What is the Throat Center In Human Design

Let’s explore the throat center in human design. I’m going to share with you what the throat center is through the lens of human design. The strengths, challenges and actions of the defined and undefined throat centers. As well as diving into the voices of the gates of the throat center. If you are new to human design and aren’t sure if you have an undefined or defined throat center you can download your chart here.

The Throat Center In Human Design

The throat center is where all the energy in the body graph wants to come to fruition in order to create and manifest. All of the energy in every center in the body wants to make its way out of the body through the throat center. If you were to think of the body graph as town the throat center is the town square.

The throat is the one manifestation center in the body. It is where all energy is flowing and under pressurize to form communication and to act on. The throat is the most complex center in the body. It is how we express ourselves. It is how we manifest our life’s purpose. It has a splendor to the magnificence it can create.

The throat creates. It is creation of our relationships, creativity, survival, well-being, sense of self and power. The throat gives voice to our thoughts, words to our feelings, and share our intuitions. We use our voice to lead and influences, to share, to create and connect to others. It is where we put our energy into words, then our words into action as we create. This center is filled with possibility and creativity.

Your capacity to show up, be heard, create and manifests rests with your relationship with the throat center. It has a huge impact on the human experience.

In the body the throat center is associated with the thyroid and parathyroid gland. The thyroid oversees the metabolic processes in the body. Both of these glands have to do with our endocrine system in the body which is responsible for our transformations.

The throat is primarily focused on communication, expressing who we are, what we are feeling, creating learning, what we know, want to contribute, what we have seen or hear and can contribute to empower others.

There are 11 gates coming off of the throat center which will give life to our communication style. These are sometimes referred to as the voices of the throat center. These will set the stage depending upon what is activated in your chart the style with which you will communicate. Your voice will come from the gates and channels activated coming off of the throat center. 

The Defined Throat Human Design

Nearly 72% of the population has a defined throat. With a defined throat your throat center acts as an energy hub for all of the messages coming in through the different centers in the body. These messages are then communicated through the 11 different gates of the throat and manifest as communication and action.

The healthy throat is a reliable source of definition. The throat can express or act from 6 different centers.

    • The heart speaks from the “I” or “I want that, I have that, I will do that” – take leadership
    • The Ajna speaks what the mind is thinking and conceptualizing – speak your mind
    • The solar plexus speaks or act on the emotions or feelings – express your feelings
    • The spleen speaks spontaneously and intuitively knowingly in the moment – speaking your intuition
    • The sacral speaks through the responsive sounds of the sacral in the moment – manifest your action through words
    • The identity speaks from personal identity, self-expression, and direction from the higher self – making a unique creative contribution

The defined throat is a consistent, reliable but limited way to express itself.

The Strengths of a defined throat …

  • consistent access to your voice
  • certain level of confidence in expressing yourself
  • Honoring your type, strategy, and authority to better empower your voice
  • Give your defined throat a voice – put it to work for you

The Challenges of a defined throat …

  • Speak to the bandwidth of the definition you have
  • Speak with a certain tone or intonation with how you say things.
  • Letting your voice guide your action instead of your strategy & authority
  • Speaking without honoring the timing of your strategy or authority
  • Being heard & criticized

Action tips for a defined throat …

  • Witness your voice and don’t attach your identity to it
  • Appreciate and be grateful for your gifts
  • Journaling
  • Creatively expressing yourself and experimenting with this.
  • Speaking circles

    head center human design

    The Undefind Throat

    Only 28% of the population has an undefined or open throat.

    With an undefined throat you have a sophistication with your voice that is evaluable. You have the capacity to tune into another person and meet them with your voice. It is a powerful force. You have deep flexibility and fluidity spanning the tone of your voice to the content of what you say. You have the potential to access any of the channels driving the throat.

    The challenge with an undefined throat is that you are amplifying the pressure to speak of 72% of the population. Those with an undefined throat can often feel pressured to speak and speak more than those with a defined throat. Or conversely, they can become fearful of opening their mouths feeling out of control in that they don’t know what will come out of they speak. You may even feel unable to communicate effective. With an unhealthy throat you will often talk too much or not at all.

    Learning to rely on and gain confidence in their strategy and authority to guide their communications. You may also find you spend a lot of mental energy on thinking of what you are going to say next only to be surprised by what actually comes out. This is the challenge of an undefined throat.

    The Strengths of an undefined throat …

    • Endless possibilities in the voice of the undefined throat
    • Voices can flow freely & show up in a variety of different ways
    • Can be the spokesperson for a group since you amplify the energy
    • Undefined throat is a magnet for others
    • Hanging gates ground your vocal power

    The Challenges of an undefined throat …

    • Speaking but not being heard or noticed
    • Feel lots of pressure to talk but don’t know what to say
    • Using up your energy trying to think of what to say and/or to be seen or heard
    • Blurting things out
    • Talking too much
    • Can’t plan what to say
    • Dependent on others to manifest

    Action tips for an undefined throat…

    • Become skillful with your timing
    • Become an observer of your voice
    • Relax, trust, and stop trying to control
    • Speaking circles
    • Creative expression through play and other creative outlets

    The Gates of the Throat Center In Human Design

    With the throat center through the lens of human design we can look at the gates that reside within the throat  center and the energy associated with those gates. Below you will find the 11 gates of the throat along with what it sounds like in the wild. You may notice this energy in yourself or others.

    Consider what does this actually sound like in the real world? Or as I like to say how does this present itself in the wild?

    What are the word tracks that we may actually hear from another human?

    What is the self expression in the throat center?

    What does this look like, sound like, and how does it present itself?


    Human design is a powerful tool, and far too many people look at it from the perspective of theory and philosophy. They miss the point of bridging it into actually living, running a business, and holding space for the human’s experience in all of it.


    None of the theory, philosophy, or study of human design matters if we can’t actually leverage it, use it, understand it and apply it to our lives to improve.


    Today I thought I would share some insights about what the throat center sounds like in the real world. With practical word tracks, you can listen for and/or become aware of when you say them in your own life.


     The Voice  of the Throat Center

    Gate 62 – Details – the sense maker – I think – This gate is all about the expression of the details along the way. This is the ability to see and name the details/obstacles that may emerge.

    “I think we could go one of the following ways. If we go this route then these things will come and if we go that route this may come up. And I can see either way this may happen.”

     Gate 23 – Assimilate – the Integrated – I Know – This is the voice of knowing and certainty. I have this feeling.

    “I know this is going to sound weird, but I have this really strong insight that it is time to do x.”


    Gate 56 – Stimulate – the storyteller – I believe – These are people who love to tell stories and stimulate others through the stories they share – these stories may become exaggerated with each telling and may be stories from someone elses life.

    “The other day, this client **** insert a story here**** did x and I honestly couldn’t believe it. Do you believe it? Do you believe they were able to do x with know *** insert point of story****.”

    Gate 16 – Skills – the experimenter – I think – This is the voice of depth and master over time with a willingness to gain experience over time…

    “Based on my experience, I think that this will work out the best because ____________.”

    Gate 20 – In the now – the collaborator – I am – this is the voice of the person in the moment. In the present – collaboration over competition.

    “I am honoring the timing of my life and I think now is the time to act.”


    Gate 35  – Progress/Change – the jack of all trades-  I feel – The love of the experience and trying something new simply to feel what it feels like.

    “I feel like trying something new because I’m bored.”


    Gate 12 – Social Caution – the wordsmith – I try – This is the ability to pull a story together and articulate the emotions of a situation or experience – these words move to me tears. I can feel the emotion of this story. The expression written or verbal of a story that conveys emotion – the use of metaphor – or Adele Song

    “I tried my best to understand where they are coming for”


    Gate 31 – influence – the reluctant leader  – the right hand person– I lead – This gates uses words to influence others by speaking the truth of the group.

    “I was chatting with my people and we believe that x is best. So here I am speaking for the people.”

    Gate 8 – Contribution – the transformer – The Publicist – I can – This is the creative ability to articulate, transform and promote.

    “I saw how ________ Jessica was and I know I can get her talents to come alive in this way.”


    Gate 33 – Retreat/Privacy – the elder/old soul – I remember – This is the ability to recall, stats, facts, experiences and pull out the hidden lesson and wisdom that betters the future.

     “I remember when I was a kid and we would x….X taught us how…..and I can see how that will help better our future.”

    Gate 45 – the entrepreneur or the expert– the king/queen – I have – This is the language of I, me, mine – It speaks the wants and the desires – the ego.

    “I am the one who is going to lead this”

    Working with the Throat Center in Human Design

    When it comes to the throat center, I see so many themes over and over again where this center keeps entrepreneurs especially stuck. This center is often where I see clients strugglingt to articulate or market themsevles. This often leaves them floundering. They are under pressure to figure out what to say and when and then they worry that they haven’t said enough or said it in the right way. This throat center is how we express ourselves in this work. In the entrepreneurial world that often discerns your success. 

    While I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice it is important to note that the throat center is tied to the metabolism in the body. When we fail to articulate our voice, our identity and our selves we impact our bodies as well. The more we swallow the words we want to say instead of articulating them the body suffers. 

    Reckoning with the throat center is a high priority if you are going to truly live in alignement with your human design strategy and authority. This center is in part a place where I see entrepreenurs go into freeze mode. Feel free to drop any questions you have below and if this resonates be sure to let me know.

    If you enjoy this content and want to dig deeper consider joining the Human Designer Reader Training program – HD Wild or HD Your Biz.

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