I work with a lot of people with varying degrees of HD Knowledge. The reality is we all start somewhere in our process to learn and live aligned to our humandesign.

Most of my work is with entrepreneurs who want to use human design to support them in building a business congruent to who they are, or they want to dive in and learn this tool for themselves to better support their clients. The point is they all come in with wildly different degrees of knowledge. Some have only scratched the surface of human design, while others already leverage HD with clients in some form.

We all start somewhere. Myself included, so tell me where you are on your hd knowledge journey! Over the coming weeks, I will expand upon this, but I wanted to give you a taste of what I’m working on. 

HD Innocent / Skeptical

What’s Human Design? I have never heard of it. Tell what it is. Is that some woo thing? I don’t understand how it can know anything about me based on birth date and time. That makes no sense / I don’t see how that is possible.

HD Newbie 

I just learned my type, profile, and authority. I feel completely validated about my experience in life thus far. Learning human design gave me an aha moment. My limited HD Knowledge is sup- porting me in making sense of an experience in my life. I can’t unsee HD because of the realizations & aha moments I’ve had.

HD Enthusiast

I’m digging into this HD thing. I consume all the things – books, blogs, videos, & instagram. I pull the charts of friends & family to find out their type and profile. I often have realizations & “sense making” moments about the why behind life experiences with those closest to me.

HD Pratitioner

I have begun to realize the power of HD. I am still newish to HD but am dabbling with lever- aging this tool with my clients. I have started living my life by design. I know enough to talk to them about type, profile, & cen- ters basics. I’ve read at least one book or taked one course.

HD Guide

I have been living my life by design for at least one year, likely two. I have finished (or mid-jour- ney) doing an in-depth training or course. I know my way around a chart – I have the types, profiles & centers memorized. I regularly provide baseline HD Support but still need to look up the gates.

HD Curator

I have been living my experiement for 2-3 years. I have an in-depth knowledge of HD & have memo- rized most of the gates/channels. I can recognize type/profile in the wild. My business is HD Centric. I am regularly deepning my HD stud- ies & peeling back the layers in my own decondintioning process.

HD Expert

I have been in my experiement for at least 4 years. I have a depth of knowledge that encompasses all aspects of the HD Chart including variable & color. I recognize gates, patterns & HD Nuance out in the wild. I move about the world in congruence with my design & quickly recognize misalignement.

HD Specialist

I am utilizing HD in conjunction with my expertise to support cli- ents in moving forward with ease. HD is a part of my process & I leverage it in certain ways to gain clarity, get clients unstuck, & move the needle forward. This often lends itself to leverage a specific part of HD to gain clari- ty. I.E. Look at x for y.

HD Thought Leader

I am moving the HD Work forward by utilizing the knowledge in a way that it has not been utilized before or I am explaining it in a new way that sheds lights on something previously unseen. I am seen as the HD Expert in my particular industry because of my unique approach.

HD Creator

I am synthesizing an entirely new & innovative way to look at HD. I weave decades of experience with HD to create a entirely new body of work which is my Intellectual Propety. My work is 1 of a kind. By developing my work in this way I have created a blue ocean in my industry. I am in a catagory of 1.