State Of The Union




It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog. I took a scheduled vacation then was not really feeling inspired to write when I came back to work. 


Like many of you, I’m sure, I am feeling a roller coaster of emotions with everything going on in the world. 


One thing for me that remains static is my gratitude for the extra time that I have with my family during this time and my business. 


Over the past several months, I have gotten great clarity around the impact that I intend to make in the world and the direction of my business. 


For those of you who might know me as Jamie, the done for you gal or the social media gal…I’ve said goodbye to that part of my business for the most part.


Why? Because I know for Done for you to REALLY work well…you have to have a solid strategy, consistent marketing, an action taking attitude, and the right mindset to succeed. Your systems must be integrated and work together seamlessly. Yes, all of that. Sounds complicated right? 


After years of being behind the scenes of hundreds of companies marketing, I come to realize that you have to have all of those pieces to succeed. One won’t work without the other. 


Marketing and online business is an ecosystem. It’s a cycle, that grows, and evolves and ebbs and flows. There isn’t a start point and an endpoint. 


This is why people buy into course after course, program after program, coach after coach only to be left feeling frustrated about the progress that they made. Each course or coach sells you into the next thing and they want to keep you needed that next best thing. 


But I’m going to let you in on a little secret…there isn’t a next best thing. When you build an online business ecosystem it is a living breathing thing that you have to nurture if you want it to grow. 


All too often I see people up and abandon a course or a program they created because it “didn’t work after 1 launch” or they found some other glittery object that they thought would be the solution to their problem. WRONG. 


That’s not how an online marketing ecosystem works. It’s not linear.


It is a commitment to one product or program to build the foundation and commit to marketing that program for one year. It’s a commitment to building systems, funnels, and processes around it to make the most amazing experience for your clients. Bringing that program to life and creating an ecosystem around it to scale your business. 


I am tired of hearing horror stories from clients about bad past experiences. I’m tired of seeing amazing marketing fail because the right technology isn’t in place. I’m tired of seeing amazingly talented people play small because they are afraid and overwhelmed by technology.


My life’s mission is Freedom. Freedom for myself, my family, and the clients I support. Time freedom. Financial freedom. Choice freedom. Freedom to live life how I choose. Freedom to make as much money as I’d like. Freedom to break free from social norms. Freedom to be the best version of myself. Freedom to just be me. 


Guess what? I want that for you too. 


That is why I have spent the better part of the last year reinventing myself and my business. 


That is why I show up and give value


That is why I created the Business Ecosystem Builders program. 


This is my mission to help more entrepreneurs like you have more freedom. 


Going forward I will be supporting clients in two ways: 


        1. Business Ecosystem Builders Program – This high-touch hybrid Done With You program walks you through the exact steps you need to take to build out your entire online business with a focus on ONE program or course.
        2. One on One – I apply my Business Ecosystem Builders framework in a one on one experience to accelerate the process and get you growing your business faster. 


There is nothing else out there that I have been able to find that takes the approach that I do when it comes to building your business online. NOTHING.


If you are tired of spinning your wheels with your marketing and your online business. Let’s talk. Simply hit reply and tell what is the biggest obstacle holding you back from success. 


I will personally reply to each comment and offer ninja tips on how you can move your business forward. 


I’m tired of seeing entrepreneurs struggle. I’m tired of them being run by their businesses. 


There is another, easier way. Marketing can be simple. Business can be simple. Building an ecosystem can be simple. 


Are you ready to make life simple? 


With your success in mind, 




P.S. There are nearly 6 months left in this year, don’t waste it waiting for 2021 to start thinking I’ll start again then. Now, is the time. 


P.P.S. You might be thinking this is too good to be true but it’s not and I have the testimonials to back it up. You might also be surprised by what you can accomplish with 6 months of hardcore focus with the right team. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]