Human Design Types – Going from Knowledge & the Mind to Integration & Embodiment with Human Design

 In order for us to go from knowing to embodying our human design types and live out our human design experiment we have to actually connect with the body. We have to understand what the felt sense of our design feels like inside of our bodies. We must learn to trust and have a relationship with it.


This means we have to actually take the training wheels off when it comes to our human design types and actually experiment. And we all know how scary that it can be to take of the training wheels. Just like learning to ride a bike and the discomfort that comes with going training wheel free it can take time to build up enough trust with yourself especially when it comes to your human design type and strategy. 

Please keep in mind that this is one of many ways to go from knowing to embodying. For those who are new to human design types and embodiment these training wheel can and ARE very supportive. I’m not suggesting here that we don’t use these tools AND the more we live out our experiment with our human design type at some point we have to move from the knowledge into embodiment and integration. We do this by learning to feel the felt sense of our typs in our body. We can feel it in our jellies, gut, instinct, and intuition. This requires us to have a level of trust with ourselves and our bodies that in western society we are often cut off from at an early age.

Human Design Types – Proector

Human Design Projector Training Wheels – Invitations

The invitation is a way to ensure that the projector has consent to put their potent, seeing energy on others. But the reality is not all invitations are created equal. Invitations alone are not enough. Many projectors settle and compromise when it comes to invitations. They accept the first one that comes along and rationalize why the invitations is correct even though their are red flags. These incorrect invitaitons leaves the projector feeling  depleted, bitter and resentful. The invitation is nothing without recognition but you don’t need an invitation if you have recognition.


Human Design Projector Training Wheel Free – Recognition –

Projector’s don’t actually need invitations they need the felt sense of authentic, equitable recognition. This recognition is centered around what the projector brings to the table with their guidance. The correct recognition gives the projector the energy that they need in order to guide and live out their signature theme of success. True recognition is energy giving. It is a felt sense in the body that they are seen for the depth, wisdom and knowledge they bring to the table. Projectors if they receive invitations need recognition as well. But recognition can exist without an invitation.


Human Design Types – Manifestor

Human Design Manifestor Training Wheels – Informing Your Inner Circle

Informing isn’t for the maniestor. It for those who around the manifestor to avoid turbulence in their relationships. Informing lets others know what the manfiestor is initiating but ultimately, I believe long term it is detrimental to their energy especially when it comes to their inner circle. Informing can slow the manifestor down and deplete their energy if they are doing this long term. Manifestors need people who see them and support them for their potent auras. That accept them as they are and do not try to control them. 


Human Design Manifesetor Training Wheel Free –Informing Free with Inner Circle

Living in an environment where the people understand the manifestor’s urges & initiations is key. This means the manifestor doesn’t have to explain or inform their process because those in their inner circle trust the manifestor & understand how they operate. This requires a level of trust and reciprocity of the manifestor letting go of controlling others and trusting themselves and the inner circle of the manifestor let’s go of trying to control them while having a deep level of trust and respect for them.


Human Design Types – Generator

Human Design Generator Training Wheels –Yes/No Questions

Yes/no questions are a way to initially connect back to the sacral response again as a generator. Generators are often conditioned out of their sacral response from a very early age by being told to “use their words.” While yes/no questions are always supportive to generators it CAN also be a training wheel as they can respond to anything around them. The sacral response is a felt sense, a lighting up in the body. Generators are in a dance with the world. Optimally the generator is feeling the lighting up (or not) from within their bodies. It is often a physical movement toward or away.


Human Design Generator Training Wheel Free –Responding to the World Around You.

Understanding that as a Generator everything in the world around them is something to respond to. The way that the wind dances in the trees, the social media post from a friend, or some book they are reading are all things generators can respond to. Responding is all about what lights a generator up from within. Its about what a generator feel in their jellies, gut, from within. It is the pull or the push of the body. I know with my generator son that as long as I am looking at him I can see his generator response in his body.


Human Design Types – Manifesting Generator

Human Design Manifesting Generator Training Wheels –Yes/No Response

MG’s are taught to tap into their sacral response with yes/no questions and then initiate and inform. While this is the correct strategy for them it is missing the key component of what it means to be an MG. Manifesting Generators aura oscillates between generating and manifesting. While it primarily operates in generating mode the lack of a pause between the two often leaves the MG committed to things that they don’t want to following through on. They jump into the deep end of the pool before they have all the information. This disconnects them from the moment and their bodies, and ultimately their aura don’t switch gears. They end up being busy being busy and miss the timing of their life and burn out in the process.


Human Design Manifesting Generator Training Wheel Free – Yes/No and…. Honoring the power of pause

When it comes to MG’s we have to understand they need more than just a simple yes or no from the sacral response.  For MG’s their aura is part generator and part manifestor…for them their responding is a yes and or a no and…. When they don’t honor the and and take a moment to pause they prematurely jump into thing in the moment. MG’s  have to dip their toes into the water before jumping into the deep end of the some new thing. They have to get an experience of it before fully commitment. When they honor the timing of their life, get present and empowered in the moment and honor the power of pause, true clarity comes and their aura oscillates optimally. 


Human Design Types – Reflector

Human Design Reflector Training Wheels –Tracking & Planning around the Lunar Cycle

While mapping the lunar cycle at the start of living their HD Experiment can be great for reflectors. Long term it can too much rigidity and thinking of the mind. I have experienced reflectors planning out their days, weeks and months ahead of time instead of living in the moment. The keeps reflectors in their heads and not in their bodies. This CAN be helpful at first for Reflectors to get a hang on the ebbs and flows of their energy but too much reliance on this comes from the place of the mind and not from the body. Planning like this comes from the not-self of the mind and is often lacking embodiment.

Human Design Reflector Training Wheel Free – Honoring the ebbs & flows of your energy

Optimally a reflector is tuned into their body listening to their energy and meeting the moment of the day rather than worry about when the moon gates shifts. Meeting the day as the moon moves through different gates and the reflector meets the moment in wonder of who they might moment to moment. They embody the fluidity present in them.  Tuning into their body moment to moment is optimal for a reflector to live out your design. When reflectors get too focused on planning out your life in advance based on when the moon gates move they miss the magic of the moment. While this is a big jump for reflectors I find those who do this are far happier because they are living in the moment which is optimally how reflectors operate.


Living Your Human Design Types

It’s not enough to just have the knowedge of your human design type you must also embody it but embodiment and integration takes time. Give yourself space and grace to decondition and live out your human design type. 

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