Human Design – Gate 7 – The Gate of Role of Self – The Army

Human design gate 7 – the gate of the role of self moved into the sun this morning, Saturday, August 6, 2022, and will be here until Thursday, August 11, 2022, which is the gate of the role of self  – The Army –  in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 7 energy, or if you have this gate 7 activated in your chart you may recognize it.

Gate 7 – The Gate of The Role of Self – The Army –

The Strategic Advisor

People with an urge & desire to lead, however, they must be invited to lead.

This is both projection and the logical expression of the self

Sphinx, Interaction, Masks

Highly influential & often overlooked

I’Ching – Water contained under earth – multitude

Element – Earth

In the Body – Diaphram

Of Note – The Power Behind the Throne – One of the 4 directional gates

Logic & Direction toward the Future – The Strategic Advisor

Gate 7 – The gate of the role of self – the army. Am I using my ability to spot patterns of convergence in the future in order to influence great change in the collective?


Gate 7 in human design is known as the gate of the role of self in interaction – The Army. This gate is connected to the identity center. This gate 7 in human design – the gate of the role of self – the army is the person who has the urge & desire to lead, however, they must be invited to lead. In the body, gate 7 is associated with the diaphragm.


Gate 7 in human design – The gate of the role of self – the army – is the energy that looks into the future and spots patterns. A place of convergence in the future where things will change. The point where the future of humanity comes to a fork in the road. Will things fall apart? Or will we find a new path forward?


This gate is rooted in logic and is part of the collective circuit. Logic has the potential to be deeply conditioning to others and society at large. However, there is an inherent need to guide and order society which is rooted in this gate. Once this energy establishes a pattern, the pattern can then be expressed and then it becomes influential. But remember, this pattern is for the future. The pattern must be experimented with in order to know if it will be successful. Even if it is successful, it may not be successful forever.


Gate 7 in human design is highly influential and often influences groups as well as people in power (particularly those with gate 31). The nature of the influence and leadership in the gate of the role of self – the army – is rooted in which line is activated.


Line 1 – Authoritarian

Line 2 – Democrat

Line 3 – Anarchist

Line 4 – Abdicator

Line 5 – General

Line 6 – Administrator


The contribution of this gate is oriented toward the collective and adjusts or modifies existing patterns or creates an entirely new pattern for the future of society.


Without the gate, 31 present to complete the channel gate 7, the role of the role of self will often be the right-hand person or the person calling the shots but not from the role of the figurehead.


Since this gate 7 does not have access to a motor center, the energy of this gate can get stagnated. It ends up in discussions, meetings, and research that doesn’t really go anywhere.


In the I’ching, this is known as the army. It takes a strong person to lead people in a challenging expedition. This requires the followers to trust the leader is accurate in the actions that they will take, and therefore success will follow. This hexagram also talks about discipline and the body/mind discipline it takes to move the collective forward both within yourself and the highest expression of that self but also in the soul to live their purpose.


The gate begs the question, am I giving my power and patterns away and not being recognized for my leadership/influence? What patterns am I recognizing that need to be articulated about the future of my community? Who am I influencing in a position of leadership or power? How am I directly influencing leadership? Who am I the support person, right hand (man or woman) to? How am I cultivating a team and leading?



Human Design Gate 7 – The Gate of the Role of Self – In the Wild

In business and in the real world, I have witnessed people with this gate be of service as the consultant to the person in charge. People with gate 7 help those who lead see things in the future and directly influence them. Think of this as the person who is the adviser to the CEO or Entrepreneur. This is the person who has direct influence on someone who is running the company.


I think of one of my own coaches who has this gate. They lead and influence from behind the scenes. They see things that may be coming down the road and spot them as trends. I have invited them into my world and they have insights into the future of the collective. They are incredible at spotting when something is happening and draw my attention to it.


I also see their influence with other people they work with in spotting trends coming down the road in the business world. This gate is about the logical ability to spot a new pattern and then articulate that to create influence in the world.


It is potent and powerful and people with this gate make incredible advisers to those who are leading. They often make great leaders themselves but may struggle to have influence without the gate 7. They are often invited in by those with the 31 to guide their organization. These people collaborate, team build, organize and empower those who are a part of their world and help support those in creating a better future.


In business those with this gate could build an entire business by being of support to the CEO. In my opinion this is the gate of the strategic advisor to the leader. It see what’s coming, by recognizing patterns and new ways of doing things and guides the followers of the leader in the experiment of embodying that new pattern through its wisdom. This gate is here to guide the direction of a group even though they may not be the one “in charge”

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