A high touch group coaching experience designed for entrepreneurs who want to finally build + launch their signature offer.

The impact you crave is waiting on you

Your signature program (or next business project) is waiting on you to start but you are overwhelmed with all there is to do and learn.


  • Double the work: You’re short on time and don’t want to spend your precious few hours on a project LEARNING what you have to do later


  • Hodge-podging the to do list: No one course or guru has the whole picture and it leaves you having to piece things together to make sure you’ve thought of everything.


  • You have to run your business! You still have to run the business you have while trying to build the business you want to have.


  • “From scratch” tactics don’t work: 99% of courses out there act as if you’re starting from scratch. It leaves all that transitional stuff out of the equation entirely, and to you, that’s one of the most important parts!


  • Someone just TELL me what tool suite will work best:Outside of strategy, the game of “which tool do I need?” is expensive AF and wastes so much time.

The reality of transitioning from a 1:1 model to 1:Many is…

  • It’s hard.
  • It’s Double the Work (for a bit)
  • There are tech headaches
  • ​It’s overwhelming – how do I know who to trust? 
  • ​Determining your priorities is draining and seems never-ending.
    • You’ve probably already tried and failed (or failed to actually launch)
    • Figuring out which strategy will work is exhausting
    • You don’t buy into all the “online marketing hype”
    • It can eat up a LOT of time
    • And SUCK up a lot of money.

    Build a sustainable business so you can create freedom in your life

    The Business Ecosystem Builders Program is capped at 50 members and there is an application process to be accepted into the program. This is the fourth year of running the BEB program and many of the original founding members are still part of the program.


    We are actively looking for members who are experts in their field, therapists, coaches, authors and service providers who are currently working on a one to one business model and are ready to transition into a one to many, course or group model. These entrepreneurs have typically run out of time or have hit the ceiling of their impact and income. Yet, they are longing to make a bigger impact in the world, to leverage their time and leave a legacy. They know they have more to give to the world.


    They are turned off ***INSERT EYE ROLL*** by the over the top marketing techniques of “let me help you get to six figures in six week” and instead want to authentically show up and impact more people. Their mission is bigger than themselves. They consider themselves experts but not marketers and truly want to show up authentically online.


    There is a 12 month commitment for the program. Success takes time. If you are looking for quick fix solution, this is not the program for you. This is a customized to your business approach to building your online business ecosystem and signature program.

    To create the foundation of your signature program, build, grow and optimize while creating the systems, delivery and content for success it is a process that takes place over the course of year. We believe in developing long term relationships, putting the right foundations in place and following one strategy (with tweaks along the way) until success. That process takes time and trust. It will take work to build the foundations to create long term impact in your business.


    The Business Ecosystem Builders team is here to support you along the way and is dedicated to your success. We have thought through every detail in this program carefully to ensure that you have all the support you need along the way AND that requires you to commit to showing up for yourself, taking action, busting through self-limiting beliefs, and asking for help when you enviteably need it.

    Perfect for: Coaches + Consultants • DFY Service Providers • Experts Who Want To Come Online • Authors • Therapists • etc. 

    Daily Support

    • Daily Voxer Support – Grab me on the bat line! One on One support from Jamie – never get stuck, you can literally just reach out to Jamie and the team. Response time is typically within 1 business day.


    • Learning Vault – Access to the Business Ecosystem Learning Vault with 100’s of trainings, templates and swipe files to accelerate implementation & integration. Including marketing, social media, funnels, launching, curriculum creation, offer creation and more.


    • Community – An incredible community of entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey to support you along the way, get feedback and collaborate with.

    Weekly Support


    • Lunch & Learn – Once per week we come together as a group and learn something new. Perhaps it is the latest trend on Instagram or productivity tips but there is always something new. This is a great week to start your week off on a positive note.


    • Hot Seat Calls – These on demand calls give you a chance to dig deeper with building your content, your strategy or any other burning question that you might have. Jamie offers these one on one calls weekly and are on a first come first serve basics.


    • Office Hours – These are 3 times per week office hours to ask any question that you might have that is holding you back from moving forward. Can’t make it? No problem! Drop your question in the group and one of the team will answer it on the call.


    • Weekly Audits – Submit your social media, funnel, offer, marketing copy and more for feedback.


    • Accountability Check-in – Every Friday you’ll get a message from the BEB team to see how your week went and where you need support.


    Additional Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Support


    • Quarterly & Yearly Planing Sessions – Once per quarter we will get together and map out your plan to keep you on track


    • Guest Expert Trainings – Each month we bring in a different guest expert or group member to showcase their knowledge with us.


    • BEB Event – Each year we host a three day event which includes two days of learning, strategy, and planning and one day of implementation and community building.

    Current Membership Status…


    Accepting Applications For Enrollment in Spring & Summer 2022