How to find endless content ideas

Coming up with creative ideas can be a really daunting process when it comes to your content marketing. So, I want to share with you my four-step process that helped me generate endless content ideas consistently for the last 17 years and so much so that I actually won a Google e-City of the Year Award for all of the different content ideas that I’ve come up with.

When you think about research, think about digging into Facebook groups and seeing what people are posting on. That’s going on Reddit to see what questions are being asked, breaking through Medium and LinkedIn, and just seeing what is happening and what questions your ideal client is asking in their community.

Perhaps it’s in the form of a question but it could also be in the form of a story where your ideal client might be saying something.

Research is always my first place where I go to try and find content ideas. You can take that and flip it into a piece of content. That’s something that I’m always on the lookout for.

1. Be intentional in your content search

You can be intentional about your content search and say, “I’m going to spend 30 minutes doing research” or as you’re browsing the internet, you can keep your notebook by your side and write down those ideas as you see them. That’s what I like to do. I have a notebook specifically for work content ideas and I write these ideas down as I see them.

So, start becoming aware of all the content that you’re consuming and see if you could turn a question or a story into a blog or podcast, or social media content.

2. Use your clients questions for content creation

Your client’s or prospect’s questions are an amazing and endless source of content ideas.

Anytime a client asks me a question, I note it down in my notebook. I always ask myself, “how can I turn this into a piece of content that can help somebody else answer that question?”

Keep in mind that if there is one person asking a question, and then a second, rest assured there are many more out there with that same question. Think about all the different ways in which you could potentially answer that question, as well as the ancillary topics you could create from that question. (Maybe something that happens before or after is a process that you could share around that question that is being asked and flip that into content.)

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3. Content Ideas from your brain

I often find that after working out or during a walk in nature, I come up with a lot of ideas, and I write down all those ideas in my notebook.

Not every idea actually comes to fruition. However, when you think about your expertise, think about how you could show value and deliver value around that. You will quickly realize that you can really easily and seamlessly come up with lots of content ideas.

As an example, in my Business Ecosystem Builders Program, there are different phases and processes that we take people through. I’ve created a whole podcast series where I talk about each of the different phases and then each of the different elements that fall within each phase from a 30,000-foot view. If you have any process or step-by-step thing that you could do, you can take that in from a high level, turn it into that value-driven content that you can then share on social media.

4. Use current events for your content ideas

Current events are a great way to come up with content ideas. What do I mean by current events? Look at what is going on in your industry that you could speak about.

  • Are there any new features?
  • Are there new happenings?
  • Are there changes to something that’s going on?

This is a great way if you’re feeling really stuck to then be able to speak to that. Give your opinion, share your feedback, teach somebody something new.

A good example would be Canva constantly changing. I always like giving updates with all the new Canva features. So, when you can think about your industry and how you interact with that, there are a plethora of ideas that you could pull from current events.

I highly recommend incorporating some of that into your content ideas.

Bonus Tips: Answer the public for endless content ideas

Answer the public is a collection of all Google searches. You put in your topic and it will come up with a whole bunch of ideas. It’s a super powerful tool when you’re feeling really stuck with your content ideas. There are so many options in there in terms of content. I totally use this when I run on out of ideas. In the free version, you get two searches per day.

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