The Typical Entrepreneur Vs. The HD Aligned Entrepreneur

When we find congruence to the true nature of our being, our lives (& businesses) can bloom.

We’ve all taken on conditioning in life – it happens as part of the human experience. The well-meaning teacher who planted a belief in our head, the over-zealous parent, the biz coach who insisted this was the way…

Conditioning isn’t inherently good or inherently bad, but it impacts how we operate on a day-to-day basis. It influences our decision-making. It makes us believe we are wrong for being quirky. It convinces us to take one path when our gut is screaming, ‘red flag,’ and ultimately, if we aren’t aware of it, it can lead us to a life that doesn’t feel like our own, and we are left wondering. ‘how did I get here?’

When human design found me, I couldn’t unsee it. I couldn’t unsee the validation it provided me, the understanding it offered. I couldn’t unsee how things would have been different if I had only trusted myself a little bit more or leaned into doing it on my own terms.

Nearly four years later, my entire life looks radically different. I am becoming the person I’ve always known was in me but couldn’t find. I’ve peeled back the should’s, could’s, and layers of conditioning, and I am finally fearlessly claiming who I am. I am owning and using my voice. I have a business that I love. Clients regularly come into my work. I feel fantastic in my skin. I trust myself and my intuition.

If we can become more of who we are, the world will be a different place to live. The truth is the life you crave is at the intersection of your design, desires, and lifestyle. The question is, will you say yes to it? Is it time now to claim it? To say yes to an evolution?

The online world is changing rapidly, and more than ever, our world needs people who own who they are.

There is still time to join me in the Spring Cohort of HD Your Biz. I invite you to join the revolution, claim who you are, and HD Your BIZ.