How to create a podcast audiogram in canva

So, you made a podcast. Now, you want to inform people about it, and you will do that by creating an audiogram. It is the biggest thing that you can do to share, grow, and scale your podcast.

What are audiograms?

Audiograms are short little audio clips that give a teaser or a snippet of your podcast. I will show you how you can do that in Canva, which is an awesome tool for this. There is no need to get an additional service like wave or headliner to create your own audiograms.

Audiograms work on any design format. You can use the Instagram Post template, Instagram Story template, Pinterest template. Any template will work.

How to create a podcast audiogram in canva pin

Step-by-step for creating your own audiogram


1. After you’ve created your design, make sure you add a symbol or audio waves so that people know that this is an audio file.

2. Next, you will need to upload your audio.

3. Go to the upload section in the Canva sidebar and click on upload media.

4. Select the audio file you want to upload and hit enter.

5. Click on the stopwatch timer symbol and select the length of your teaser. Do not go over 60 seconds, as most platforms won’t allow longer snippets.

6. You can now move the highlighted area in the timer section to select the teaser that you would like to share.

7. You can only use one track per design.

8. Once your audiogram is finished, click on the download button. It will suggest you download it as an mp4 video and that is exactly what you want if you want this to autoplay on social media.

Super easy! Enjoy creating your own audiograms in Canva!



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