Human Design Eating & Nutrition 

Which foods to eat through the lens of human design – Eating with Human Design

DISCLAIMER => What I am about to share is not medical advice. I am not a medical professional. This is not medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for what is correct with for you with respect to your nutrition. 

Entrepreneurs & Energy Optimization Through Human Design

Most entrepreneurs are high performing individuals. We give up perfect perfectly good jobs to take massive risks to work for ourselves. The reality is that we often have to work long hours and do things like someone who has a nine to five normally wouldn’t do.

I share all that because I do think that many entrepreneurs, we face burnout at one time or another and they face challenges with their energy and they face challenges with consistency. I have really been leaning into the fact that self-care and putting yourself first and taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur it is a radical act of self-care.

Those radical acts of self-care when we as entrepreneurs put ourselves first, we can actually show up better for everyone in our lives. We can show up better for our clients and our family and our friends, and even in our writing, everything that we do has an impact when we care for ourselves first. When we think about human design and nutrition and sort of energy optimization, I want to share with you something that I have been experimenting with probably for the last seven or eight months

Human Design, Food, and Format Channels

The human design chart can shine a light on the foods that are optimal for us to eat. The food types are rooted in the format channels, Channel 53-42, 3-60, and 9-53. If you know anything about format channels, when a format channel is present, it influences the entirety of the chart.

The format channels are as follows,:

The Channel of Concentration 9-52, that is the format channel for the Logic/Knowing Subcircuit which is part of the Collective Circuitry.

The Channel of Mutation 3- 60, which is the format channel for all of the individual circuitry.

The Channel of Maturation 42 53, which is the format channel for the abstract collective circuitry.

I want to add that all of the information that I am sharing with you has been found in my research through source materials and teaching for my HD in the Wild Program.

Format channel and their gates influences the whole chart. 

Format channels exist as part of a circuit group. In human design there are three major circuit groups, Collective, Tribal and Individual. Within the three major circuits groups are sub-circuits and streams. For this infomrmation today I am going to focus on the Individual Circuit Group and the two subcircuit groups of the Collective Circuit, THe Sensing Abstract Subcircuit and The Logic Knowing Subcircuit.

The Individual Circuit in Human Design & The Sugar High

Human Design Eating – Sugar Highs and Lows

With individual circuitry which is derviced out of The Channel of Mutation 3 – 60. This channel 3 – 60 connects the sacral to the root in the center. If we look at it from a circuitry perspective, there are multiple channels that are impacted by the circuitry.  
The Knowing Subcircuit within the individual circuitry that is impacted by this. so this includes the following gates and channels:

      • 61-24: Awareness

      • 43-23: Structuring

      • 8-1: Inspiration

      • 2-14: The Beat

      • 3-60: Mutation

      • 39-55: Emoting

      • 12-22: Openness

      • 38-28: Struggle

      • 57-20: Brainwave

When we look at that individual circuitry, individual circuit circuitry is moody. It exists in highs and lows in it, it is acoustic by nature. It only hears selectively what it wants to hear.

With individual circuitry, the food type that is associated with that individual circuitry is sugar. The sugar rush and the highs and lows that come with that. When we think about how that sort of relates to the moodiness that comes with that individual circuitry, it exists in highs, it exists in lows.

When you have individual circuitry, these are people who are always looking for the perfect mood and so “sugar” is a way to help you achieve that perfect mood. It gives you that high.

An individual circuitry is always searching for that high, that mood because when individual circuitry is at that high, it’s magnetic, it’s attractive, the glass is half full. Whereas when individual circuitry is “not in the mood” air quotes, it is they often hide away and can frequently leave a trail of relationship destruction in their moody wake. They’re often sort of antisocial. They’re often sort of like meh. It would only make sense that the food type that is associated with that is sugars.

I even talk about how Channel 39-55  is very much a stress eating gate. These are people whose stress eat or not.. I’ve witnessed this with my husband in 2020. I cannot even tell you how many bags of M & M’s he ate. It was his coping mechanism and it was all about getting that sugar high, getting that sugar rush, even though with the sugar high comes a sugar low.

The Collective Circuit – The Sensing Abstract Sub-Circuit in Human Design & Complex Carbs & Fats

Human Design Eating – Complex Carbohydrates & Fats

With the Collective Sensing Abstract which is derviced out of The Channel of Maturation 42 – 53. This channel 42-53 connects the sacral to the root in the to the left. If we look at it from a circuitry perspective, there are multiple channels that are impacted by the circuitry.
The entirety of the sub-circuit of the Sensing Abstract is impacted by this. so this includes the following gates and channels:

      • 64-47: Abstraction

      • 11-56: Curiosity

      • 33-13: The Prodigal

      • 46-29: Discovery

      • 42-53: Maturation

      • 30-41: Recognition

      • 35-36: Transitoriness

The ethos of the sensing circuit is this idea of beginnings, middles, and ends. All of this energy exists in cycles. It needs to go through the process when we come to this sensing circuit. Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and then a pause to reflect, and then you enter into a new cycle.

The challenge with the sensing abstract circuitry is often people don’t pause between the two things, or they abandom ship mid-way through or they enter into things prematurely and therefore they repeat the cycle.

This energy often has a lot of repeating cycles, and it’s all about entering into a new cycle from an elevated state. We can only enter into a new cycle from an elevated state when we pause and we reflect on the past so we can make the future better going forward.

When we come to this energy and the food and nutrition associated with this is complex carbs and fats. So complex carbs are carbs. A complex carb  has to be processed and broken down before they can actually turn into energy for the body. From a metabolic perspective, they take time in your system to actually be processed to turn into energy.

Then we have fats here in the Sensing Abstract Sub-circuit. With fats, they are the slowest foods to process, but they’re also the most energy efficient. The theme of all of this collective sencing circuitry is attached to the food that is associated with this.

It takes time. There is a cycle here. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. There is a lesson to be learned from the past so that we can move forward in the future from a higher ground. THink of this as human species of we pass on our knowledge to render younger generations better off. That is the energy here.

The Collective Circuit – The Knowing Logic Sub-Circuit in Human Design & Protein

Human Design Eating – Protein

With the Collective Sensing Abstract which is derviced out of The Channel of Concentration 9 – 52. This channel 9-52 connects the sacral to the root in the to the right. If we look at it from a circuitry perspective, there are multiple channels that are impacted by the circuitry.

The entirety of the sub-circuit of the Logic Knowing is impacted by this. so this includes the following gates and channels:

      • 63-4: Exploration

      • 17-62: Acceptance

      • 31-7: Alpha

      • 15-5: Rhythm

      • 9-52: Concentration

      • 58-18: Judgement

      • 48-16: Wavelength

Logic takes time in order for it to be proven. Ra the founder of human design even goes on to talk about how so much of the logic circuitry is based on committees. It takes time to prove that something is logical for the betterment of the collective’s future. THis energy is all about elevating the current standard for the collective. It is here to spot a pattern and then take that pattern and test it and prove it to be true. That’s really the ethos of that logic knowing circuit.

When we come to the food that is associated with this, it’s protein. It’s staying power. It’s slow, but it’s really long lasting. Proteins are the longest lasting form of energy. They are the building blocks for all aspects of like the human body. It is the fundamental building block that make someone healthy or not.

When we think about this and with logic circuitry, we often have a lot of brain power. We have to use a lot of brain power when we use logic. The logic circuit is about patterns, repetitions, reps doing the same thing over and over again, testing it, experimenting with it. When we think about what you need to actually do those things, you need protein. Staying power to focus and concentrate.

My Experiment with Human Design Food, Eating & Nutrition

When we think about our bodies in general, our brain is only one 50th, of our body mass. Yet it uses up 20% of our energy. When we think about this, our ability to be in the not-self or not is largely dependent upon our nutrition, how we eat and the food that we take in. If we are not getting the nutrients that we need to optimize our body in the correct way, we are far more likely to end up in the not self .

We’re depriving our bodies from the nutrients that we need andI think  about this through the lens of entrepreneurship, it’s going to impact your decision making, it’s going to impact how you support clients, it’s going to impact all of these other aspects in your business. Of course, we need to also keep in mind that we digest food in an ideal way based on our determination variable.

Our bodies operate best in a certain environment based on our environmental variable. I’m not even taking that into account here, but that is something that is important to consider in all of this. The reality is our bodies have specific nutrient needs that we can look at our human design chart to help us discern the proper percentages.

I have been experiementing with this in last 7 or 8 months and the results have been staggreing. I have 5 gate 9 placements and lots of logic knowing circuitry – so I need proteins. I need staying power so that I can concentrate and focus.

For me this has looked like double protein, half the carbs. Lots of bone broth and being really mindful of sugar. I can tell you with great specificity that I notice a MASSIVE difference in my energy when I honor this or not. If I neglect having scrambled eggs for breakfast because “I don’t have the time.” I pay for it in my energy and I often crash in the afternoon.

There is a whole other aspect of this in terms of the digestive process through the determination variable and the ideal envirornement as well which I am not going to get into today but I wanted to share this nutrition and eating piece because it has changed my life and my energy.

Of course, this is not medical advice, consult your medical professional. I need to put that di disclaimer there. However,f you feel called to and if it feels aligned for you I would go and experiment. I would experiment with which gates I have present within this sets of circuitry. I would take into account how many you have in each one of these catagories and experiement accordingly. That’s what I have done.

If you want to explore this further, I am going to do a mini-course for the HD You Biz Spring Cohort. It’s going to be a four week mini course. It’s going to happen in June and July. I will go through everything that I’ve learned and experimented with in my research in terms of the gates, channels, and circuitry of nutrution, healthy, eating and energy optimation through the lens of the human design bodygraph.