How can I use human design to grow my business?

Human design is a tool you can use in business to better understand who you are, how you are designed to interact with others and your energetic strengths. This is a powerful tool in business because it gives you an keen understanding of how to build your business around who you are and your energy. It gives you a framework for your intuition, those things you intuitiively know about yourself but can’t always place a finger on. Human design in business can give you guidance on how best to design an offer, your business model, your marketing and sales strategy, your productivity strengths, your copywriting, even the systems that you use. 

In leveraging human design for business you look at this through the lens of: 

  • Type – Understanding yourself & how best you interact with others – Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Reflector
  • Profile – How you show yourself to the world “the personality you bring”
  • Authority –  How you make decisions
  • Defined Centers, Gates, & Channels – your energetic strengths & places where you become more of who you are over time
  • Undefined Centers – You energetic wisdom well once the centers become clear of conditioning 
  • Not – Self ThemesWhere you may have taken on conditioning from others. 
  • Variable – How you are designed to digest information, the environment you thrive in and your motivation & cognition.

depths of human design

There is more to this however this gives you an understanding of the depth available to you with the human design chart. If you are working with someone on your human design, especially in business, it is incredibly important that it goes beyond type and profile. I wrote a whole post on this that you can find here. I would contend that if someone fails to look beyond type and profile, you are missing the entire point of human design in business. It is a system that is designed with depth to better understand the nuances of the individual. 


In business, this gives the person, you, who is leveraging their human design a distinct advantage. Now you might be thinking but I already have an existing business, great! Using this tool is not about burning your business to the ground, it is about optimizing it to be in alignment with who you are. It is about cultivating a business you love. One that you run (instead of it running you). 


If you don’t have a business or you want to pivot, great, you can now build it from the ground up based on who you are. You can select a business model you love, a market strategy that lights you up and with systems you don’t avoid. 


The reality as entrepreneurs we went into business for ourselves because we wanted to make an impact, we wanted more freedom, we wanted to work on our terms. We wanted to feel a passion, a fire in the belly about the work we do and all too often along the way that fire fades. Let’s use human design in your business to reignite that flame so you can fall in love with your business again (or for the first time). 

human design for business

The reality of being an entrepreneur without leveraging your human design. 

Before I dive into how you can use human design in your business, I want first talk about the reality of the online world today. The problem with the traditional model that is happening in the online space is that coaches and course creators give you a blueprint, a system, and they take a plug and play approach. The not-self of our mind convinces us to join into this program because it leads us to believe it is the next best thing and will solve our problems when it comes to our business. We end up should’ing ourselves. We should do this or we should do that.


So we join yet another program in hope that it will help us grow and thrive but instead it gives us a bunch more work to do and leaves us feeling bad about ourselves because maybe part of it worked but we are largely in the same place we were before it start and are left feeling bad about ourselves cause that method didn’t work for us. Off we go looking for yet another method (or system or blueprint) and the cycle going on and on. 


The reality is this blueprint doesn’t take into account who you are, the life you want to create or your unique human design blueprint. For example, this may have worked for the coach because they are a generator, but you are a projector. As a projector this will often put them into a state of burnout. When designing a business ecosystem you have to take into account the individual, the lifestyle they want to create and how they are designed to work. 


Alternatively perhaps we actually find something that does work, let’s say a course, and we move the needle forward. Wahoo! It feels great and instead of optimizing that thing, putting client delivery systems in place, automating it, crafting cornerstone content to sell it on repeat the expert recommends we launch yet another thing. We hit the reset button and start the cycle of creation and doing all over again. Why? 


I call this the cycle of stuck. Entrepreneurs in business get stuck on a cycle of stuck, never truly creating a business that is sustainable, regenerative, that building upon itself and pay us dividends over time. The reality is, it’s not your fault, the online industry sells to the not-self of our being. They want you to chase trends. You end up spending your time creating micro content that has a life span of hours, maybe days instead of creating macro long form content that has a life span of weeks or even years. 

the cycle of stuck

The industry exploits the deepest conditioning we have within ourselves. It leverages borrowed will power, FOMO, stress, and our primal fears as humans. These areas of condition are places where we have taken on traits from society, family, friends, relationships or culture. Unfortunately, marketing and sales is built on this. 


The irony of this is not lost on me as I sit here writing a blog on how to leverage your human design in business. However my hope in writing this is to shine awareness on it, so you can make decisions from your authority, from alignment, from a place of inner knowing, instead of from the not-self of the mind. I am holding the dichotomy and polarity of offering advice on this topic while owning it has a certain bias to it based on my past lived experiences. 


This work is personal and individualized in nature so I often feel quite hypocritical sharing it in this format AND I realize it also needs to be shared to create more awareness. When I work with clients, I oscilate between coach and strategist while keeping the clients design in mind. If you are reading this please know, I do not know your human design blueprint so hold this advice lightly, dance with it, honor your authority and if you feel called with with me or another human design professional to better understand the nuance that exists within your human design chart. 

How Can You Leverage Your Human Design In Business? 

When you consider how to apply your human design type, profile, strategy, authority, and definition (along with your gates and channels) there is a lot to consider. When you consider the different areas of business you can leverage you unique human design blueprint in every area. 

      • Marketing & Social Media
      • Content Creation
      • Sales & Conversion
      • Business Models
      • Offer Creation
      • Team Building
      • Systems & Productivity
      • Tech Stack

When we can leverage our design in every one of these areas we will often find more ease because we enter into these activities with our strategy and authority in mind. In my HD Your Biz Program I walk people through the strategy of HD’ing their business and then in my HD Roots program I walk them through the implementation of HD’ing their business. The reality is this work is a process and is not a quick fix. However, if you are anything like me, and you want to build a sustainable business, one that cultivates community, generative sales, and evergreen content you know that building that takes commitment and leaning into the process. 

Human Design & Business Models

The first place I look to when leveraging human design in business is the business model and offer. The business model and offer is the foundation which the business is built upon. If the business model is not in alignment with the person, their human design and their lifestyle goals then cultivating a business with more ease is always going to be a challenge. 


There are two main factors to consider when selecting a business model the lifestyle the person wants and their human design. For example, if you are projector who wants to build a 7 figure business that makes a massive impact vs a projector who wants to build a 250k business and travel the world while doing so. Or alternatively if you are a generator with 7/9 centers open vs a generator with 6/9 centers defined the energy you bring to the table is going to be very different. It is imperative to look at the whole of the individual and their goals. 


When I teach this content in my HD Your Biz Program or in my Business Design With Human Design Workshop I like to start with that quote from Alice in Wonderland,

 “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” said Alice

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

In creating a business based on your human design it is imperative to first discern where you want to end up. Which is often something entrepreneurs MAY struggle with due to the fact they have taken on conditioning and there are these “shoulds” telling them what to do. 


The reality is you have to claim what you want and get clear about your goals. From there you can then discern what business model is going to get you there based on your design. The reality is there are many ways to get to the same goal, it is a matter of discerning which path is correct for you. 


In discerning which business model might be best, I look to type and profile first to narrow down the options. Then I dive into the chart and look at the centers, defined and undefined, authority, definition, channels and gates then variable since that plays a key role in the energy. 


For purposes of this blog, we can look at type and profile. 


When I think about business models here are the most common in the online business world. Please note that if you work with me in one of my programs I encourage you to throw out all the ways that you think you “should” do it and I actively encourage you to be creative and imagine. 


Perhaps it is a hybrid of two of the models below or something entirely new and different. I offer the below as a jumping off point, especially for the types and profiles that need a jumping off point to work from. 

  • The 1:1 Model: a great place to start in your business and get experience
  • The Agency / Service Provider Model: great for people who like to lead and manage teams, create systems and delivery processes
  • The Retreat / Event Model: great if you love spending time with people and bringing people together
  • The Low Ticket Model: has to be high in volume to be profitable (under $250)
  • The Mid Ticket Model: great if you want to do a whole bunch of work, get something off the ground, and then choose not to work for a while. (from $300 to $2000)
  • The High-Ticket & Mastermind Model: you have to establish yourself as an expert and really plant your flag
  • The Membership Model: for people who like consistent income and don’t necessarily want a big influx of money a few times a year
  • The Book/Self-Study Model: great for introverts who want to create content behind the scenes, put it online, market it and get people to buy it passively
  • The Ecommerce Model: people and process-driven. It’s all about delivery systems, fulfillment and customer servce

When considering a business model it is important to take into consideration profitability, marketing volume, consistency, sales volume, and deliverables and also the human one the other side. What are their goals, desires, and outcomes they want to achieve. What is their strategy and authority?


Here are the business model recommendations based on human design type and profile:

In summary selecting a business model based on your human design is a very personal process and it is important not to rush the process. I often encourage clients to really be deliberate in getting clear on what they want their life to look like in order to select the correct business model for them. 


The reality is you can leverage you human design in every aspect of your business. Next week on the blog I will be sharing how you can leverage your design in sales and marketing. Please do let me know in the comments which business model resonates for you based on your human design.