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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the first episode of the HD Your Biz Podcast! I am your host Jamie Palmer and I am excited to share with you more about human design, building a business based on who you are as a person and supporting in putting down the conditioning you’ve been carrying. My goal with this podcast is to share with you the wild world of human design, support you in building a strengths aligned strategy that feels good on the inside and build a business with flow, abundance and impact.

My journey with human design began back in 2019 and the deeper I dove the more logical it became to the point where I simply couldn’t unsee human design. I began leveraging for myself and I watched as my world radically tranformed in a very short period of time. I then began leveraging human design with my kids and my family, then clients. Their transformations were nothing short of amazing.

The more I dove deeper into the depths of human design, the more “sense” it made. To the point where, I have now put it at the forefront of how I support my clients in building a life and business they love.

In human design there are 5 types, projector, manifestor, manifesting generator, generator and reflector. Type is how you interact with the world.

There are 12 profiles composed of 6 different lines. A profile will be something like 3/5 or 6/2. Profile is the baseline for your personality.

There are 7 authorities. Authority is your decision making style.

There are 9 centers based on the chakra system The head, ajna, throat, identity, heart, spleen, sacral, solar plexus and root.

There are 64 gates and 32 channels which give depth to your personality and energy you have consistent access to.

All of this makes up your human design blueprint.

My intention with this podast is to help educate you on what human design is, while holding space for you to make discoveries, putting down the weight of conditioning that you may be carrying and build a business you love based on who you are as a person.

I want you to throw all the shoulds, this is the way its been done, and imagine what life could be like if you only worked to your strengths.

I firmly believe that if each one of us can become more of who we are meant to be this world would be a better place.

This is the HD Your Biz Podcast. Let’s live life (and biz) in high definition using your unique human design blueprint.

If you want to learn, download your chart and get my Human Design Made Simple eBook