Human Design Transits – Gate 31 – The Gate of Leading – Influence

The sun moved into gate 31 – the gate of leading this morning, Monday, July 25, 2022, and will be here until Saturday,  July 30, 2022 which is the gate of leading – influence-  in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 56 energy or if you already have it you may recognize it.

Gate 31 – The Gate of Leading – Influence

People who are besting showing others how to attain future goals rather than leading themselves.

People who are very influential only when they are elected into leadership.


The Voice of I lead…

I’Ching – Lake on Mountain, mutual influence

Element – Fire

In the Body – Throat /Thyroid

Of Note – The voice of democracy – a gate of influence good or bad

Gate 31 – The gate of leading – influence  Am I stepping into my role as a leader and being of service to my people or am I letting my fear of being seen guide me?


Gate 31 is the gate of elected leader using their voice to influence the goals of others. In the bodygraph this gate is connected to the throat. It is the voice of “I lead”. In the body, this gate is associated with the throat and thyroid.


In human design this is known as the gate of the elected leader. The leader who is elected by the people and represents them. This gates listens to what those who elected them have to say and uses it influence (and lead). For this gate to be at its highest expression, this energy needs to be elected. This is the energy of the person who is chosen by the group, for the group and to represent them and their best interest. Gate 31 is not interested in complete control like the other leadership gate of the throat Gate 45, however it is concerned with influence. Once elected this energy influences others by listening and being open and receptive to their follower’s ideas. Humble, influential and receptive, gate 31 is concerned maintaining influence.


At its low expression, this energy “knows too much” and stops receiving the ideas of others. When this happens their followers often abandon them and stop seeking council from them. People with this gate often worry, will I lose my influence? 


In the real world, people with this energy are often chosen out of a group and thrown into a position of influence and leadership. They are often left thinking, “are you sure you want me to be the leader?” As they often don’t think of themselves as leaders in the traditional sense of the word. Once elected by the group to represent them, the people with the energy have a keen ability to help others achieve their goals. Since people with this gate are often good listeners they can see how best the people in their group can leverage those ideas to achieve their goals.


In the I’ching this gate represents the hexagram of mutual influence. Lake above, mountain below. One cannot exist without the other. The lake provides the mountain moisture to nourish it and the mountain provides the foundation for the depth of the lake. They both influence one another.


This gate asks the questions, Am I embodying the message of the people that I am leading? Am I recognizing my fear of not being heard or seen and still taking action to lead my people? Am I stepping into my role as a leader?

Human Design Gate 31 – The Gate of Leadership – Influence – In the Wild

In the real world, gate 31 shows up as the person who is the reluctant leader. People with this gate don’t necessarily call themselves leaders in the traditional sense of the world and will often resist being elected by the group. This is a voice of influence when they are chosen to represent the group and speak the values. People with this gate are elected leader because they listen and can clearly see how others can achieve their goals. People with gate have innate ablity to syntehsize the ideas of the group and bring people together to influence the collective. 

At its highest expression, I’ve witnessed clients who were surprisingly thrust into leadership and thrives, even though they may have some fears around stepping into the role of leadership – particually with being seen. 

In marketing, this is is person who leads through listening – the share the ideas of their community to influence the collective and build a following to join them. People with this gate often do well with podcasting since this is associated with the throat. 

At its low expression gate 31 has the ablity to either not step into leadership when they are elected out of fear or conversely to use their influence to benefit selfishly benefit themselves instead of representing the group they were elected by. When a person with this gate “knows to much” they close themselves off from their follows and thus lose their influence.  

My husband has this gate and I see this gate emerge often with him at work. He is constantly being elected by his peers to represent them and fight for them. The more he listens to that of his peers the more influence that he has. It is quite magical to witness as I literally am getting a front row seat to watching his career blossom. 

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