Human Design Transits – Gate 39 – The Gate of Provocation – Obstruction

The sun moved into gate 39  this morning, Friday, July 1, 2022, and will be here until Wednesday, July 6, 2022 which is the gate of provocation – obstruction – mountains in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 39 energy or if you already have it you may recognize it. 

Gate 39 – The Gate of Provocation – Obstruction – Mountain

People who are here to provoke the attention of others.

People who feel pressured to provoke an emotion – pleasure / play / fun or pain / hurt / fear


I’Ching – Water Above / Mountain Below

Element – Water

In the Body – Adrenals

Of Note – Tension, provocation, individualism, sexuality

The Impulse to Eat


Gate 39 – The gate of provocation – obstruction – Are you provoking for pleasure or pain? 

Gate 39 lives in the root of the bodygraph which is where all adrenalized stress and pressure come from in the body. Gate 39 is associated with the adrenals in the body. This is the energy of provoking the spirit of others to see how they will react. This is the gate of flirting, teasing and tension.


The energy of the 39 is individual in nature. The pressure to provoke is to discern if the other person’s spirit is in alignment with their own. These provocations are used in order to receive information about a person, environment, or itself. This energy of provocation is important to be used in service of others. We can provoke and cause pain….or we can provoke and cause pleasure. This dynamic often plays out on the playground when a boy “teases” a girl because he may have feelings for her. He will often poke fun and see how she reacts. Does this bring joy? Or does this bring sadness? The tone with which the provocation is said is key. This channel, the 39-55 is an acoustic channel and rooted in the sounds and tone with how emotions are expressed.


This energy is rooted in the pressure of provocation simply for discerning if the spirit of the other is in alignment with themselves. Of course, as with all human design, there is a high expression and a low expression. This gate at its low expression provokes out of fear, it is reactionary. While at the highest expression it provokes fun and play. It is contagious and healing as the provocation of play releases old patterns.


People who provoke must learn to understand that if they get a negative reaction to their provocation they must not take it personally. Timing is important with this gate for both the provoker and the provoked. It is all about being in the correct mood and since this gate is connected to the root center it pulses on and off sporadically and uncontrollably.


When under pressure and stress (since this is a root gate) people with this energy often have very specific eating patterns for handling stress – binge eating (or don’t eat at all) This is the energy of having to be in the mood to do something.


The energy of this gate is creative, sexual, and artistic. People with gate (or channel) are often actors, creatives, writers, and musicians. This is one of the gates of deafness, meaning, that people with this gate aren’t easily influenced by others. Provocation happens often when we can’t discern our own energy and we are testing the energy of those around us….looking for someone to provoke.


The energy begs the question, am I provoking out of pressure or fear? Am I feeling pressure to express myself and therefore provoking for pain? Where am I giving my power away by provoking or being provoked? Am I struggling because I have been provoked? Are you provoking for pleasure or pain? Am I actually in the mood to do this? Am I expressing my creativity?

Human Design Gate 39 – The Gate of Provocation – Obstruction – In the Wild

In the real world, gate 39 shows up with people who often have to “in the mood” to do certain things. I have experienced this gate many times both with clients and in my own family. This gate presents itself as the person who comes in drops a drama bomb and then grabs the popcorn to watch what happens. I see this often on social media. Someone will post a controversial (or provocative) post or comment and then they will simply sit back and watch what happens. Observing the emotions of others on the thread. Sometimes the person who did the provocation is completely unaware that they were the one who did (one of the gates of deafness) while other people may be keenly aware they are responsible and take it personally. 

My husband has this gate and when stressed he can easily eat one of the big bags of M & M’s – this is the impulse to eat to release stress. Since this gate is attached to the root people with this gate (or channel) release stress through binge eating (or not eating at all) 

Another example is a client who is a book writing coach – not only does her writing provoke others, she also uses her provoking powers to be a catalyst to help others write their book. 

While the provocations from this gate can be deeply healing and this is an incredibly creative gate/channel, people with this energy must use it in service for good in the world. 

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