What’s Out & What’s In – in the Online Business World 2024 Edition

I am often asked about my thoughts on the state of the online business world, so I wanted to share some thoughts about where I see the market heading. What’s in, what’s out, what’s working and what’s not when it comes to online business in 2024.

I’ve had many conversations with clients about big names in the industry holding flash sales or going out of business, and this is all part of the changes we are seeing in our world.

Over the last six months, I’ve observed some drastic trends, so I’d like to share a few of what’s in and what’s out as we move into 2024.

Single Use Offers are out, and Enduring Offers are IN

The way we do business is changing. Gone are the days of throwing a single-use offer together and hoping it sticks. Buyers are smarter; the market is more mature. People are craving more depth, more experience, more transformation. They have tried the one-size fits all approach, and it’s not working for them. They want a proven, in-depth custom to their experience. This requires the provider to have a level of mastery, expertise and experience so that they can get multiple scenarios the result. This requires repetition, experience, and meeting the buyer where they are.

Not-Self Marketing is out, and WHOLE SELF Marketing is IN

Gone are the days of pain point marketing and selling. People are exhausted by feeling less than. They are tired of being shamed and guilted into taking action. Instead, they want to be treated as a whole already, exactly as they are. Not-self-marketing comes from a place of despair and a quick-fix mentality. It blames, and it shames. When we market to the whole of one, it comes from a place of hope, possibilities, and where someone wants to be. This marketing treats the root of the problem vs. treating the symptom.

Artificial Authenticity is out, and Genuine Authenticity and Vulnerability is IN

Buyers are tired of manufactured success and over-inflated numbers. Staged photos, exaggerated stories, and dismissing key details along the road to success aren’t working to convert browsers into buyers. People want the truth. The raw, real, authentic truth about what it took to get from where you are to where you want to be. Being real, original, and vulnerable creates a connection with buyers in a mature market. It gives them the good, the bad, and the ugly and paints the real picture of what it took to get to where you are today.

Pressured sales and launches are out, and Sales Experiences with Space are IN

While the typical pressure launch is still working, I am noticing a trend that people are growing tired of this. I have personally been experimenting with creating more of a sales experience vs a sales page, but I am not 100% certain the market is ready – the time is coming. I have personally, for the last 2 years, given people lots of time to jump into programs, and I have found this to be incredibly impactful to create people who are really in and committed to my work. I have had less than 1% of people drop out or default on payments in my courses and programs.

Homogenized Learning is out, and Differentiated Learning is IN

Gone are the days when you can avoid addressing the different learning styles of adult learners. This goes for those who have a course or a program AND for those who are service providers. We cannot continue to support clients in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Uploading only a video or explaining things in one way is not working, which is a fundamental problem around why clients fail. The time is now to support people as the whole of who they are. In my world, this is by design in my courses and offers. In some of my client’s worlds, this looks like pulling a chart for them and tailoring the experience to that chart to create better outcomes.

Retail Spending is OUT, and Experiences, Transformation, and Travel Spending is IN

I’ve heard a lot of chatter in the online business world that people aren’t spending, especially from those selling in the 1k to 2k range. Yes, indeed, consumer retail spending is DOWN. Yet, according to the Wall Street Journal, spending on experiences, transformation, and travel is up; in fact, it is growing. This makes it even more vital for you as a service provider, entrepreneur, coach, or creator to create an experience in your programs and offers. This comes with great attention to detail, thinking through what is missing, needed, and necessary—holding space for the discomfort of transformation—creating a magical and transformative container for your clients. Surprising and delighting clients. Setting the bar high for what delivery looks like in your offers which renders all other offers mediocre. Challenging the status quo for a container for your clients. This takes time, repetition, and experience and doesn’t happen by running an offer once, twice, or even five times.

The time is now to evolve…Embrace the Human Design for Business Revolution

The online business industry is changing, AND so is our world. Gone are the days where you can read a book and be one step ahead of your ideal client. Gone are the days of hustle and grind. Gone are the days of burning out. Gone are the days when you put a dollar into paid ads, and three come out. Gone are the days of throwing something together and hoping it sticks. Gone are the days of not-self-selling. Gone are the days of blaming and shaming clients.

The good news is this means that there are lots of opportunities for growth for those who do things differently and for those who have (or are willing to) gain mastery, expertise, and experience for those who challenge the status quo. This is not a time to shrink or give up. This is a time to expand. This is a time to focus. This is a time to create.

Our world is changing. Business is changing. I truly believe human design is part of the revolution. The question is, are you willing and ready to evolve? Are you going to adapt so that you can thrive? Are you going to embrace or resist the changes?

If you feel called to embrace the HD Revolution, I invite you to work with me in 2024.

Feel free to share with me which one of the “what’s in” resonates most with you.

With Your Design in Mind,


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