Many of my clients are on the precipice of growth and I am very excited to share my ninja tips to help make that room for growth.

Oftentimes, we get into this place of overwhelm, are scattered, and getting in our own way. 

We can complicate things more than they must be, and it just becomes overwhelming.

Are you at the point where you know you are doing all the right things, but you are not sure how to unlock that next level of life? 

I’m going to share a way in which you can start doing this now. It is very much in alignment with a lot of law of attraction techniques.

I believe that when you can’t get to that next level in business, even though you have a goal, because you feel stuck and frustrated wondering “how am I going to get there?”, you need to just stop for a second and write down all the different roles you play in your life.

Your different roles in your life 

What are the different places you need to address?

      • Health
      • Self-care
      • Self-development
      • Your relationships as a mom, a dad, a partner, etc.
      • Your friendships
      • Your finances
      • Your business (Business has a lot of layers to that as well!)

Write them all done. Generally, most people won’t have more than 10. These are the primary areas of your life that you’re addressing on a regular basis. Once you’ve written them down, meditate, or just sit in silence with a sheet of paper and ask yourself, “How can I incrementally improve my life in each one of these areas?” Often, when you are going through the process of this incremental upgrade in your life, it unlocks all sorts of other things to get you to another level.

When you are unlocking, sitting there, and determining, “How can I make an incremental upgrade here?”, it makes a huge difference in other areas of your life. You don’t have to do this exercise for every single area of your life, but you might want to pick two or three areas where you can make an incremental upgrade.

 “A future Jamie, who makes $2 million a year, wouldn’t wear athleisure 24/7”

Personally, I know I can improve and really step up my game. A future Jamie, who makes $2 million a year, wouldn’t wear athleisure 24/7. I believe that is an area where I can show up better in my life, and I can make an incremental upgrade. I know that I can do this because I have a beautiful closet full of amazing clothes that I don’t wear. I end up wearing the same few leggings and the same handful of sweaters.

 Why I bring this up is because

1) When you make this incremental improvement, a couple of different things happen. For example, I not only have a whole bunch of beautiful clothes that I could wear, but I literally have clothes in my closet with tags on them. I’m “saving them” for a special occasion. Not sure which, but I am saving all these white t-shirts for something. A couple of years ago, I got rid of all the crazy colored clothes in my closet and I distilled it down to white, gray, black, and navy. Now, I have a whole bunch of white t-shirts that I’ve bought and never wore. If you know me, well, then you know that I’m clumsy. I spill things and I get stuff all over me. All. The. Time. Especially with the kids. So, I don’t wear them, because I will spill all over them. Yet I love wearing a white t-shirt. They are so crisp and make me feel good.

That is a place where I could make an incremental upgrade and improvement in my life. I could actually wear those shirts!! 

2) What do I need to let go of? Looking at that same area of my life, I am holding on to a bunch of pre-pregnancy jeans from 4 years ago. Why am I holding onto these jeans and what does it say about me? Part of me believes strongly that eventually, I will be able to fit back into them. And the other part of me doubts that I would even wear that style of jeans again, even if I fit in them again.

Ask yourself for that same area of your life what do you need to let go of? Where can you simply say, “All right, I’m going to let this go and see what happens.”

Get rid of your clutter – a.k.a. Declutter

The same idea applies. My closet is a hot mess right now. I have a lot of clothes that I could donate. They’re just not in rotation, and even if I were to put them into my rotation, it’s not something that I really like anymore. My style has changed a lot in these past four years. I’ve come into my own, and I’m big into simplicity: t-shirt, blazer, jeans, dress, leggings, boots.

Simplicity is key for me. Even as I upgrade and wear more of the clothes that I do have in my closet, probably there is still a fair amount of stuff that I wouldn’t wear and just need to declutter.

I recommend you go through this for each area of your life, especially where you feel you need to up-level. You will probably also want to pick an area of your business to do this. This could potentially be social media. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Even though that has been the vast majority of what I’ve done.

      •    I need to upgrade my posting
      •    I need to level up my posts
      •    I need to stop following all these people, I don’t even know in the first place


There is no need to mindlessly consume all this content. I also need to let go of the expectation that I’m going to be able to do Instagram stories every day. I always have this grand plan and then I never do it.

The same approach applies to your finances.

      • Where can you upgrade your finances?
      • Do you need to automate your investments or automate something?
      • What can you let go of?
      • Could you delegate your bookkeeping?
      • Where do you need to declutter?
      • Do you need to organize your 2021 budget?

Now do the same with your relationships.

I really want to upgrade my connection with my kids. I had to ask myself

      • What do I need to let go of when it comes to my kids?
        • Being this perfect mom is one. That’s just not who I am!
      • Where do I need to declutter?
        • Parts of my mindset around what I thought parenting would be.

  I want to be a better mother.


      • How do I turn that into something that’s actionable?
        • Spending 20 minutes a day connecting with my kids and reading 10 minutes daily to them as well.


I work all these answers into my routine as part of how I am going to upgrade and elevate the different areas of my life. You do the same!



I believe this is a great exercise, especially when you feel like you’re getting in your own way and you’re feeling stuck. I find it super helpful.

If you haven’t already, head on over to the OMG Show Facebook group. We are having tons of fun conversations in there, and we’re creating lots of connections. I’d love for you to join me in there.




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