I’m often asked, “can you provide me with an example of a human design chart reading?” Today I thought I would share some parts of my own chart as an example of how to do a human design reading, particularly for business, through the lens of how this energy shows up and is utilized in the real world. Let’s dive into my 3/5 emotional, energy projector chart with the RAX Cross of Planning. 

Diving into an Example Human Design Chart

In today’s example human design chart reading, I’m going to explore how my gate 16, the channel of struggle 28-39, channel of acceptance 17-62, five gate 9 placements and my projector type come together to support myself and my client in business.

“You make it look easy…”

“I’ve been wondering how you’ve been able to create so much.”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“From the outside, it looks like you are having lots of success.”

These are just a few things people have said to me over the past couple of weeks, and it has left me wondering, one, how I can use this feedback as a teachable moment, and two, it has made me even more curious to explore the projection field.


Gate 16 & The Channel of Struggle 28-38

Let’s start with the “You make it look so easy.” What’s interesting is I’ve gotten this feedback my entire life. And I’ve always thought to myself, really? Because if you knew what it took me to get here, the number of hours and the amount of resilience and effort…you wouldn’t say it was easy. But the reality is, this is actually part of my human design.

I have Gate 16 in my personality sun. Gate 16 is the gate of mastery gained through repetition. These are people who become talented through hours of repetition. The role of gate 16 is literally to make things look easy because it has become second nature aka the dancer who becomes the dance.

Couple this with my Channel of Struggle 38-28, which presents as an effortlessness in its high expression because I know what is worth fighting, and I now “get” why people say this. But here is the thing, through my lens, it wasn’t and isn’t easy. It is years of studying, experimenting, collecting examples, supporting people (and myself), and putting in the time. It results from putting in the time, effort, and energy to make it look “easy.”

As a result of how “easy” I make things look, this often results in people thinking this easy; I can do it too. I recall a client who stopped working with me a few years back and made his own program off of my content, only to come back to me six months later and confess that he used all my content to make his own program and say, “I couldn’t do it. I tried to support these people and couldn’t.” This has happened multiple times in my entrepreneurial journey. Now, I realize this is part of my design, and I have created better boundaries and contracts to protect my work.

Gate 9 – The Gate of Focus & Channel 17 – 62 – The Channel of Acceptance

Next are my two favorites: “I’ve been wondering how you’ve been able to create so much” or “I don’t know how you do it.” I get this ALL THE TIME. I attribute this ability to the 5 (yes, that is not a typo – one of which is my personality earth) Gate 9 placements in my chart. I can get in the zone and stay in the zone, to the detriment of my projector self, which is something I’ve learned to pay attention to in my body.

This ability to focus supports me in cutting out all of the distractions and staying in my creative flow. This energy also shows as squirrel brain and being all over the place. Most of the time, I can drop into focus even with an undefined sacral.

If you are in my world as a client, you’ve probably heard me say, “I get more done in the 2.5 hours in the morning than most people do all day.” I believe I can do this because of this gate 9 and my Channel 17-62, which helps me discern what is next to focus on.

The Channel of Acceptance 17-62 is all about big-picture thinking, details, and naming what might come up along the way. I use this energy to help me discern what is next to focus on, whether I am still on the right path to where I want to end up, and what details I need to tend to next.

Pair this with my cross of planning, and I can see, ok, here are the following 2-3 details to focus on. It is important to note that both gate 9 and gate 62 are detail-oriented gates.

I invite you to dive deeper into human design…

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Projector Success and Potency in Business

Combined with Fourth Color Perspective – Wanting

I also have 4th color perspective known as Wanting in my variable. Wanting is all about seeing what is missing and what is needed, which helps me to figure out what’s missing in the landscape of my industry. Combine this with my defined heart to discern is my heart really in creating this. Plus, my projector potency for how to use time efficiently, and I have a great combo of getting things done.

Projector Success Material vs. Internal

Now onto, “From the outside, it looks like you are having lots of success.” my dear friend Maggie said to me the other day. I love this because, as a projector, success is our signature theme. But from a projector perspective, success isn’t necessarily material. It can be, but it is not solely material. Projectors are here to have success. It is our birthright. It is part of our design. It must be an internally felt sense of success, though. I know many projectors who have material success but don’t feel internally successful.

When Maggie said this to me the other day, it made me realize how far I’ve come in cultivating and nourishing a life I love. Despite being in the thick of it, I am well on my way to having the life I desire, more freedom, more time, and more spaciousness. As a projector, who has rebuilt my business from the ground in the last few years, I’ve focused on the day in and day out rather than zooming out and seeing just how far I’ve come on my journey.

This dialogue also got me thinking that success is meant to be enjoyed at every stage of the journey, not just when I get to x. The joy is in the journey; the feeling of moving a creative project forward, getting recognition, writing a beautiful post like this, creating a graphic that I’m proud of, taking an afternoon nap, or slowing down in the middle of the day to bake cookies with the kids. All of this is felt success. It is embodied, and I can feel it radiating out of me.

This is just one example of how I synthesize a human design chart to support clients on their journey. I hope this example chart reading is supportive to you. I thought this might be helpful to you on your journey to see how human design weaves into our lives and presents itself in the world and how we can leverage it to better understand ourselves while getting back to the true nature of who we are.

Let me know what you think and if this type of post resonates with you, and perhaps I’ll share more posts like this.

With your design in mind,

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