Human Design – Gate 4 – The Gate of Formulization – Youthful Folly

Human design gate 4 – the gate of formulization moved into the sun this morning, Friday, August 12, 2022, and will be here until Tuesday, August 16, 2022, which is the gate of formulization – Youthful Folly –  in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 4 energy, or if you have this gate 4 activated in your chart you may recognize it.

Gate 4 – The Gate of Formulization – Youthfolly –

The Answer Giver

People who are here to come with answers to questions based on logic and in support of the future of the species.

The struggle to come up with an answers – doubt

Doubt, Patterns, Logic, Suspicious or not?

I’Ching – Stream flows out of a mountain, childhood

Element – Earth

In the Body – Neocortex

Of Note – The Gate of Answers, Gate of Anxiety over doubts, Gate of fear of chaos

Part of the Channel of Logic & Stream of Understanding

Gate 4- The gate of formulization – youthful folly. Am I answer questions simply to relieve the mental pressure I am experiencing? Am I using my answers in service of others? 


Gate 4 – the gate of formulization in human design is located in the ajna center in the bodygraph.  In the body this gate is associated with the neocortex. This gate is concerned with coming up with answers in order to relive the pressure of doubt that is rooted within.


People with gate 4 – the gate of formulization are naturally suspicious. They are under constant pressure and mental anxiety to have answers. The answer derived in the gate 4 are logical concepts and patterns which are not based in fact and have yet to be experimented with or tested. These potential solutions must only be acted upon when the timing is correct.


One of the gates of anxiety and fear. Much of the anxiety experienced in this gate is around doubts and doubting if there is an answer to the question being asked.  This gate 4 in human design is rooted in finding answers for the future of humanity. While gate 4 is here to provide the answers – to the questions formulated in Gate 63 – the answers provided from the 4 may or may not be true. They have yet to be test and experimented with in the Channel 17 – 62.


The energy of this gate is naturally superstitious trying to discern, will this work? Will this not work? Is there a pattern here? There is a near constant pressure experienced in this gate which is seeking out knowledge and answers. This sense of unease around having and knowing answers instill doubt in this energy.


The gift of this gate 4 is that it can always come up with an answers. This is the ability to come up with an answer at any moment. Put simply this energy comes up with a possible or potential logical answer. Remember, the answer is only the beginning of the logic process. While the answers based in the logic of the 4 may be true or not, they have simply yet to be proven. Logic has no bias while holding the many possibilities.


The I’Ching encourages those with gate 4 energy to not seek to teach others but to instead to wait patiently until you are sought out by a willing and eager student who is ready to learn. The I’ching also speaks to the “youthful folly” that exists within. Children house brilliance and wisdom yet to be uncovered, like a beautiful stone yet to be uncovered thus is the brilliance of a child.


 Like a stream emerging out of the foot of a mountain, pure, innocent, and untainted. Hence the name mountain above, water below, said as, stream flows out of a mountain, childhood. As the stream emerges from the mountain it takes on sediment in the world and begins to be influenced and tainted by its environment. This is all about uncovering the brilliance and enlightenment that lies within.


This gate begs the questions – am I allowing my doubts and anxiety to drive my decisions? Am I doubting my knowing and answers? Am I stuck in indecision because I am trying to search for answers? Am I feeling pressure that may life be in chaos because I can’t seem to find the answer? Am I using the pressure I feel to provide answers for others? Or am I using it on myself and it is keeping me in a holding pattern?

Human Design Gate 4 – The Gate of Formulaization – Youthful Folly- In the Wild

In business and in the real world, I have witnessed people with this gate seemingly have all the answers when a questions is asked. This is the person who seems to know all the answers to any question that gets asked in any room, with any set of people. While of course, this is just the beginning of any logical process, in entrepreneurship this can be a real challenge. The question then become, which answer do I puruse? Are any of these answers actually for me? Am I answering the correct questions? Or are these quesions in service of others? 

For entrepreneurs who have this gate, they are more often than not quick to come up with answers and then get stuck in a holding pattern of indecision and doubt. Since the mind is here to be for others it is important for those with this gate to remeber this and rely on their strategy and authority. 

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