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Creating a highly converting lead magnet is a challenge in today’s online space. The whole goal of a lead magnet or an opt-in as some people like to say is to get someone to know, like, and trust you.

A lead magnet happens at the onset of a relationship. But oftentimes, lead magnets aren’t necessarily consumed.

They’re either too big, too complicated, or they don’t meet the ideal client where they are. I want to share with you my secrets from my lead magnet, which converts at a 60% opt-in rate.

6 Ninja tips on creating a highly converting lead magnet

1. Keep your lead magnet simple

Think checklist, swipe file, template, something that is very easy and actionable. Something that is going to help the ideal client move from where they are to where they want to be.

2. Your lead magnet needs to address a pain point

One of the biggest things your lead magnet needs to do is help convert that person and help them get closer to their goal.

3. Your lead magnet needs to meet your ideal client where they are at

I talk a lot about this in my understanding your ideal client video. One of the biggest things you want to do when it comes to creating a highly converting lead magnet is to solve the problem that the ideal client believes that they have. Sell them what they want and then give them what they need. They might believe that their problem is asked but the true solution to that problem is why. So, when you are thinking about the subject, the title, and the headline for your lead magnet, make sure it is something that meets that ideal client right where they are with the problem that they believe they have.

4. Make your lead magnet consumable in one sitting

This one is super important, so don’t skip this step! Make sure your lead magnet is consumable in one sitting. That can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. My general rule of thumb is don’t make it more than 45 minutes. Make your freebie downloadable, consumable, and actionable in 45 minutes.

I know this is a tall order and not an easy thing to do.

The reason why I don’t want you to break it up into multiple sittings is that often people will never go back to it. That is a huge problem in terms of establishing trust and building a relationship with somebody. If they never go back to the content that you create, well then they’re never going to build trust or a relationship with you.

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5. Have a nurture sequence in place for your lead magnet

The nurture sequence is key to getting the conversion to happen. A nurture sequence is a four to 15 email sequence that goes out over the course of a period of time after somebody opts-in to your list.

For most people, the traditional email nurture sequence is between four to seven emails and it goes out once a day for seven days. You can check out my video on nurture sequence, here. This is a very important step because this is what’s going to usher people to make sure they take action. Don’t forget to include the freebie that they can download.

This is the difference between establishing a relationship with somebody and getting them to take the action at the end of the nurture sequence, whether that’s booking a call with you or signing up for your course, the nurture sequence is the key in actually making that conversion.

6. Make sure that the lead magnet is authentic to you

This goes without saying for me because it’s one of my core values. I often think that especially newer entrepreneurs can get caught up in by making a lead magnet or an opt-in and they often lose sight of whether it’s authentic to them.  Your lead magnet should be in alignment with who you are as a human being and your brand. It’s something that you’re proud of because this is your first interaction with somebody that’s new on your email list. Make sure you’re making a really good first impression.

Now that I shared all of my six lead magnet ninja tips about what to include in your lead magnet, let’s look at the six most common pitfalls when it comes to creating a lead magnet.

The 6 most common lead magnet pitfalls

1. Lead Magnet is too long

What I see happen over and over again is people make their lead magnet way too long. They’ll make a two-hour masterclass or a 50-page ebook. Ultimately the person never consumes it.

If the person never consumes it, then it’s hard for them to know what differentiates you, what makes you unique.

Why should they buy from you? Essentially, you already loose them at the beginning of a relationship. Keep those lead magnets really short, really actionable, and do not overwhelm people.

You want your lead magnet to be simple enough so that someone can go through this in 15 – 30 minutes and feel a sense of relief. With your help, they solved a problem that they are having.

That’s ultimately the difference between a high converting lead magnet and one that doesn’t convert well.

2. Not taking enough time to test your lead magnet

So many people don’t take enough time to test your title, your headline, your sub-headline, and the copy that you’re using around getting new people on your lead magnet. You’d be surprised how many people don’t split test their landing page for their lead magnet, or they don’t try to run through multiple iterations of a title for the download or the freebie.

I highly recommend doing some research and getting feedback from your ideal client, because ultimately you want them to be thinking, “how did she/ he get in my brain?” You don’t want them to worry about “is this for me?”. You want them thinking, “I can’t live without this!”.

When you create a compelling and high converting lead magnet, that is the feeling that your ideal client or your human will experience when they see your lead magnet.

3. Not meeting the ideal client where they are at

This is probably the biggest pitfall that the vast majority of people fall into and it’s that they don’t meet the client where they are.

Here’s an example. Let’s say I was somebody who’s specialized in fitness and helping people get six-pack abs. I create a freebie ‘six-pack abs start in the kitchen’, but my ideal client doesn’t believe that six-pack abs start in the kitchen. They believe that they have to do more planks, more sit-ups, etc. Then my lead magnet or my freebie isn’t meeting that person where they are with the problem that they believe they have.

Getting a really clear understanding of the problem that you solve for your human is really key in making sure you select the right freebie or opt-in.

Those two things are ultimately tied together and determine your long-term success. Get hyper clear around the problem that your ideal client has and how you solve that. Develop a freebie around what that problem is that they believe they have and meet them right where they are. So after they experience your lead magnet, they feel that they can move forward.

4. Collecting too much information

This particular pitfall drives me crazy when people have a freebie and there are a million things I have to fill out. I just want to check out this video, please don’t make me give you my birthday, my address etc… When you are at the start of a relationship with a potential new email subscriber, do not try to collect too much information.

Typically, the very minimum is the name and email. You can potentially try and get the phone number to do text message marketing or find out their interest, but I really wouldn’t add more than that. You don’t want to capture more than four or five categories of information at the onset of the relationship. When you start to get into seven or 10 people, you lose a lot of people. So be sure that the information you’re collecting is minimal.

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5. Don’t make the lead magnet information too complicated

This goes back to pitfall number one, but I’m going to reiterate it differently. When you make the information too technical, too jargony, or too ‘expertise-like’ people get overwhelmed.

When people get overwhelmed they don’t take action and they’ll go looking for another solution. So, when you are creating your freebie, be sure to use the language that your ideal client would use. Use the words, the cadence, and the structure with how they talk about this problem that they believe they have. Don’t use your technical jargon. You want to use the jargon and the language that your ideal client uses.

6. No nurture sequence in place for your lead magnet

Many clients have come to me saying that they have a lead magnet. However, nearly 80 to 90% of them don’t have a nurture sequence in place. The problem with that is that you won’t establish that trust, nor are you going to build that relationship. Take the time to get that nurture sequence set up. It is worth the effort, you do it once and it’s something that you can tweak and hone for years and years to come. Be sure to get that in as it sets the tone for the onset of the relationship.

Getting a highly converting lead magnet in your business

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