Human Design Transits – Gate 33 – The Gate of Privacy – Retreat

The sun moved into gate 33 – the gate of privacy – retreat – this morning, Sunday, July 31, 2022, and will be here until Friday, August 5, 2022 which is the gate of privacy – retreat –  in human design. In human design, transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience the energy that we might not necessarily have activated in our charts. This will give you a sampling of what it means to have gate 33 energy or if you already have it you may recognize it.

Gate 33 – The Gate of Privacy – Retreat 

People who are here to retreat and spend time alone to reflect on the past and share stories that convey lessons with others in order to transform them

Gate of Revelation, Storyteller, Historian

Four Ways/Retreat/Refinement/Avoidance

The Voice of I remember…

I’Ching – Heaven above mountain – retreat

Element – Metal

In the Body – Throat /Thyroid

Of Note – One of the Gates of Aloneness – this is the expression of memories

Gate 33 – The gate of privacy – retreat  Am I avoiding sharing my wisdom and spending too much time in retreat?


Gate 33 The gate of privacy retreat is connected to the throat center in human design. This is the voice of “I remember”  which is in service of others. This is the gate of someone who needs regular alone time in order to reflect on the past. This gate has a gift for recounting the past and discerning the lesson from those experiences. The energy of this gate expresses all of the experiences from the sensing circuit. This energy must have time alone in order to sort through the past experiences and process or “make sense of” history in order to  show others what they might learn from those past experiences.


This is the archetype of the wise storyteller or the sage, who, with age gets more influential. Unlike the gate 56 storyteller who is here to shake up the emotions of others. The Gate 33 storyteller is here to teach us and reveal any secrets or lessons from experiences.  While this gate may share its own past lived experience it can recount and share the accumulated experiences of others group or a collective memory from the community.


This gate needs time in retreat to make sense of the experiences it has. It gains these experiences through listening and when it feels calls and the timing is right it then shares the wisdom of “I remember.”


In the I’Ching – this gate is known as Heave above Mountain, retreat. This is the concept that strategic retreat is key to preserving one’s energy for the right time in order for future advancement. The wise man knows how powerful using one’s strength properly is. Therefore strategically retreating until the time is correct. This is the creative power (heaven) to retreat until the wise ones have gained power so that later on they can have success. This is the tactical and strategic ability to retreat to higher ground where enemy forces cannot reach. This is both a metaphorical and symbolic in battle with others as well as the symbol of a moral high ground. 


If you have this gate 33 – the Gate of Privacy, learning to dance with your time in retreat becomes a key part of your process. Listening in order to gain more knowledge and experiences is key for you. This gate listens in order to retreat and make sense of the past so that it can share its wisdom of “I remember” when the timing is correct? This energy is powerful and supports others in gaining experience/lessons which transform them.


In the real world this gate becomes wiser over time. The depth of their wisdom comes with the passing of time. Many people with gate 33 – The Gate of Privacy – Retreat are gifted storytellers, teachers, writers, and poets. They have the ability to weave together their experiences (or experiences of others) and weave them into beautiful stories that transform the other. 


This gate begs the questions, am I spending too much time in retreat and avoiding sharing my wisdom and lessons? Am I avoiding the pull to share with others out of fear? Am I being a good listener? What stories am I telling myself that might be keeping me stuck?


Human Design Gate 33 – The Gate of Privacy Retreat – In the Wild

In the real world, gate 33 shows up as the person who is the shares lessons from the experiences and stories that both they have experienced and others have experience. I see this gate with someone whom I know that runs a mastermind. This person is constantly sharing lessons from her own lived experiences as well as those of the people around her, particually the people in her mastermind. This is a powerful story telling gate but I also see this backfire from time to time on her when she shares too much or the message people aren’t ready for the lesson that she is sharing. This gate must balance time strategically retreating in order to synthesize the stories from others (and themselves) in order to create lessons and takeaways for the other. Then honor their strategy and authority in order to share their wisdom. 

People with this entire channel gate wiser with age as their ablity grows through the more experiences and stories they hear. This is the voice of, “I remember”. 

In marketing and business this appears as the person who is constantly sharing lessons and teachings from their experiences with clients or from their own world. They are likly a gifted storyteller naturally but their wisdom grows deeper with age. 

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