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Let’s talk about the Human Design Reflector in Business

A healthy reflector is one who is part of or has created a community that makes them feel really good. They are aware that they have a great deal of openness in their chart and regularly spend time in nature to filter off the energy that is not theirs. They are an old soul, often wise beyond their years. They have a knack for seeing the depth of people and a keen sense for when someone is ready to step into and live their full potential. Reflectors are here to see the true authentic potential in others.

Reflector’s signature theme is that of excitement and delight. A reflector experiences this when the people and community they are a part of surprise them. This could be an actual surprise or a surprise in getting invited to do something they didn’t expect. Reflectors want to sample all that life has to offer. They love to experience the depth of the world and all its dichotomy. This excitement and delight of the surprise happen when the reflector doesn’t expect the behavior of the other. Since reflectors see the highs and lows of the human experience, the excitement of this surprise is a delightful surprise, something the reflector didn’t expect.

The not-self theme of the reflector is a disappointment. Disappointment for the reflector often happens when those in their community don’t reach their potential. When the reflector experiences the lows of the human experience, when someone isn’t fulfilling their potential. Reflectors have to learn to dance with this disappointment as it is real but it is not their own. The reflector cannot own that the other is not fulfilling their potential. They job is simple to see the potential in others, not carry it. Disappointment can run rampant for reflectors when they are in the wrong environment. This is because the environment plays such a key factor in the health and success of the reflector. The role of the reflector is to find the environment where they thrive, and that feels good to them in all aspects of their life. Creating practices where reflectors dispel the energy of others is key for them in living to the highest expression of themselves.

In business, reflectors do best in communities where there is a healthy, vibrant culture, whatever that means for them. Reflectors will need to honor their chamleon-like personality as it cycles through the lunar cycle and understands which gate definition is actually theirs. This definition can offer some insight into the passion and fulfillment that the reflector seeks. Allowing reflectors the space to be who they are on whatever day is key for them to live in alignment. Reflectors live in the moment and find joy in the here and now. Cultivating a business that doesn’t lock them into one thing is key.

In summary, reflectors are the rarest of the types. Reflectors are truly unique people who are here to mirror back to the rest of the types the highest expression of themselves. They see the other types for their authentic selves and reflect back to them their potential. Reflectors must honor their yearning to be someone different each and every day. Reflectors most important joy is to find an environment that feels really good to them and lining up a team of trusted advisors to aid them in their decision-making process.

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