Human Design Transits – Gate 15 – The Gate of Extremes

The sun moved into gate 15 this morning, which is the gate of extremes in human design. In human design transits give us insight into the energy that is impacting the earth at the current moment. The transits can impact our energy and allow us to experience energy that we might not necessarily have activiated in our charts. On Monday, June 20 through Friday June 24th the sun moved into Gate 15 – The Gate of Extremes. 

Gate 15 – The Gate of Extremes – Modesty

People who must adapt to the extremes of a rhythm or a season

Magnetic People who represent the diverse forms of life without judgement

Nature Animal Lover

I’Ching – Earth Above / Heaven Below

Element – Earth

In the Body – Liver

Of Note – Summer solstice, big aura, the extremist

The Love of Humanity


Gate 15 – The gate of extremes – modesty is connected to the identity center in the bodygraph. In our physical bodies it is associated with the Liver. This gate challenges our ability to be consistent and encourages us to embrace extremes. With this gate you have no fixed rhythm in life. Embrace extremes and seasons of life. This gate is fluid, accepting and magnetic.


The energy of this gate thrives on diversity and to be in alignment must let go of the idea of a daily routine. Honor the rhythm of seasons and the extremes within the season. Be fluid. The energy is not built for a fixed daily routine. It thrives on space and fluidity.


This gate is in tune with nature and all of its diverse lifeforms. Spending time in nature helps those with this energy get in tune and alignment. This energy is accepting without judgement of others.


This gate represents the aura and it naturally amplifies the power of the identity center thus people with this energy are magnetic. This gate sees beauty and acceptance in the mundane daily life. The more diversity you experience the more fulfilled this energy becomes.


With this gate you will have a radiating physical presence, a vital life force flowing out of you. You are enthusiastic and open and emanate the gift of love. You are in tune with nature and connect to nature, plants and animals. You honor the nature ebbs and flows of the season. You find pleasure, wonder, and awe in the mundane rituals that meet you in everyday life as opportunities for transformations. You honor your yearning to be fluid and reveal in the wonder of what the day may bring when you let go of routine.


With this gate you may have a connection to the animal or plant world you cannot explain. You have a good memory, a big aura and are an extremist.


This gate asks us the question, Are you honoring your own rhythm? Are you free to follow your own flow or are you feeling you should have “daily habits?” 

Human Design Gate 15 – The Gate of Extremes – Modesty – In the Real World

In the real world gate 15 shows up with people who do not want to follow a daily routine or a set schedules. These are people who love to wake up then decide what they will take on for the day. People with this gate often swing from following a rigid schedule to the extremes of no schedule at all. They are often under pressure from society to confirm to a daily routine or a schedule but this incorrect for them. It is ideal for them to honor the rhythm and seasons. Fluidity is key for them living in alignement with their strategy and authority. 

I have this gate, as does my oldest child. We both like to be fluid in what we do and will often wake up with the sun rather than an alarm clock. Being in nature is grounding to both of us and we often find beauty in moving slowly and throughout our days. For him, we home school which can be a challenge with getting his work done on a daily basis, he often prefers to do a bunch of  work one day then take a break. This is how this gates shows up in the extremes. Consistent then not-consistent. This gates is connected to nature and flows with the seasons. 

With gate 15 these people will often comment that, “I hate following a schedule.” or “I just like to wake up and decide what I will do today.” or “I went through a phase of being really consistent and then can’t seem to get back on the wagon again.” 

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