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Let’s talk about the Human Design Manifesting Generator in Business

The human design type manifesting generator accounts for 32% of the population. The manifesting generator is here to first visualize the outcome they want to achieve, then tap into their sacral response and then inform the key parties in their life of their actions.  In business, manifesting generators are best suited in a fast paced work environment where they can bounce from task to task, project to project since multi-tasking is their superpower. Manifesting generators are here to do work they love, work that brings them joy. They thrive in business when they can interact with different projects and people and can pursue multiple passions.  Manifesting generators need to balance time in relation, working alongside people and time alone. MG’s move quickly and can feel slowed down by others however MG’s need others in order to be successful.

A healthy manifesting generator is one who is tapped into their sacral response of un-huh (yes)  and ut-huh (no). They can literally feel the push and pull from within their bodies. It is almost as if they light up from within if something is a yes for them. Many adult manifesting generators struggle to connect with this feeling in their body. A great way to reconnect with a manifesting generator’s sacral is to find someone you trust and have them ask the manifesting generator yes or no questions. This could be something as simple as, What do you want x for dinner? Your name is X? Are you x years old? Open-ended questions don’t work well for a manifesting generator.

Many of my clients are manifesting generators and they thrive when they have space and freeom to do what they want and oscilate between working with people and doing their own thing. Manifesting generators do not like to be tied down. They like their space and multi-tasking process. Do not try and change their process, it works for them. Manifesting Generators may seem to the outside world to be super human in what they can achieve since they are always working on multiple projects.

The not-self theme of the manifestng generator is anger and frustration. If a manifesting generator is experiencing anger or  frustration then they are often out of alignment with their design. Frustration happens for manfiesting generators when often when they have said yes to something that was really a no or if they are feeling like other people are slowing them down and they would like to move faster. Anger happens for manifesting generators often when they have failed to inform the key people in their lives and created turbulance with their inner circle. MG’s will often be angry when they are asked to focus instead of honoring their unique process of getting things down. Manifesting generators often like to move fast but they must balance this quick movement with understanding that to speed up they must first slow down and respond. An unaligned manifesting generator finds timeselves in a dance with the universe carefully visualizing the outcomes they desire, pausing to dance with the universe and then taking taking action. Of course, the caveat to this is the emotional authority manifesting generator. 

In business, manifesting generators do best in envirornments that move quickly where they can multitask or are not stuck focusing on one project. For example, this could be in a mastermind envirornment where there are lots of people to interact with or with course where they can both teach, research/learn and then do. Manfiesting Generators are here to do work they love to do and they often see an interconnectedness between things that they other types might not see since their focus is more singular. Manifesting generators are often happy to work along doing their own thing for hours at a time. They apprecaite having freedom and don’t like to have to be teethered to a computer for hours on end. Walk and talks are a great way for manfiesting generators to burn off their energy while also working/doing something they love.

In summary, manifesting generator are amazing humans who have the ablity to multi-task. These individuals are multi-passionate, empowered and embody what it means to be an individual. They apprecaite freedom and do best when they pause before speeding up.

Have questions about the manifesting generator type? Feel free to ask them below.