Are you Overcomplicating Things?


It’s hard to believe that August is just around the corner. This is the time of year when historically, we would start prepping the kids for back to school and getting them back to some semblance of a routine again. Not this year. This year is very different and I’m sure for you it probably is as well. 


It’s been an unusual year and for me it’s reinforced one of my core values…keep it simple. Over and over again, I have made a conscious effort to simplify my life and business. 


We humans, especially us entrepreneurs have this tendency to make things over complicated and harder than they need to be. 


We make mountains out of mole hills. We overcomplicate even the simplest of things. We have glittery object syndrome on hyperdrive. 


Trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve seen it over and over and over again with my clients. 


For some reason, we make things harder than they need to be. 


Much of my work with my clients is unweaving the web they have created in their online business and creating a simple model for success. Yes, it really can be simple. 


I share this because with all of the uncertainty in the world today when you simplify and you limit the number of variables in your life and business ALL THE THINGS become easier. 


I encourage you to ask yourself, what is the lowest common denominator in business to help you achieve success? 


What areas of your life could you make more simple? Perhaps it is even something as elementary as grocery delivery or scheduling time to work. 


Where are you unnecessarily over complicating things? 


Where are you feeling overwhelmed? 


For me and many of my clients when you simplify and systemize life gets easier. 


Streamlining grocery shopping and delivery can have unexpected benefits in all areas of your life. 


Or perhaps focusing on creating one amazing piece of macro content (podcast or video) and making sure you market that extremely well. 


Or perhaps, committing to raising your prices so you can earn more in less time. 


These are just a few examples but there are hundreds of ways to simplify. 


Share with me where you can simplify. Ask yourself how can I  eliminate some of the many variables to make life easier? 


You might just be surprised by the results. 


With your success in mind, 




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