you launched a podcast now what?

So, you launched your podcast now what?

Lately, I have had a lot of clients come to me, asking me “Jamie, I have launched this podcast, this funnel, this website, etc., and now what do I do?”

First, I would like to point out that it’s really important to understand that anytime you finish a big project like a launch of a podcast, a sales funnel, a website, or anything else, acknowledge that these big projects take a lot of bandwidth. Honor the fact that a phase in your business is closing. You are going from a building phase into a nurturing and growth phase. Oftentimes, there is some mindset work that comes up, to closing that chapter and moving into that next phase.

Launching your podcast

Launching anything is an emotional roller coaster. Often, you stand there clueless and wonder what do I do with all this free time now? From my experience, I can tell you that it can lead to self-sabotage. It can lead to questioning what you’re doing, which usually leads to changing everything. You can literally fall off the earth, go and hide, become a hobbit. You retreat. You start creating another project. You’d be surprised by how many entrepreneurs don’t talk about their projects publicly.

If you don’t have a huge community, which is completely fine, you have to be committed to promoting your product. Remember if you’re not stacking and seeding the fact that you’re doing something new, announcing to your community that you have something big coming up, then you have to understand that it’s a linear process.

You will go through the phase of building and then the phase of nurturing and growing. They are not parallel; they are a straight line and that can take a lot longer. That is why I always like to point out that it’s really important to honor that a building phase is ending. Feel the good and the bad. Inevitably, there’s something that comes up at the end of the building phase. Once you launch something, you’re transitioning into a phase where you have to actually market the thing that you’ve created. That can bring up fear of failure, fear of success.

Unconsciously you might start stalling your success and put up hurdles around being successful. I think it’s really important to understand what happens once you launch something, what comes next and what the expectations are. If you haven’t seeded the fact that you have this thing coming and you aren’t doing a formal launch, then you have to understand that you will need to take the next 90 plus days and really promote the thing that you launched.

You launched your podcast

From Mindset phase to Nurturing phase

Once you get through the mindset phase, you then move into the nurturing phase. It’s really entering into a marketing phase. 

In my program, the Business Ecosystem Builders, I highly recommend everybody have some sort of long-form macro content, which could be a podcast, a YouTube, or a blog.

Converting a YouTube or podcast into a blog is one of the smartest things you can do. There are multiple reasons for that. 

  1. A piece of macro content, such as a podcast, is a huge source of content that you can turn into social media posts. 
  2. You can delegate it, get the podcast transcribed, and put it in a long-form post on your website.
  3. You can put it in a long-form post in your emails, which is great for SEO purposes. 
  4. You can also repurpose it on Pinterest.

If you’ve launched a podcast, your entire job becomes getting that one piece of content in as many places as you possibly can. You can create a campaign around that. You want to very intentionally share this content

  • Share it on all your social media, your email list, post it in groups where that’s allowed.
  • Send it to prospects or clients that might potentially find that content useful. 

You need to share it everywhere. Someone who does this really well is Brendon Burchard.

Share your podcast content everywhere!

That is what happens when you launch a podcast. Your job as the marketing person becomes talking about how amazing this podcast is that you created. Create Instagram stories about it, create a reel about it. All those little details really add up to success when it comes to your podcast.

The ultimate goal is to get as many listeners and readers on that podcast as you possibly can. That cycle repeats each and every week. You have to promote the podcast, that is really important. Often, people just post these podcasts and they don’t do anything.

I really want you to understand that it’s incredibly important to focus on sharing that one piece of content everywhere.


Growth Phase

The growth phase is the third thing when it comes to launching your podcast. You’ve shared your new podcast with everyone within your network and you posted in a couple of Facebook groups. Now, you need to create a campaign or get some growth around what you’re already doing.

There are a couple of different ways in which you can do this with podcasts.

One that I highly recommend and really works well is working on getting more reviews on your podcast. The more reviews you get on your podcast, that signals to the different podcast platforms that your content is relevant, and therefore, it will put your content in front of other people, or more people.

How do you get podcast reviews?

For a period of five or 10 days, you ask listeners to leave you a review on iTunes. They send you the screenshot of the review and by doing that they enter into the contest. If they share the review and tag you, they can get an extra entry. By tagging a few friends, they get an entry for each of the friends.

You keep track of all those records and pick a winner. You can offer a $50 Amazon gift card, for example. 

This becomes a really great way to infiltrate the networks of people who already have running podcasts with similar networks. Typically, that means that those people also have your ideal client within their audience.

You can get really creative and really strategic when it comes to marketing your business. Have fun with it because this is where you can exponentially grow your business very quickly and very easily in terms of your audience. I recommend doing one campaign per quarter so it’s not too overwhelming, but it’s a big part of getting in front of new people and that is really important.


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