On today’s episode of the Human Design for Business Podcast I am going to dive into the nuance and the depth of the manifesting generator in business. I have been fortunate enough to support many Manifesting Generators in both my agency days as well as my current business.

Manifesting Generators are emobdiment specialists but I believe all too often they get grouped together with Generators or Manifestors. The reality is they are absolutely their own type and my experience in supporting them and guiding them has lead me to believe that their is a timing piece or a pause that is often neglected or forgotten in their strategy. Let’s dive into the Manfiesting Generator Strategy and the art of being a manifesting generator in business. 

The Manfiesting Generator in Business

I am excited to dive into the art of the Manifesting Generator in business. And this is something that I hold near and dear to my heart because I have had the honor and the privilege, and I continue to have the honor and the privilege of having many incredible mgs in my life, particularly in my business. It really is a privilege because mgs, they are embodiment specialists.

MG’s are here to really embody what it means to be an authentic human being. They’re really here to do it on their own terms, and they’re here to be in the moment.  I think one of the things that often happens with manifesting generators is they get lumped in with generators or they get lumped in with manifestors. And the reality is, from my experience in supporting them and coaching them and guiding them and stewarding them towards their goals, they’re really like, there’s nothing like them and aren’t just a generator or just a manifestor.

The Manfiesting Generator Aura

The reality is their aura changes depending upon where they are in their strategy. And so oftentimes, a lot of people talk about their strategy as respond and initiate, then inform. The whole point of me wanting to do this podcast is because I think it’s more nuanced than that. And from my experience, it’s more nuanced than that. I always like to say for mgs, the strategy is to first visualize, then sort of pause or wait, then respond, initiate, and inform.

That pause is a really interesting thing when it comes to mgs. I have seen it play out, particularly with my incredibly aligned and congruent to their manifesting generator designs, there’s this pause piece, there’s this timing piece that mgs have that sort of magic when they are congruent to their design. I’ve seen this over and over again.

The Power of the Pause for Manifesting Generators in Business

I’ve seen it where an Manifesting generator client, has this sort of waiting timing dance with the universe. I always say it for them to visualize the outcome that you want to get because the manifesting generator aura shifts from that of a generator where it’s that hug that wraps around people and then it changes to more of that pointed spear like aura when it’s in that initiation phase. But the reality is, when we think about the nuance of that, MGS almost need to visualize this outcome, which is not always the easiest thing for an MG to do because planning for the future, every MG that I’ve ever worked with was like, I don’t know. They’re like, I have an idea where I want to end up. But they’re often not, the specifics are sometimes challenging for them.

Think about that from the perspective of magnetizing what you want to you in life. The piece that people miss when it comes to manifesting generators is one, that visualization piece for them. There’s like this feeling that has to come with where they want to end up. That’s part of that visualization process.

It’s sort of happening behind the scenes. Once they sort of say, okay, here’s the feeling that I want to have. I don’t necessarily want to go to X so-and-so drive at X location. It’s like I want to end up roughly in Bar Harbor, Maine, but there isn’t a specific household or a specific location or a hotel or a destination per se. It’s the feeling of this place. That visualization piece is really, I think, a key in, okay, let me get a little clarity on clarity on this.

Because manifesting generators are bouncing all over the place. They got lots of things going on. The unaligned MG tends to rush into things. They rush into things, they think that they’ve responded to something and then they initiate. Sometimes they inform and they’re like, oh no, I got into this thing. This thing isn’t actually what I thought it would be. And it’s not at all something I want to do. Oh, backtrack, backtrack, backtrack. Oh, people are going to think I’m flaky. Cause I did. I said yes, that I want to do this thing, and I got into it. And now that I know what it is, I don’t want to do it. And I think that’s as a result of that, that they don’t honor the timing piece in their life. They don’t pause, they don’t wait, and they don’t allow them sort of selves to dip their toe in the water.

Honoring Timing as a Manifesting Generator in Business

That’s a really important thing for MGS to honor. That waiting process, that pause, that sort of let me get grounded in the moment piece, I think makes an entirely huge difference between the mgs that I see that have wild success versus the MGS that struggle. Or they’re like, oh, I’m committed to this thing and now I can’t get out of it.

The timing piece is funky because it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to wait 10 days. And then I’ll respond to something like I have seen and witnessed mgs who are not now, not now, not now. It will be months and then all of a sudden it’s like, okay, now go time. I really attribute this to that Gate 20, which many mgs have, not all mgs, but many mgs have that. But there’s this timing piece and this being in the moment and being really present, that I think contributes to the strategy of that art of being an manifesting generator in business.

An Example of the Manifesting Generator in Business

I have witnessed Manifesting Generator clients who they know, okay, I want to do this course. I’m like, okay, I know that this course is the thing I want to do. I’m going to put up a wait list. I’m going to get all these pieces in place, and then I’m just going to wait. They wait and they wait and they wait and they wait and they wait and they wait some more. Then all of a sudden one day, the moment arrive arrives and they’re like, okay, this is it. And I don’t know, I don’t follow my clients around, but I, I’ve seen this multiple times.

This one manifesting generator client comes to mind in particular, I worked with her in my agency and then I, I’ve worked with her post agency and coaching her to her design.

When I was in my agency, I remember she tried to launch and it just didn’t work out. Everything went wrong. It was like this uphill battle. Then we did some work with her design and I was like, well, just let’s test this out. Throw up a wait list and let’s just see, log in once a week, check how many people are on the wait list, and then we will decide. I was not doing any of the launch support or anything. I was just coaching her. One day she just arrived at this decision that today was the day to initiate the launch sequence for everyone on the wait list. And because she had all of her ducks in a row, she had it all done, it was all in place.

The first time she launched it, she had a six figure launch, and then she did it again in 2022, kind of following that same strategy. It ended up with just under seven figure launch and was this timing piece. Her and I had a big discussion about that when we started to dive into what made these two launches a lot different than the other.

She said it was the pause, it was this power of the pause and this power of waiting for the right timing to arrive. And it, I’ve seen this with another MG client as well. It’s like, not today, not today, not today, today.

I think that there’s this nuance here with this power of the pause for MGS that often gets overlooked. I think people think, oh, they’re an Manifesting Generator, they can move really fast, they can multitask. They go faster than most people. And when I think it comes to business and doing these bigger things and making a course or doing something grand.

I’ve also seen MGS really struggle with that because they’re like, they’re hesitant to put something on the internet because it might change or they’re hesitant to truly put themselves out there, or they kind of get caught up in all the little details along the way.

Manifesting Generators in Business & Being in the Moment

If you are an MG I, I’d encourage you, when you start to think about these bigger goals that you have in business and in life, I’d encourage you to think about this visualization process and visualization for, you might be writing it all down in a notebook. It could be closing your eyes and imagining what’s happening. It could be going outside and doing a really mindful walk. But the reality is there’s this piece that power of the pause, the of the waiting, because the timing piece is really key. I mean, remember, manifesting generators are here to be in the now, right? Manifesting Generators are here to be in the moment. And as soon as we say, oh, I’m in the moment, as soon as we say, oh, I’m here. I’m in this moment, I’m present. The reality is you’re not present because you’re thinking about the fact that you’re present.

When you’re truly embodying that MG strategy, you’re immersed, you’re like, you’re totally immersed in the thing that’s happening, and you’re attuned to the timing that’s ideal for the thing that you want to bring to the table. I believe that that is a missing piece, particularly in business for manifesting generators.

If you’re an mg, please do reach out. Let me know if this resonates. And for those of you who aren’t, hopefully this can help you with the MGS inyour life.