It is about letting go of quick wins, dopamine hits, and culture.

It is about coming to terms with the fact that good things take time to build, especially those that endure the test of time. It is about getting back to the nature of who you are and building a business around that. It is about cultivating a life that you are in love with. When you wake up happy because you only get this one life, it is about not settling for less than you deserve. It is about saying yes to you, your future, your family, and your impact. It is about YOU.