Human Design Transits – Gate 52 – The Gate of Stillness – Standstill – Mountains

The sun moved into gate 52  this morning, which is the gate of stillness – standstill – mountains in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. On Saturday, June 25 through Thursday, June 30th the sun moved into Gate 52 – The Gate of Stillness – Standstill

Gate 52 – The Gate of Stillness – Standstill – Mountain

People who have the ability to hold passive tension and concentrate

People who have the ability to hold passive tension and still the body and senses in order to focus.


I’Ching – Mountain Above / Mountain Below Element – Earth In the Body – Perineum Of Note – Stillness, service, tension The Fuel to Focus  
Gate 52 – The gate of stillness – standstill – Are you frantic and frenzied, frozen or focused?

Gate 52 – is connected to the root center in the bodygraph. In the body, it is associated with the perineum. This is one part of one of the gates of one of the three format channels in human design. Format channels influence the entirety of the chart. The gate brings the energy of focus, concentration, and stillness with the caveat that this focus is there only when the correct outlet is found. This is the pressure (and stress) to concentrate.

This gate holds an incredible amount of tension and stress in the body and fuels the entire understanding circuit in the bodygraph. At its high expression, this energy provides the ability to sit still in the physical body and senses and uses the energy in a focused way. This gate is also the so-called buddha gate.

The gates hold the potential to focus for long periods of time but with a lack of focus this energy can lead to stress, pressure, restlessness, ADD, and depression. This depression comes from the guilt of, Why am I sitting still? This is staying power and fuel to focus in the body. When this energy is present it formats the entire bodygraph.

With this gate you will have the ability to focus and concentrate (or not). You may experience a passive tension in your body and may come across as anti-social because you can sit still and focus for long periods of time.

When unfocused this presents as a sense of restlessness, frantic, chaotic, and an inability to sit still (concentrate) or so bogged down it cannot move at all – think the freeze response. This energy must be used in a focused and concentrated way because the 52 is connected to the root it is the source of stress, pressure and tension in the body.

People with this gate need foods like proteins, that have staying power in the body. With this gate, you have the power of restraining from the needs of the now in order to channel that focus into the needs of future success. If you have this gate engaging only in concentrated activities that feel worthwhile and meaningful is correct.

This energy oscillates between restlessness and depression when this energy is not focused on work that it identifies with, something “worthwhile.” The energy of this gate will bounce from thing to thing until it finds the thing. Learning to discern what to focus on becomes the key.

This gate begs the question, where or what can I focus my pressurized energy on? What do I do to maintain and sustain my focus? What am I avoiding because I feel overwhelmed or pressured? Am I feeling frantic or frozen? What do I need to focus on? Is it time to stop doing and sit still?

Human Design Gate 52 – The Gate of Stillness – Standstill – In the Wild

In the real world, gate 52 shows up with people who have an innate ability to focus (or not) for long periods of time. They can concentrate their energy to bring one thing to life. They thrive in the details and can often calm their body and sense for extensive periods of time. Many monks who meditate for hours at a time have this gate ( or the full channel). 

At the highest expression, this gate finds something meaningful to focus on that is in service of others and the person with this energy can work for long hours following through, concentrating, and stilling their body in order to focus their mind. At the lowest expression, the energy of gate 52 is frantic and frenzied or completely frozen. While I am not a doctor, many people who have this gate, gate 52 or gate 9 – that gate that completes this channel, are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. This is often because this energy appears all over the place. It is chaotic. It struggles to complete tasks. Or conversely, people with this energy become completely frozen. They are overwhelmed with what action to take next and can’t “see the forest through the trees”. 

The focused energy of this gate holds the passive tension that exists when we concentrate. An example of this may be the coder who can stay up all night immersed in writing code not realizing hours are passing by. This energy can appear anti-social but ultimately when it is has found something that has meaning to them it handles the adrenalized pressure of the root and holds it in tension and creates the ability to focus for long periods of time. 

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