Building a strong brand identity with Nikki Arensman

One thing I’ve seen over the years, and I continue to see, is the disconnect with the look and the feel of an online business. When you have an in-person business, like a retail shop, you pay attention to every detail inside that retail shop. But, when it comes to the online space, people forget that their website and their social media is their shop or their office and that they need to have a very strong brand identity.

Nikki Arensman is a branding and design expert. At her core, she is incredibly passionate about empowering and equipping women with the tools needed to turn their passion into a profitable business and a beautiful brand. She has had the opportunity to help female entrepreneurs in tons of industries implement effective growth strategies, launch their products and services like the badass boss they are, and create stunning brand identity packages that make their first impression the only one needed to seal the deal.

According to Nikki, what makes a brand powerful are:

  1. Relatability, always humanizing your brand
  2. Consistency, being recognized as an expert
Building a strong brand identity with Nikki Arensman_1

Humanizing your brand

When it comes to humanizing your brand, Nikki explains that it’s all about creating a connection with your audience. In today’s online space, it’s easy to forget that there is an actual human on the other side of these little devices and the best thing that we can do is share parts of our lives with our audience that are relatable and make us human. This invites empathy, feelings and creates that human connection, and ultimately keeps people coming back for more. People don’t like to just see the success at the end, they want to see the whole process. It’s important for people to understand how much work goes into bringing certain things to life; it’s important that they see the challenges, the mistakes, and all the learning that comes along the way. If you don’t share that with your audience, you’re missing the opportunity to create real human connections.

Being Consistent

Consistency is another important piece. When you are consistent with your messaging and your visuals, people will start to recognize you as an expert in your field. One way to do this is to make sure that you are always talking about the same types of things and not get distracted by the shiny object syndrome.

Your brand is composed of different things, but the two most important things are your visuals and your messaging.

  • Your messaging is directly related to your understanding who your ideal and dream clients are, what they’re struggling with, how you can create for them and fulfill a need that they have, and differentiate yourself in the process.
  • Your visuals are like having dessert before dinner. It’s more exciting to work on visuals, whether you’re outsourcing it or doing it yourself. It’s more exciting to see a visual change. Some of the things that you can do to improve the visuals of your brand are:
  1. Making sure your bio photo is the same across all platforms
  2. Having the same short one-liner that explains what you do across all platforms
  3. Having an inviting brand identity (logo, color palette, fonts) that shows your clients they’ll be taken care of (Nikki’s Brand Identity Breakthrough)

Nikki’s pro tip: Be yourself. Don’t feel like just because you’re building a brand it has to be something other than the things that you find joy in or the things that excite you. Your story matters, your journey matters. If you start showing up as you, humanizing your brand, and start sharing the journey that you’re on, it will make the connection with your audience that much stronger.



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