Email List Ninja Tips

Before I dive into social media and email list ninja tips, I want to share a story with you.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from one of my clients, who lost access to her Instagram account. She was told that her account was hacked and that they were going to shut it down because it wasn’t her. Ever since, she has been working with Instagram to gain back access to the account. Ultimately, it’s been a nightmare because she built her entire community up on Instagram.

Instagram has been the primary platform she was using to get new business, new press, new media, and to position herself as an expert. She probably spent five or six years growing the account. Now it’s gone and she’s not certain that she’s going to get it back.

Here’s an important note: You don’t own your social media! I don’t know how much I can express this in a way that will create urgency for you. You don’t own social media! They can shut you down at any time for any reason and they don’t have to tell you why!

It’s that scary. So a couple of lessons from this story:



Diversify the platforms that you are on, because more than likely, if you get shut down on Instagram, you’re not going to get shut down on Facebook and LinkedIn at the same time. You will have an issue at some point. I had an issue last month, where I had Facebook ads that were disapproved and it took me two and a half weeks to get them back up and running. So diversifying is very important. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


Grow your email list 

This is one of the biggest regrets I have in my own business! I should have started much sooner with growing my email list. According to Adobe marketing solutions , an email address is still worth $39.86 over the life of the email address. The fact of the matter is you don’t own the email list, you lease the email list and the data from its owner. It’s important to keep in mind that the content you produce on an email list should be of high value. It should engage the user. It shouldn’t be spammy and at the onset of that relationship, when they are first giving you their email address, you should set expectations around 

  • what they will receive
  • how often they will receive it 

Do your very best to keep that promise to them, because that is ultimately the onset of a relationship with you. Remember, you lease that email address, and for the most part that you have access to it, and as long as you have that data, you can email those people. As mentioned in my story above, you could literally lose your social media and then that email list becomes super important. I’m not saying that to scare you, but I’m saying that so you are aware of what the reality is.

My Email List ninja tips 

1. Get strategic about how you get new people on the list

For the longest time I only had this one opt-in. But now, I have been getting more and more creative about my opt-ins. From time to time I use trainings and workbooks from my group programs and I repurpose some content I am using with my paying clients. I handpick certain things, probably once a quarter, and then I share that as a freebie in exchange for an email address. I am not reinventing the wheel every time when it comes to opt-ins.

Email List Ninja Tips

This is a really great way to create those new opt-ins on a regular basis, and to get new people coming in and keeping people incentivized. But it’s also a really great way for you to quickly and easily do other opt-ins.

For example, on last week’s podcast episode, I talked about 2021 marketing planning and goal setting. I had done a long training on this with some PowerPoints a few weeks back. So, I ended up creating a quick freebie, where people could access the full-hour long training, and the PowerPoint slide deck.

I didn’t have to do that, but I felt it was a great way to repurpose some awesome content and turn it into a podcast episode. If you’re interested in planning out your 2021 marketing calendar, you can check that out HERE

2. Get hyper consistent and nurture the people you have

There is nothing worse than signing up on someone’s email list, getting their freebie, and then not hearing from them for several months. Essentially, they just ghosted on your relationship.

That is a huge no-no. If you ask yourself, “Well, I just launched this thing and I can’t figure out why no one bought.” That’s because you didn’t take any time to nurture the relationship! You didn’t position yourself as an expert. You didn’t establish trust!

Of course, they’re not going to buy anything from you. It’s really important to do that nurturing piece when you start to do email marketing. You should be doing email marketing before you’re even ready. Why? Because you need an audience to launch to! Remember, you can’t always rely on social media. An email list is something you at lease from the owner.


3. You need to promote the email list

When I think about my client journey, people can jump into my world in two ways: 

  1. They can sign up for my Product Ties To Profit training, which is a $37 training. (It’s normally $297 and we’re running a crazy special on it at the moment)
  2. They can sign up for my freebies

The people who have signed up for either my Product Ties To Profit freebie or my social media snapshots, have converted faster than the people who sign up on my list for something free.

SLO (Self Liquidating Offer funnels) are very popular. Think of it as a tiny offer; A get to know you. You take one really amazing thing that you’ve done and you sell it for a really low price. The goal is to create a list of buyers, rather than creating a list of freebie people. It’s important to understand that you actually have to promote getting on the list!

  • You have to tell people: “I will teach you how to do X and here’s why…”
  • You have to promote it 
  • Promote it on social media 
  • Talk about it on other people’s podcasts 
  • Mention it in every one of your seven social media posts
  • Make it easy for them to find it on your website, as in have a pop-up or an opt-in
  • Make it easy on Instagram for people to find it

You have to make it super easy and make people hyper-aware that that is available to them.


4. Be sure your freebie meets people where they are and moves them forward 

Often, especially in a service provider business, your ideal client does not believe that they have the same problem as the problem that you know you can solve for them. 

For example: You want flat abs. You have this get fit program and you, as the person doing the fitness program, understand that flat abs are not just a product of working out, but also about the input; about what you put into your body. The vast majority of people don’t really realize that flat abs actually come from the kitchen. They believe they come from working out. If you were to say six ways to get flat abs from eating the right foods, most people won’t believe you.

Similar thing in my world. Many people come to me and say, “OMG, I’m so overwhelmed with my marketing.” The reason why they’re overwhelmed with the marketing is because they don’t have a system in place to repeat the marketing process. They don’t have a strategy with how they create content in a consistent way. They haven’t streamlined the way they’re creating content, or they haven’t figured out a systematic way in which to come up with ideas for their content.

I could position it as systematize your social media, but people don’t believe that systematizing their social media is a problem. They’re in a state of overwhelm. So, when I say, meet people where they are, you actually have to know the human you’re marketing to

  • You have to take the time to do the research 
  • You have to take the time to dig deep and truly understand what motivates them, what keeps them up at night, and where they hang out online
  • What are the things that they’re doing? 
  • What are they afraid of? 
  • What excites them?

You want the content in your freebie and in your marketing to get them to be shaking their heads and thinking, “How did she get inside my brain?” That’s how well you should know your ideal client. When it comes to that freebie and really building that list, you want to meet them, right where they are, with whatever problem it is they believe that they have. Because that problem they believe they have, is not always the same as the solution they believe it to be.

This isn’t like a bait and switch type of thing. It’s understanding they don’t have that level of awareness that you do as an expert. It’s simply repositioning, repackaging, re-languaging or taking a different angle to what you do.

I know very well that you need a way to streamline your social media. That’s part of why people get hung up with social media. They don’t have a system, a process, or a plan. So they’re constantly in this rat race and end up overwhelmed.

If I say “Here’s your 10 minute social media plan and a way to systematize it”, people aren’t going to buy into that. However, if I say “I’m going to give you five ninja tips to get out of overwhelm with social media”, that is meeting someone exactly where they are.

You want to help them get one step closer to their goal and offer a freebie that’s very manageable. It needs to meet them where they are.  Don’t make it harder on yourself. Make it the lowest common denominator of how you can help someone and you will get wildly good feedback on your freebie.


5. Make the people on your list feel special 

This is something that is often forgotten, especially when you prepare to do a launch or a new product. 

  • You want to make them feel special
  • You want to give them early access
  • You want to ask them questions
  • You want to ask them for feedback. People love giving feedback.

It’s really important to do special things for the people on your list. Give them access to content that they aren’t going to get access to anywhere else. Make them feel really important and it will continue to pay you dividends over time.




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