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In episode 3, I am diving into the human design manifestor type in business. Manifestors account for 8% of the population. The manifestor strategy is to initiate and inform. Their signature theme is peace, and when they are in the not-self, they experience anger. While initiating may come very naturally to manifestors, informing may not for fear of being controlled. Informing is simply a way for the manifestor to avoid resistance in their relationships. Manifestors have a powerful and piercing aura. They are change-makers and catalysts for change; however, this can often make people feel on edge around the manifestor. 

Manifestors do not like to be controlled since their potent and piercing aura often gets shut down by the adults in their lives from a very early age. Manifestors want to go where the wind will take them, so as children, this often gets them into situations where they fail to inform the adults in their life. They end up creating turbulence for themselves because of their initiation.

Many adult manifestors in business have to reconnect with their initiating power. Manfiestors by design like to do catalytic work that is often short-term. They prefer business containers where they can get in, get change and get out. Their tremendous initiating power wears out, and as non-energy beings, they need to rest. While manifestors are strong starters, they struggle to finish. Many manfiestors loathe having to go back and finish things because they skipped steps, so pairing up with a generator with high attention to detail is essential. 

Manifestors are powerful beings when healthy. An aligned manifestor sparks change and impact for good in the world. When a manfiestor is out of alignment, they often will experience anger. This anger is typically rooted in the fact that they created resistance for themselves in their close relationships because they failed to inform. This is especially challenging for entrepreneurial manifestors since they get these brilliant ideas and simply want to run with them. Anger also erupts for the manifestor when they are being controlled. Manfiestors thrive on doing their own thing, in their way, on their terms. 

Manifestors are very self-contained and don’t see why others would worry about what they are doing. They can seem like a lone wolves. That is because they are the only type that is here to start things and initiate. Generators and manfiestoring generators, who are both very relational beings, are here responding to the manifestors initiations. 

Manfiestors thrive when they write down a list of people in their inner circle to inform. This informing is not about changing what the manifestor is doing but simply for the sake of letting someone know. Especially since some of the initiations, a manifestor, may come out of the blue. This informing is merely to keep others in touch with what the manfiestor is doing. The manfiestor, when healthy and aligned with their design, will feel a sense of peace at the end of the day. 

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