What is living your human design experiment?

There is a lot of talk in the human design world that relates to “living your human design experiment” or entering into your human design experiment. Much of this talk is centered around a 7-year deconditioning process to get back to the true essence of your design. In my world, I like to think of being in congruence with your human design as a lifelong process of becoming and getting back to who you were truly meant to be before the world stepped in. My process for supporting clients with this is The Know Embody Become Process. It is a process that we will continually go through in our lives.

It is not something we can bypass or skip if we want to get to the root of our misalignment. In order to be in alignment with our human design chart, we must learn to willingly enter into this process over and over again as we uncover and peel back more layers of ourselves.

How do I begin my human design experiment?

When I teach, human design and living your human design experiment.  I like to offer a lot of depth. The reason I offer a lot of depth is twofold. Human design has a great deal of depth to it.  Depth offers the learner to discern what resonates with them. From my experience in teaching and learning human design, I have found certain things stick with us depending upon where we are at during our journey. We may, in fact, hear that same thing later on and it resonates differently.

Depth offers us the option to really dig into the subject and the knowing. I firmly believe that when we offer our clients depth (and let’s be honest they are craving and yearning for it) there is a higher potential for embodying that knowledge and actually making a transformation.

In the HD In the Wild program, I share a deeper look into this process which I call Know, Embody Become. Much of the work that I do with clients in my HD in the Wild Program is peeling back their own layers of conditioning as they take on the new human design knowledge in order to hold space for others.

The reality is most of what is offered on the internet is surface level. It treats the symptom, not the root. I won’t go into the why’s or my frustration with this, but the reality is that it is shallow.


Live Your Human Design Experiment – Embody

In order to create transformation and change (besides the obvious – being willing) – we must also have a depth of knowledge and knowing in order actually to trust that which we cannot see yet. This calms and quiets the not-self of our mind (although it still may be chatty) because it makes sense. We logic it, which is what the mind needs. Knowledge, Depth, Answers.


From there, we can then spot this in the real world and have an awareness, or as I like to say, we can recognize that there is a flag on the field of our life (like in American football with penalty flags) through the lens of human design.


Let’s say, for example, you are experiencing FOMO for buying a new course. When we have an awareness that we are looking outside ourselves for yet another solution, we can then become aware. Through the lens of human design, this works for ALL of the not-self themes and every time we “should” ourselves. With awareness, we can recognize with more ease (and more quickly) when we are giving our power away, when we aren’t using our voice, when we have outsourced our decision-making, or when we are experiencing frustration, anger, overwhelm, disappointment or bitterness. We have to reckon with this part of ourselves that was never ours.

 Live Your Human Design Experiment – Awareness

When we have awareness – we can then dig into – what is the story that I am telling myself here. This is how we get to the root of the symptom.  By digging into what we are telling ourselves. What beliefs, stories, cultural norms, and conditioning are there? Do we like this story? Is it our story or belief? Or is it what we believe we should do? If we were to throw out the rules, what would we actually believe? What would our story actually be? What do we desire to do? Then we can take that story and it’s lesson forward with us through a new lens.


Through this lesson, we can then begin to EMBODY that which we desire. We can rewrite the story we have told ourselves for months, weeks, or even years. We can begin to embody a more aligned version of ourselves. We can embody a new story. A new way of being that comes with more ease.  This embodiment happens over time….and as we begin to embody, we bring in more space and grace, more flow, more joy…more success in both life and biz.


Then we inhabit a new way of being as we fully integrate the new story. We begin to move. Differently, we are more grounded, more mindful, and more at ease in our bodies. This is often where we must truly reckon with that part of ourselves that was never really ours, to begin with. This is where the self-doubt and the questioning come into play because it clings to us, not wanting to let go of what was so that we can truly become.


And only once we inhabit that new way of being, when we let go and begin again, then and only then can we become. As we become, we can shed the layers that kept us believing old stories. Stories that kept us stuck. Stories that held us back. Stories that no longer serve us.


 Live Your Human Design Experiment – Becoming

The reality is this process of living our human design experiment and peeling back layers happens over and over again on the way to becoming. It is not a quick fix or an overnight change. It is something we must lean into. It is something to allow. It is something that transforms us. It requires us to reckon with who were think we are and who we truly are at our core. It is letting go and holding on. It is deep work. It is catalytic work. It is vulnerable work.


I have personally cycled through this more times than I can even count since learning my human design back in 2019. This process of becoming requires time, willingness, and letting go. It requires vulnerability, resilience, and patience. It requires you to look at yourself and the stories you have told yourself through different lenses. It requires space and grace. It requires understanding, depth, and, most importantly, TRUST.

Living Your Human Design Experiment in the Wild

As you begin to step into your own human design experiment and live in congruence with your design while stepping into the true nature of who you are, my hope is that this Know Embody Become Process can support you on your journey. I hope you can smile when you recognize you are in the not-self of your human design and pull yourself back into congruence. I hope that your window of awareness shortness so that you can, with more ease and flow, get back to who you are over and over again. The reality is this becoming process in human design is a choice each and every day, moment by moment, to say yes to who you are, who you were, and who you are becoming. It is a continually saying yes to you and only you.