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I started my business as an agency and one of the services we offered was social media marketing. So I have spent the better part of my career helping people systematize their social media. And so what I’m gonna do today is share my process for how I batch create content as an entrepreneur.

Step by Step for batch creating content

Block time on your calendar

One of the most important things is to understand how much time you’re going to need to actually create the content. So whether you’re recording YouTube videos, podcasts, or blogs, I highly recommend breaking the process down into two or three different steps.

1- The content ideation process which is doing the research to determine what topics you will talk about

2- The part where you outline a set of content.

3- The part where you actually do the recording of a set of content.

Content Research

It usually takes about one hour to 1,5 hours to do the research. Anytime I batch, I usually create anywhere between four and eight pieces of content. It really depends on your stamina and ability to focus and get things done. If you’re just getting started, block out 90 minutes and try doing two or four pieces of content. This will help you to focus on figuring out what topics your ideal client wants to hear from you and it will also help you to have some time on the calendar where you can think about what topic will work for you. So plan 60 to 90 minutes for the content ideation.

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Create the content outline

Next, I block about two hours to create all the outlines. You can usually get it done in less but I always block two hours just to be on the safe side, because sometimes it can take a bit to get into that writing mode.

For the batching process, I usually block between two and three hours. Once I have everything on my calendar that’s when the fun begins. When it comes to the outline for the content, I like to follow the rule of three.

The Rule of Three

The rule of three is your intro, your outro, and the body of the content. So, three high-level bullet points, and then within each one of those bullets there are three sub-bullets.

High-level bullet => three sub-bullets high-level bullet. Three sub-bullets high-level bullet => three sub-bullets.

This rule of three works really well

  • It keeps you on task.
  • It ensures that you follow your content outline.

It can take a bit of getting used to, but it becomes really easy very soon. You know each high-level bullet will take 30 to 45 seconds, then each one of the sub-bullets is another 30 seconds to a minute. By the time you’re done, you’ve got a perfectly timed 10 to 14-minute piece of macro content. And it’s a really easy formula that I’ve used for a very long time to get started with batching content.

Preparing for your video/ podcast recording

Once the outline is done and I’m ready to record. I always set everything up first.

For Youtube videos I do the following:

  • Set up the tripod
  • Install my light ring
  • Pick out my outfits

Allocate time for every step, because the setup piece does derail you from focusing on the content delivery. Get all your stuff set up, get your outfits picked out, if you’re doing it via video, and get yourself set up for success.

Once you have yourself set up for success, that’s when then you get into the process of actually recording the content. This is where the fun begins!!

Recording your content

Shut down all your distractions. Turn off your phone, your computer, and everything else that can distract you. Let people know that you’ll be recording content for the next two hours. Radio silence, please!

It can take a bit to get into the recording groove, whether that is for a video or podcast,  but I find that once you get into the zone of recording, it’s really easy to stay there.

Here’s a tip: You can tape the outline underneath the camera or stick post-it notes around the ring light.

I take my high level and my sub-bullet points and I write little notes on there so that I do not get distracted or I don’t forget what I’m talking about. This is a really easy way to stay on task inside the content that you’re creating.

So that is my batch content creation process and how I go through and create and batch content regularly.



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